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Press:DK Travel DK Eyewitness Travel; Poc edition (March 19, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-03-19
Author Name:DK Publishing


Every visitor to Paris needs a good map and a good guidebook-now, for the first time, the two have been combined in a unique format at an unbeatable price. 
Perfectly sized to fit in a purse or back pocket, the Eyewitness Pocket Map & Guide is a fully illustrated guide to all the major sights-plus an ingenious fold-out map so you will never feel lost.
The guide also includes restaurants, pubs, shops and a mini-phrasebook.
It's all you need for a perfect day out and about-and for just $6.99.


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  •     I used this all over Paris. It was a short trip, and the map of the metro made it easy to get around without asking for directions. The map opens up easily and allows for a quick check to get your bearings, and easily folds back up and fits nicely in a pocket.
  •     comprehensive and very conveniently small guide to be easily carried in pocket or purse--this is the perfect Paris companion!
  •     Whew! What a lot of information in such a small package! This little foldout map can easily fit into a shirt pocket. So, portability is a great plus; one can walk around Paris with this map and guide in your pocket. Of course, this plus has its corollary minus: Goodness, the type is small! I have a somewhat hard time reading the text. Not a huge problem, but something that needs to be noted.In this compact work is the obligatory map of the Metro, so one has a sense of where the stops are and what stops one might need to see certain sights. The map of the historic center provides a lot of information--but I need a magnifying glass (the ravages of age!).There is a useful area by area examination of Paris (not based on the arrondissements), including sights to see, restaurants (Ah! I recall the joy of having lunch at "Les Deux Magots"), and the like. Even though this is a slim and brief guide, choices selected are reasonable.So, here's the tradeoff. Relatively brief consideration with small print versus portability. The guide fits easily into a shirt pocket. For what it is, though, it seems a reasonable investment.

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