A Year of Train Trivia 2014 Boxed/Daily (calendar)

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Press: Sellers Publishing, Inc.; Pag edition (July 25, 2013)
Author Name:B&o, Railroad Museum


Keep your days on track and on schedule with this daily calendar! A Year of Train Trivia calendar is filled with fascinating trivia, photographs, and illustrations from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum, the repository of the oldest, most comprehensive American railroad collection in the world.


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  •     I received this daily calendar as a Christmas gift. Since any review is going to be of most relevance prior to 2014 I decided to thumb through it and give my impressions. While I haven't looked at every page (I want to save something for the coming year!) I've gone through it in sufficient detail to offer my impressions.The calendar relies primarily on material from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum. As a result, it is heavily weighted toward the B&O in particular and Eastern Railroading in general. While there are some offerings from Midwestern railroads, a fairly substantial majority involve Eastern railroads.Steam predominates. There are a significant number of pictures of steam locomotives (from the early 1800s through the modern steam era––as late as the 1940s). So far I have come across one diesel locomotive. (It's a B&O engine and looks like an E-7 hauling an unidentified streamlined passenger train.) And there are a pair of steeple-cab electric engines in the Howard Street tunnel in Baltimore. In addition, there are pictures of stations, towers, and other structures, mostly on the B&O.While most daily offerings have a very brief text that primarily identifies the content of the pictures, a handful of days are devoted to identifying terminology, such as turntable, hostler, ballast, etc., most of which will already be familiar to the railfan.All in all, this is a pretty decent calendar. I already have a spot reserved for it on my desk and look forward to its daily offerings.
  •     I bought this as a gift for a coworker who is also a train enthusiast and it was a hit!
  •     My dad is a HUGE train collector so this was a wonderful purchase for him! I love that he can read a train trivia every day!!! Thanks!

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