Finding Gossamyr Volume 1

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Press: Th3rd World Studios (October 1, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-7
Author Name:Rodriguez, David; Nelson, Angela; Ellerton, Sarah


In the world of Gossamyr, power is as simple as comprehension. 
A spell is a theorem and the theorem must be written in the air and proven for it to take hold.
Denny's unique gift allows him to solve theorems that would drive anyone else insane, but he doesn't think of the world on those terms.
He can only solve problems, not consider the appropriate answer for a situation.
Fortunately, the children are befriended by allies who strive to send the stranded siblings home before dark forces can use the boy's power for evil.
This beautifully bound hardcover edition of Finding Gossamyr collects the first volume of this critically acclaimed series, and is packed with 152-pages of gorgeously painted story, concept art, guest artist gallery, a beautifully illustrated map of the world of Gossamyr, and an exclusive short story created just for this edition.


"This stunning novel will invite readers of all ages to travel along into this other worldly place never wanting to leave it."  - Kristi's Book Nook"


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     I saw this in the library and was immediately drawn to the absolutely stunning artwork. This ended up being both a wonderfully creative story and an incredibly beautiful visual experience, that is a great read for all ages.Jenna has her hands full trying to take care of her genius, but troubled, younger brother Denny. When Denny gets a chance to work for an elite company Jenna is excited but nervous about what they want from Denny. As a test Denny is supposed to solve a very difficult theorem. Denny can solve anything, however against his nature he stops because he is worried about what might happen if he does solve this theorem (a theorem that has driven many people insane). When Denny is forced to solve it him and Jenna end up in the fantastic world of Gossamyr. In Gossamyr you only have to solve a theorem in the air to make magical things happen. This is easy for Denny...too easy...and him and Jenna draw the attention of enemies better left unseen.This was a wonderful book in so many ways. First I will comment on what drew my attention to the book, the illustration...which is more artwork than meer illustration. The colors are lush and beautiful, the drawings soft and detailed. I was absolutely in love with the the illustration in this book.Then you have kids traveling to an amazingly magical land where magic is controlled by mathematical theorems...I love math! I love magic! This was such a fun and creative idea, I really enjoyed it. The concept can be a bit abstract (ha ha get the math joke there?), but it’s not so complicated that middle grade kids and older won’t be able to grasp the concepts.On top of all that you have a young boy who obviously is autistic and is a genius but is challenging to deal with. He ends up kind of being the hero of the story. I love it when books have an atypical hero, not to mention it’s a great way to show how kids who are different can make a big difference.Denny’s sister Jenna is a wonderful character too. She’s in a tough spot, trying to get her own degree and also taking care of her young brother. She obviously loves Denny and wants to do right by him, but she is also human and gets frustrated with him. I loved how you can see both her love and her frustration throughout this book.All the characters we meet in Gossamyr are wonderful. After the graphic novel there is a mini-book that goes into the history of Gossamyr in more detail. I really enjoyed the world-building and the level of thought that went into creating this world.Overall this is an absolutely amazing graphic novel that is great for all ages. The illustration is stunning and the story is amazing. I enjoyed the detailed world-building, the magic system, and the wonderful characters. I really hope we see more graphic novels in this world. Highly recommended for all ages, especially for fans of fantasy graphic novels.
  •     Great book and love the hardcover!
  •     I love this book! The story of Jenna and Denny is one that will touch your heart and open your eyes to a new way to see the world. As always, Sarah Ellerton's art is stunningly detailed and with rich vibrant colors and expressions that really bring the characters and their surroundings to life. It's easy to get lost in looking at the pages.Besides the gorgeous artwork, David Rodriguez tells a heart wrenching story of two siblings, dreams, danger, magic and..... math? While math usually sends me the other direction, Rodriguez stole my attention and my curiosity on this adventure to Gossamyr.I especially enjoyed the creation story in the back that gave a little more in depth knowledge to this new world.I can't wait for the next volume!
  •     I first read this comic during Free Comic Book Day - and have been waiting ever since for the Hard Cover edition. The art is what first grabbed my attention, and I HOPED the story was just as wonderful. I was not disappointed. Thank you for creating such a wonderful family friendly story and characters. I love that I can share this with my son.
  •     What an awesome read... I would recommend this book to almost all audiences. Looking for more of David's work. Bravo
  •     The art and style of this book is amazing. Combined with a heartfelt, family friendly adventure it creates a book that you can't put down.
  •     So, this volume is excellent.It manages to be exciting, original, AND doesn't pander to any of its target audiences. The animation is insanely interesting.
  •     Profoundly emotive, both as a narrative and an art piece. This is an amazing story that I can wholeheartedly recommend without hesitation!
  •     Gossamyr is a dramatic good vs. evil graphic novel filled with fantastic illustrations that proves something I have always known: calculus is evil.
  •     I picked this book up at a convention and I rather wish I hadn't. I hate when I pick up a book, love it, and find out that I have to wait for the next one.
  •     Denny is very special and very gifted. He has the ability to solve math problems. But he is a handful for his sister and caretaker Jenna. Disconnected from their parents Jenna has been doing her best to take care of Denny who is brilliant but also autistic and used to a very calculated and stable routine. Any deviation from his schedule could send him into a frenzy. In order to get Denny the best care and routine Jenna is sending Denny to an entity, institution, school for the gifted, or whatever you want to call it, but he must first solve an ancient theorem. As Denny begins to unravel the equation he and Jenna are catapulted into another world. In this world they band together with a few characters whose main objective is to protect Gossamyr from a bad element known as the Scaythe. "Gossamyr is synchronistic: It is a world forged of will and magic...imagined and constructed by a group of powerful beings known as the Preservers. It would be a land built on a foundation of pure mathematics that would exist within the heart of the Between and be safe from chaos." In this world Denny's gift is exponential, thereby giving him a great power and responsibility. Can he learn to trust, tame his tantrums and get himself and Jenna back home and back to a routine?Th3rdworld Studios has taken graphic novels to a whole new level of visual excitement. The world they've created is colorful, vibrant, compelling and interesting. This stunning novel will invite readers of all ages to travel along into this other worldly place never wanting to leave it. For young readers who are fans of mathematics but not of reading, this is a book that will keep them engaged. The back of the book has individual images of all of the characters in action so readers can admire them anytime. Readers will also find chapters one and two, a glossary of its characters, and the front and back inside covers share a map of this very cool world.To see more fantastic graphic novels from Th3rdworld visit their website at [...]Courtesy MM Publicity
  •     Great comic that will keep you entertained. The writing is well done and the art is really draws you into to story. I highly recommend this series.
  •     Rodriguez really knocked it out of the park with Finding Gossamyr. The story line grabs you and takes you on a wonderful journey from the word go and leaves you wanting for more. With characters easy to love and illustrations that are absolutely breathtaking, you will get lost and be done with the book before you know it. I can't wait to see more into the wonderful world of Gossamyr. I would highly recommend this to anyone of any age.

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