The Adaptation Diet: A Three-Step Approach to Control Cortisol, Lose Weight, and Prevent Chronic Disease

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Press: North Atlantic Books; 1 edition (May 7, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-5
Author Name:Moss, Charles A.


The Adaptation Diet presents a plan clinically proven to lower levels of cortisol, the main stress hormone and a major component of the obesity epidemic. 
By reducing excess cortisol, you can: • Decrease your risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure • Lose the fat around your midsection and increase your lean muscle mass • Improve your ability to adapt to emotional and situational stress   Dr.
Charles Moss takes readers through a three-step program—detoxification, elimination of common food allergens, and the implementation of an anti-inflammatory diet—with specific advice on the avoidance of toxins and the inclusion of key bioactive, cortisol-controlling foods and nutrients such as flaxseed powder, cold water fish, specialized herbs, and vitamins.
In addition, using the newly emerging science of epigenetics, he explains how diet and environment influence our biological destiny, and he provides more than 100 delicious recipes, as well as menu plans, for life-long control of biochemical stress.
You’ll learn which foods protect gene expression and help reduce your risk for obesity as well as how to protect your children’s gene expression before they are even born.
By following the right dietary suggestions, we can change ourselves right down to our genes and reduce our chances for disease.

About the Author

MOSS, MD, is a pioneer in the integration of nutritional and environmental medical approaches with acupuncture and relaxation techniques.
In 1978 he established the Moss Center for Integrative Medicine in La Jolla, CA, one of the first holistic health medical clinics in the U.S.
His unique approach to stress-induced and chronic medical problems has attracted patients from all over the United States, Mexico, and Europe.
The author lives in Encinitas, CA.


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Comment List (Total:4)

  •     Finally, a thinking person's diet book that makes good sense. After reading "The Adaptation Diet", I can understand exactly how my current eating habits affect my body chemistry both in the short term (influencing my level of alertness, energy and well-being) and over the long term (affecting my physical health, ageing process and longevity).Even though I'm not a physician, I found that Dr. Moss' engaging writing style invited me understand and appreciate the medical basis of how my body's physiology copes with the unhealthful Standard American Diet. I discovered how healthier eating alternatives could improve and correct the adverse physical impact of years of my poor eating habits. It's a delight to read a scholarly book that's not dry... it's informative, readable, and practical.The closing chapters on epigenetics which present how dietary and lifestyles choices can impact not only my life but that of succeeding generations sounds like science fiction but is the latest in clinical research.This book "reads" like a fine meal.
  •     This book is an eye opener! How foods you are allergic to, that you never realized, can effect your cortisol and what that means. Has changed the whole families outlook on what we eat.
  •     I was able to easily follow the 3 step program and felt better as soon as I did step 1, elimination diet and continued to lose weight with the maintenance diet. It was very helpful to understand why I should eat this way to control cortisol. I also found the section on epigenetics very interesting and gave me another reason to eat well to protect my families genetics. The many recipes were interesting and helped to put this information to use.
  •     Good health is the basis for a a good life. Most of us wouldturn down White Castle's newest offering --carmel covered French fries. But how do we make all ourchoices informed,? The Adaptation Diet removes themystery and complexity of transitioning into a newlifestyle. It begins with an understanding of how certainfood and environmental choices can develop a healthierlifestyle. I especially appreciated the specifics on foodprep, and supplements, reinforced with patient historiesthat detail the effects of dietary change. Steps toadapt our current lifestyle to a life-long way of living aredetailed in user-friendly charts and bulleted summaries included in the book. Finally, recipes and dietplans enable us to maintain our new life. Discussions ofepigenetics, a new science of gene interaction, give us asense that the Adaptation Diet will provide us theopportunity to control our medical destiny and, perhapsthat of our children.

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