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Press:Brilliance Corporation Brilliance Audio; MP3 Una edition (October 16, 2012)
Author Name:Adair, Marina; Raudman, Renee;


Regan Martin stopped believing in Christmas miracles the day she discovered her fiancé was already married.The fallout cost her everything—her career, her home, and her impeccable reputation in the wine industry. 
But now she has a second chance with a dream job in the Napa Valley, and a cozy cottage for her and her daughter, whose one Christmas wish is for a forever home.But those hopes are threatened when Gabe DeLuca, the scorned wife’s brother, tries to drive Regan out of town—even if he can’t seem to drive the luscious beauty from his thoughts.
When his attempts to get her to leave backfire, he sees that Regan may hold the key to tracking down his sister’s stolen start-up capital.
As Christmas nears, Gabe realizes Regan might even be his Christmas wish and hold the key to his heart.


"This book, sentimental in a way that only Christmas romances can be, is a great holiday read. 
The story features a strong, single mom who only wants the best for her child, and a sexy man who needs to be reminded what is really important in life.
With a lot of teasing and a quirky set of characters, readers will thoroughly enjoy this book and eagerly await more in the series to find out what is in store for the rest of the DeLuca clan." --RT Book Reviews, 4 stars (HOT)

--This text refers to the Paperback edition.

About the Author

Marina Adair is a lifelong fan of romance novels. 
Along with the St.
Helena Vineyard series, she is also the author of Tucker’s Crossing, part of the Sweet Plains series.
She currently lives in a hundred-year-old log cabin, nestled in the majestic redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, with her husband and daughter.



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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     Nice read
  •     This the first book in the series and I was laughing in the first few pages but then it got thoughtful and interesting.I know that Regan got the bad end of the deal, I know that Gabe loves his family more than anything and will go to the ends of the earth for them all (he is the oldest of 5) and whilst I loved this story and how it developed it did get a little over the top with where the blame was being thrown and how suddenly that all changed!Yes you have money, no she does not but some of that is your fault and now you don't like how she is living! You can't have it both ways!However the book was a pleasure to read, kept me drawn in and I really wanted to see how it ended.I laughed and I smiled and I felt for them all. I wanted there to be a HEA and it made me fall in love with the De Luca family and go on and read the next one in the series
  •     A very entertaining holiday story complete with tension and dramas. The characters created blend well within the storyline. Many endearing and hilarious moments
  •     Great story. Love the characters
  •     This was a really cute story. Marina is a new to me author. I have had this series for a few months but never got to start it, I was waiting for Christmas time.
  •     Very funny, charming story. Great characters. Especially loved feisty Regan and adorable Holly. The Mrs. Clauses were highly memorable too.
  •     It was Ok. Had a good story line and I liked the characters. However, there was entirely to much constant sexual reference in the book.
  •     Loved the book, true love conquers all. Couldn't put it down. If you love romance you will love this book
  •     Normally I love, love this authors books.....this one....not so much. Only got through about a quarter of the book. Gabe literally destroys Regan's life. I understand the she had an unknowing affair with his sisters husband....BUT, she was 19, no idea he was a married dirt bag and thought he was her HEA. So, she ends up alone at 20, 5 mos. pregnant, no family and everytime she gets a job Gabe gets her fired. So, he hassles her for over 5 years....seriously get a fu%&Ing life. It's like he loves kicking her when she is down.....equivalent to kicking a puppy.....and I love puppies. Again, I understand taking up for your sister....but maybe she shouldn't have married an a$$hat....ya think. Just couldn't finish, can't imagine anyone forgiving his way an HEA could be in their future unless it was to other people.
  •     I love the feisty Regan! My emotions were all over the place and I personally wanted to stand up for her.
  •     Excellent book!
  •     This novel is confusing. The characterizations for the "extras" is fast and fun, but the main duo seems very inconsistent. As an example, the male lead is initially portrayed as a jerk - though all who know him love and respect him. Still, when we are getting his perspective, he thinks with his dick (per author's phasing several times, not my impression) and comes off short/harsh as well.The timing is hard to follow and hard to believe.... ages and things that have happened in the time that has passed. The conversations are tough because they just don't have a natural flow most cases. This is especially apparent with the heroine's 5-year old daughter. She talks like and behaves like an adult most of the time, but occasionally speaks like a child. More annoyingly, she ALWAYS controls her mother's behavior and makes her produce quarters even when she only thinks something bad for the "Dirty Jar". This little gimmick is carried Ithroughout and is seen in interactions with Mom's love interest even when no one else knows what is happening.Also, confusing is how this character leaves behind her job and home with apparently no friends and finds immediate friendships worthy of soul-bearing conversations. And yet she never runs into the one person she's not ever supposed to see (until the very end.)He's equally confusing. And how after a big blow-up at the party for his sister does his sister never learn she's in town? A big problem is that neither one of the primary crutches used to keep them divided is strong enough. It's not believable and borders on ridiculous.The actual writing is hard to follow sometimes. I found myself saying things like, "0h, he's holding her hand now?" Continuity from one moment to another was hard for me. What happened to the people that were just there? Did they walk away or are they observing?And then there are things like this: "Regan felt eyes burn through the back of herdress, caress their way down the length of her, and settle on her hips." This is on page 18, while she's mid-conversation at a party. She's not interested in anyone at this point and has no reason to believe he is interested in her - and doesn't even know who is looking at her. Really? She felt all that? Since she's described as show-stopper hot, life must be hell for her if she's constantly aware of this level of attention.
  •     I've read a bunch of reviews that criticize the vulgar language, but very few who mention that the hero (Gabe) has spent six years ruining the career of a young woman who unwittingly had an affair with his brother-in-law. The heroine was 19 when she dated her 30 year old boss, who was an embezzler and thief. Did no one in the DeLuca family consider that dude might have lied to her too? Or considered that she might have a pretty solid case for sexual harassment against their vineyard. Or for, you know stalking against the hero? In the early scene when she is trying to find a job in town and Gabe keeps scuttling her I kept wanting ONE of the vineyard people to stand up to him and say that he was abusing his influence and they didn't care to do business with someone like him. Gabe starts to have second thoughts when he realizes she lives in, horror of horrors, a 1 bedroom apartment. Did it never occur to him that he was messing with her livelihood? It just drives me crazy when an author punishes women for misunderstandings and rewards men when the regret their own terrible behavior.
  •     Listened via audible, completely captivated by the narration.I recommend this to everyone for a great Christmas read.I've read another book via this author a couple of years ago, Summer In Napa, which was a surprise 5 star read, not realising it was actually book 2 of a series, so I've finally read book 1. Loved it! A well rounded romance, rich small town secondary characters that I fell in love with, a single mother story of whom I just fell in love with her little girl (brilliantly narrated), and a hate to love slow burning romance that I thoroughly enjoyed Him falling for both mom, and her daughter. Honourable mention for the meddling match-making three grannies, who brought great comic relief. This had a rom-com romantic movie ending, if a little predictable, leaves a total smile on your face, and a tear in the eye in happiness, due to the cuteness.Put this on your Christmas Reading list for December, and I highly recommend you pay the $1.99 for the audible. The narrator has a Joan Cusack quality, great character narration and comedy, also great with translating the sizzle.
  •     Another fun Christmas read. Light hearted and funny. Would be a great hallmark Christmas movie! Definitely pick this up and give it a try.

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