Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 4: Materia

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Press: Boom Entertainment (July 30, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-8
Author Name:Siddell, Tom; Taylor, Rebecca; Siddell, Tom


The fourth volume in the ever-popular Gunnerkrigg Court series, based on Tom Siddell's hit webcomic! Annie returns from the forest and begins her third year at the Court. 
Her experience has left her changed, causing Kat to worry as they both struggle to find their place while their life changes around them.
Together with their friends, they start to form a plan of action to deal with the tortured ghost they encountered the previous year, and in doing so, help Robot and Shadow form a new bond after a terrible accident.
Annie continues to develop her powers and even takes part in a class full of former-fairies and animals, while Kat uncovers the mysteries of the ancient Court robots.
Meanwhile, the search for the next Court Medium is drawing to a close, bringing with it new dangers and new revelations about the people Annie and Kat have met.

About the Author

Thomas Siddell is English, and resides in Birmingham. 
He has a day job as an animator for a video game company, and he rides the bus to work every day.
He hates Boxbot.
He really, REALLY hates Boxbot.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     I already knew how great the writing and art was for this story, as the webcomic can be read for free online. It's the excellent design and construction of the hardcover that earns this item its five stars. Beautiful and sturdy, and a perfect match for the previous three volumes.
  •     I've been reading this comic online since it barely started, 2 or 3 chapters in. It's FREE. I am stingy by nature and yet this is one of those things that I must place on my shelf; not JUST: to read away from computer, to lend out, for author support, for reading to my kids one day, but because it is also that enjoyable to read again.I like the characters and their development, the pacing, the art style (and evolution of that style), how imagery plays a powerful role in describing a scene, the gender roles(lack there of), the tone of the story (both lighthearted and dark), a lot of the dialog, and of course the author comments (online).
  •     I've been reading this series on-line for years. It's very entertaining. The story line is interesting and often takes unexpected turns. The artwork is fantastic. My only complaint about the book is that the format is so small. That makes it harder to appreciate the details in the art.
  •     BEAUTIFUL and amazing... both the story and the art. Really glad to find it for Christmas gift! more words are required but I have said it all..this series of books is totally worth the read and ponder.
  •     All of Tom's books are a delight to read, and the quality of these volumes is hard to beat.
  •     Should have ordered it much sooner! Now, I finally have all hard covers up to Vol.4! I really hope that Thomas Siddell will continue to spend all of his time drawing.
  •     Pure, distilled fun! If you like Niel Gaiman, this comic have a very similar vibe to his YA work.
  •     Wow, this book is thick. Mr Siddell keeps getting better and better. I'm pleased to say my daughter (the actual recipient of the book) also enjoys this series very much.
  •     I've been following Gunnerkrigg Court for a while now and enjoy the storyline and art immensely. The hardbound, full color books are wonderfully put together and are a must for...
  •     Gift, he liked it.
  •     I discovered this series on the Web and was fascinated by its blending of technology and mysticism... and because I believe I'm better served by this author's continuing to be able to write and draw this story than if he was waiting tables somewhere, I am supporting his efforts by buying the books.The book, BTW, is a beautiful thing, good quality paper... could wish it was a larger format but hey, I'll take Gunnerkrigg Court any way I can get it... yes, it's that good..!
  •     This series is excellent.
  •     This volume collects the chapters 32-41 of the webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court. The comic follows Antimony Carver through her years at the mysterious titular school, and builds as it...
  •     This fourth book (I have all four now, of course) is gorgeous. So much more is revealed about the characters and curiosities of the Court, including a long lushly illustrated chapter that (finally!) tells us more about Miss Jones--um, just Jones will do. This book is even a bit longer than the others as some stories just need the space to be told.
  •     Materia, the fourth volume of Gunnerkrigg Court, continues the absorbing tale of Antimony Carver (known as Annie) and her fellow classmates at the strangest school since Hogwarts. Gunnerkrigg Court (often referred to only as the Court), is, like Hogwarts, a boarding school run on the British system. The school seems to be located in Great Britain, but it may not be quite the same as the Great Britain of our world. While it is an important setting for much of the series, it plays a much less central role in Annie's story than Hogwarts did in Harry Potter's. Among the many mysteries in Gunnerkrigg Court is the question of just what the Court actually is: As the main characters realize early on, it is far more than just a school.Gunnerkrigg Court is a science fantasy comic. While it was initially published online and is available to read for free at the comic's website (which you can easily find with any search engine), it is formatted to fit on a standard A5 page, and looks great in print. If you enjoy the comic, it is well worth the purchase price to have it available in the well-made and handsome volumes published by Archaia.The comic is aimed at young adult readers. but will appeal to many older readers as well, especially those who appreciate science fiction and fantasy. Gunnerkrigg Court recounts the adventures of Annie and her best friend Kat Donlan (and others) as they attend classes, live their lives, and investigate the mysteries of the Court. Annie and her friends also get involved in the political intrigues between the Court and Gillitie Wood which is a forest near the Court and the other major power in the world of Gunnerkrigg Court. The wood is inhabited by fantastic beings including Coyote, the trickster god. While Coyote is never given an explicit title beyond his name (he is always addressed as Coyote with a capital 'C'), he is treated as the leader of Gillitie Wood by the leaders of the Court.The story features excellent writing and vivid characterizations with several strong female characters. It is genuinely funny and frightening, exciting and touching. It is a tale of friendship and hatred, beauty and ugliness, triumph and tragedy, technology and magic. The story is episodic, being made up of many self-contained chapters, but also tells an overarching story of the characters struggling to untangle the many mysteries surrounding them. The numerous characters are drawn from both science fiction (be prepared for a great many robots) and fantasy, including beings from mythologies from around the world. If you enjoy a good fantasy tale, you owe it to yourself to check out this series; you will be hard put to find a better one.
  •     This book fully met my expectations. It is a great medium (no pun intended) with which to read Gunnerkrigg Court. The colors look bolder, fuller, and more beautiful in the book than they do on my computer screen when reading the comic online. The physical book itself seemed well made and professional looking.
  •     Excellent print quality! I follow Gunnerkrigg Court online and am very happy to have a physical copy of this comic.
  •     Of all my favorite graphic novels, Gunnerkrigg Court rates high, high, high on the list. I wait impatiently for each noew compilation.

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