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Press:Dk Pub DK Eyewitness Travel (March 20, 2006)
Author Name:Soukup, Vladimir


Packed with photographs, illustrations and a free pull-out city map, Eyewitness Travel Guide: Prague explores all the unforgettable sights from Prague Castle to St Vitus' Cathedral. 
You'll find detailed listings of the best hotels, restaurants, bars and shops for all budgets in this fully updated and expanded guide, and insider tips on everything from taking in the cafe culture to riding the funicular railway to beautiful Petron Park.
DK's uniquely visual Eyewitness Travel Guides includes cutaways, floor-plans and reconstructions of the city's stunning architecture, plus 3D aerial views of the best districts to explore on foot.
The map has detailed street views of all the key areas, plus there are transport maps and information on how to get around, including the most useful tickets to buy for your stay.
There's even a chart showing the distances between major sights for walkers.


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  •     Next, I will visit Prague. I'll be interested to compare it to Budapest, which I very much enjoy. Some friends have said they like Budapest most; others have said Prague.
  •     I love the Eyewitness series because the pictures and illustrations are both beautiful and informative. Also, I'm a visual learner so they are always appreciated. This book is no exception. If at any point I was confused about what I was looking at or where exactly I was, the images helped orientate me.It took a little while to fully understand the maps of the different neighborhoods of Prague, but that may be because the city is not on a grid system. By the end of a week in the city, I only had to consult and not study the maps to find where I was headed. In any case, if you have the time to read through the book prior to opening up the maps while you're trying to navigate the streets, you'll greatly benefit. The Metro map is very helpful, too.I found that the historical info provided for the major sites was thorough. Depending on your taste for information (or the time you have to spend at certain sites), it may be enough to warrant not renting an audio guide.
  •     Really good for exploring the city's sights, a little dated on some of the more time specific things like restaraunts....and in 2 cases the recommendations were pretty out of whack with reality. Example - a french restaraunt in the Jewish Quarter that's recommended wasn't very good at all and the waiter tried to pad the bill by about 30% (Chez Marcel is the name I think) but other than that the guide was VERY helpful and pretty much on the money, great maps, interesting and accurate descriptions of sights and areas, really helped us a lot!A quick note, if you're going to Prague in the winter, be aware that it can get VERY cold, we froze our buns in Feb, and that the crowds in summer can render many of the sites almost useless, so spring and late fall may be good bets....having said that the city is incredible and should be on your list for sure.....and they aren't kidding about the Czech traffic cops, be GOOD!!
  •     Great travel guide.
  •     Go see it. Wonderful, beautiful, flavorful, lovely people. the Opera is the best buy in the entire world. Get a cheap seat and move to the good seats once the performance starts.
  •     This is a great series!I really like this series of books. With all of the pictures and information it makes planning an itinerary very easy.
  •     I wish I had gone to this site before I bought travel guides for my other trips. I travel at least once a year to Europe and will not buy another guide before checking here.
  •     We actually borrowed this book from a friend and ended up leaving it on the train by accident. We felt bad for losing the book because it has a lot of valuable information in it,...
  •     DK make the best travel books. They highlight the area by regions or arrondisments and I have used them in every country I visit!
  •     I recently took a 4 day trip to Prague (6 days, including travel time) and took this guide book along. This book was the only one we needed to have a wonderful time there! This book was in my pocket at all times, and proved invaluable for finding landscapes, museums, etc. Especially handy are the grid-styled maps which help you locate various points of interest. This is true of all DK guide books, but I found myself using the Prague guide more than any other guide book I have owned (and I own 10 or more for destinations all over Europe) The back flap was consistently tucked into the map section which we pulled out of my pocket and referred to frequently while walking around the city.I would say the weakest link of the DK guides is its lack of "practical info" -- for example, we were completely lost when we got to the train station to try to head to Kutna Hora (about an hour outside of Prague); the trip would have been impossible if a friendly English-speaking Czech local hadn't been nearby and offered to help us out. In addition, the accommodations listings could be a little more extensive, so you may want to research more on the web or other guidebooks at a library for booking a place to stay before you go.The restaurant guide, on the other hand, was surprisingly good -- the short descriptions managed to get us to places that were right up our alley (for affordable food and drinks in hip, interesting environments, I recommend Radost FX and Klub Arkitektu)
  •     Excellent book
  •     Prague is a wonderful city to visit. It survived World War II unbombed, so much architecture from the past has survived in tact.
  •     This is the one guide seen by far the most often in Prague. While it should drop the pretension of providing general information, it is by far the best guide available for getting out and seeing Prague.Other than wasting space on hotels, my complaints are: 1) It fails to mention admission fees. For example there is a fee to see almost everything in both the Palace and the Jewish Quarter. This becomes obvuious early enough in the Palace but you can wander around most of the Jewish Quarter before realizing that you could simple buy one relatively expensive ticket, 2) It fails to tell where you really should spend your time despite being the best describer of detail - for example it should tell you that they have already largely destroyed what character is left in the Jewish Quarter (Hotel Intercontinental!?) and they are working on destroying the rest, and 3) The maps could be better.With the Time Out guide for everything else and the Streetwise map this book will equip you well for your Prague visit.
  •     I went to Prague, a great guide. Worth the buy.
  •     I used this guide on my recent trip to Prague and after numerous trips to the bookstores, I choose this book for the following reasons:1) Large color pictures. Not only great to look at but helpful in identifying buildings that aren't necessarily labeled or labeled in English.2) City is divided into sections. MUCH MORE USEFUL when walking around then having attractions listed by type. This just makes planning and improvising much easier.3) Great walking tours and itineraries for 1-4 day trips.Other then that this book is on par with the other heavy hitters in the other major travel guide categories. It goes into depth about Czech history, it has adequate explanations of major attractions, good descriptions of local customs, laws and transportation logistics and is just the right size for day packs.The only minor drawback is the hotel and restaurant descriptions but with the internet, using a guide book for hotel/hostel booking has become obsolete.Bottom Line: The price is little higher then average but it's worth it.
  •     There should be guide books of this style for EVERY major city to be visited, whether in the US or abroad.

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