The Cairo Codex (The Justine Trilogy)

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Press: West Hills Press (August 6, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-8
Author Name:Lambert, Linda


When an earthquake nearly buries anthropologist Justine Jenner in an ancient crypt, she finds what appears to be an ancient codex which, if real, could radically threaten the world's great religions.The Cairo Codex is a riveting novel of two women, two millennia apart, set in the exotic cultures of ancient and present-day Egypt. 
Justine Jenner has come to Cairo to forge her own path from the legacies of her parents, an Egyptian beauty and an American archaeologist.
After an earthquake nearly buries her alive in an underground crypt, she discovers an ancient codex, written by a woman whose secrets threaten the foundations of both Christian and Muslim beliefs.
As political instability rocks the region and the Muslim Brotherhood threatens to steal the Egyptian Revolution, Justine is thrust into a world where even those she trusts may betray her in order to control the codex’s revelations.

About the Author

Linda Lambert, Ed.D. 
is Professor Emeritus from California State University, East Bay, and a full-time author of novels and texts on leadership.
During Linda’s career extensive career, she has served as social worker, teacher, principal, district and county directors of adult learning programs, as well as university professor, state department envoy to Egypt, and international consultant.
Her international consultancies in leadership have taken her to the Middle East, England, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, and Malaysia.
Linda is the author of dozens of articles and lead author of The Constructivist Leader (1995, 2002), Who Will Save Our Schools (1997), and Women’s Ways of Leading (2009); she is the author of Building Leadership Capacity in Schools (1998) and Leadership Capacity for Lasting School Improvement (2003).
She lives with her husband, Morgan, a retired school superintendent, on The Sea Ranch, CA.


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  •     I wavered between three and four stars and settled on three. On the one hand, this book was very well researched as regards the historical aspects, such as the relationship between the Copts and Muslims in Egypt, and landmarks, roads, and buildings. Either the author actually lived in Cairo, or she studied every map she could lay here hands on.The premise of the book is that a small diary, or "codex," is found by Justine, the main protagonist, while she is in a cave under a church and an earthquake occurs. The codex turns out to be the diary of Mary, mother of Jesus. However, it mentions that Jesus had a twin sister who died in infancy, and that Mary was not a virgin, but had had intercourse with Joseph several times before conceiving Jesus. Will this "codex" be made public? Will it upset Christians, Muslims, Essenes, and will it cause instability in Egypt and possibly the world? This was a good story line for the book, and the way the author chose to deal with the information was interesting to a point. The point where I lost interest is when the codex is stolen, apparently with the blessings of all these different religious leaders, because they don't want this anti-Biblical information made public.One of the real problems I had with the book was that not much really happened for very long stretches of time. We find Justine involved in many philosophical conversations with friends, co-workers, and herself. While the inclusion of historical facts was interesting, they sometimes seemed to take away from the plot of the book simply because there were so many of them to read which were not relevant to the story.
  •     This book beautifully merges ancient and modern Egypt in a way that transports the reader into a story which is both intriguing and informative. Although the book is fictional, it is filled with much fascinating historical information. The author has spent a great deal of time living in Egypt and has obviously done much research. A fascinating story used as a backdrop for contemplating the complex issues that are rooted in Christianity, the Coptics, and Islam.I love the novel. A suspenseful thriller that combines great writing, well researched information and a fascinating story, how can you top that? This novel deserves 5 stars in my book! Our book club read it and all considered it a winner. Highly recommend!!!
  •     Cairo is on the world stage, which makes this novel timely. A young anthropologist Justine Jenner accidentally discovers a 2,000-year-old Codex, setting in motion political and religious intrigue, putting her in harm's way, and causing one of her suitors to deceive her. The sights, sounds, smells, history and culture of Cairo are informed by the author's many years in Egypt. -- Ed Greub
  •     I found this to be an amazing piece of historical fiction that connects/enlightens issues in the present day. Once begun you'll be hard-pressed to put it down, as you are immersed into the intrigue from page one.She's an anthropologist of Egyptian-American descent and has returned to Cairo for work. An earthquake...caught buried in an ancient crypt...finds a small book ( a codex )... and YOU are off into onethe best reads of your life.I can not even begin to imagine the research that went into the writing of this book, mindblowing. There's obviously religious history, eye-opening theories, romance, intrigue and sadness so well blended together that its a feast of words.
  •     I like books that have me think more deeply about long held beliefs about some religious aspects.
  •     Interesting concept. Learned much about modern Egypt and the interaction of the various religious orders and sects. The writing was weak and bogged down many times.
  •     Expertly woven story of fact and fiction on Mary's, the mother of Jesus, life. Intriguing possibilities combined with a well researched backdrop of Mary's life as presented...
  •     Arrived as described.
  •     Lots of current events and history behind the conflicts in Middle East. Exciting and educational at the same time.
  •     Our book group has been operating since 1991, and we've enjoyed discussing more than 250 booksduring those years.
  •     What makes this novel exceptional is the wealth of historical information concerning Egypt and the connections between, and the roots of, ancient Christianity, the Coptics, the Essenes and Islam. This alone makes for a fascinating read and this alone is, for me, worth five stars.But, in addition, the novel tells a riveting story. It portrays the possible consequences resulting from the discovery of ancient writings indicating today's commonly held religious beliefs to be untrue. How threatened some would be!
  •     This trilogy was just what I was looking for a vacation summer read. History, suspense, romantic, current events, these books have it all.
  •     I did not really enjoy the writing style and thought the character and story development was lacking.
  •     I could not put this book down. I was engaged from the first chapter throughout. I love historical fiction, and without giving away the plot, Lambert's use of biblical history around Mary and Jesus' time in Egypt and the implications for how that might be interpreted today is very intriguing.
  •     Two wonderful stories, each within the other. One is historical, the other contemporary. Together they offer suspense and intrigue and a possible new reality. The author's knowledge of Cairo is wonderful. Her descriptions of the old and the new will make you want to visit! I add this to the other reviews.
  •     The Cairo Codex is a terrific mix of intrigue, history, current events and character development.The novel's central character, Justine, is a fascinating woman whose travails make for a lovely read. Medium paced, in a good leisurely way, one is taken on a fascinating ride across, Cairo, Egypt and centuries. The story challenges and surprises in the way all great books do.Lambert's research is compelling and the connection to today's events in Egypt prescient. After finishing the book I had felt like I had lived in modern day Egypt. I highly recommend this title.
  •     Park your brain - fun to read
  •     Another great Linda Lambert book!

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