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Press: Rick Steves; Reprint edition (August 27, 2013)
Author Name:Steves, Rick


You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling through Europe, including how to:Plan your itinerary and maximize your timePack light—and rightFind good-value hotels and restaurantsTravel smoothly by train, bus, car, and planeAvoid crowds and tourist scamsHurdle the language barrierUnderstand cultural differences and connect with localsSave money while enjoying the trip of a lifetimeAfter 30 years of exploring Europe, Rick considers this travel skills handbook his life's work. 
He shares his favorite off-the-beaten-path towns, trails, and natural wonders.
With this guidebook, you'll experience the culture like a local, spend less money, and have more fun.



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  •     As usual, Rick provides excellent insider tips and valuable information for blending in with the locals. I wish I would have read this book before we took our first international trip. There's a lot of information about how to make your way through European countries without sticking out like a tourist. He tells you how to buy tickets to use the train, the bus and other forms of public transportation. How to rent a car, find a hotel, where to find the best out-of-the-way restaurants, etc. A great book, packed with valuable insights....you won't be disappointed!
  •     I very much like Rick Steves travel books, and this is no exception. The table of contents is laid out in a very easy-to-navigate fashion, ensuring easy access to whatever information you may be seeking. His chapters are complete, giving just enough detail to help navigate in your travels, but not so little it's useless or so much you feel saturated with pointless knowledge.In particular, this book does a great job of giving general knowledge on how to get the most out of your travels. It includes many tips, some of which are on what to pack, taking public transportation, using cash vs plastic, and how to navigate through a country when you don't know the language.Since I'm doing multiple European countries at once, I really like having this and the other travel books on my Kindle.
  •     Maybe there are better guides to European travel, especially on your own; but I have not found them. Just as Rick is thorough, practical and straightforward in his TV and radio programs, so is he in this volume. It is a "volume" and not exactly "light" in weight. That is because it is jammed pack with info, and I would recommend that it be purchased well in advance of a departure for overseas because there is so much to learn that is helpful, and at times necessary, to know when you are driving, eating, seeking lodging and meeting people in foreign countries. I especially like his emphasis on meeting people. IF you need the right info in a hurry, it will also serve that purpose. I speak from the experience of having lived in Europe for about 12 years. But that was years ago, and this was a great way to be up-to-date, and thoroughly aware of technology, purchasing, and making arrangements in this day and age.If you do want to travel with a book, keeping in mind the weight limits and need to tote belongings on your own, his individual country guides are lighter in weight but just as thorough. Yes, Apps and other technology is great; but when you are in Europe free WIFI is not always available, and even with phone packages, etc, you have to be careful not to return home to a nasty "surprise" when you open a bill for using your devices.
  •     Great Travel writer and information source, and TV PBS series over the past 2 decades. Reliable information.
  •     Great info for a trip to europe.IT came in very handy at the time. but I hope they now have an updated version.
  •     Read this befire you go! Attitude is everything
  •     Very useful overseas
  •     Rick Steves knows Europe. Beyond the travel advice, Rick prepared our attitudes for travel.
  •     I like this book for general background and big picture planning. For the details on the city or country, I still buy the appropriate book I need.
  •     Planning a trip to Europe, we were looking for tips on economizing, and Steves delivers in spades. If you want some help in getting around economically as well as what to pack where to stay, where to eat, generally the way to see Europe without going bankrupt, this is the book for you.
  •     Perfect for anyone seeking to explore and travel to Europe.
  •     Very thin black and white pages - unfortunately I didn't read the item description properly - don't like the layout of the book at all.
  •     I bought this book when it was featured as an Amazon bargain book. I am interested in going to Europe on a future vacation and bought the book to start my trip research. It is a quick, easy read with good information for travelers planning a trip to Europe on a budget. I did not expect it to be a comprehensive guide and it is not. It is a good first step in planning. There are overviews of a variety of topics related to trip planning including developing an itinerary, packing, staying safe, the weather, types of lodging etc. There are also suggestions as to what to see and what to avoid. Other European travel research and reference resources are provided. There is even a list of popular culture books and movies by country to watch or read in order to get a culutral flavor before you go. I was pleased with the book as I bought it on impulse at a good price. On its own it is not the definitive guide to European travel but it is a good starting point. It is a fast, easy read in an entertaining style. There is a bit of self promotion in the book regarding the author's other travel products( well maybe more than a bit). Much of what is written is Mr. Steves' opinion but he does clearly let you know that is the case.
  •     Even tho I grew up in Germany, I never "did" Europe as a tourist...so I bought this book for a trip in September (London, Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Kaiserslautern, Frankfurt). It was very helpful and insightful since when we traveled when I was a kid, my parents did all the planning! Being able to take my daughter and mother on a seemless trip for two weeks was worth way more than the book cost. I will absolutely be buying this again. Note: hotels recommended by Steves are booked MONTHS in advance, and aren't nearly as inexpensive as perhaps made out to be. I found much better accommodations on my own. However, having said that, his descriptions of areas and locations to stay (which Rue's in Paris, for example), were spot-on.
  •     If you've never used Rick Steves' guides before and are considering a trip to Europe, do yourself a favor and buy this guide!! We used his book on our last trip to Italy and I can't even begin to tell you how helpful it was! I am a research addict and I spent countless hours researching and meticulously planning out trip, but after making all those plans I came across Rick Steves' Italy guide and it made me redo half of our plan! And I'm sure glad I did because we had an awesome trip. I picked up this Europe guide for the next time we plan a trip over there, and I got it in the Kindle format so I can just have it on my mobile phone or tablet and not have to lug around a book with me.My only complaint, and it's a minor one, is that Rick Steves' books and guides have become SO popular that they are pretty much the go-to guide for travelling in Europe these days, and as a result a lot of the places that he talks about as "hidden gems" or great local places are no longer that. When you show up at these places many of them are packed with American tourists, half of whom are hunched over their Rick Steves book planning their next stop. But that didn't make out trip any less enjoyable, and won't stop me from buying any of his books in the future.
  •     Good book.
  •     I've used various Ruck Steves guides and web site before, but never read the full Europe Theough the Back Door.

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