2036: The Death of Liberalism

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 25, 2012)
Author Name:Hodges, Quan


What happens when… when a country caters to the rich and powerful? When the 1% rule with an iron hand and accountability becomes an unknown? What happens when freedom of speech, assembly and the 14th amendment are "thrown under the bus"? When money rules politics and the middle class disappears? What happens when corporations are treated as individuals and can contribute as much to political campaigns as they want; when candidates are sponsored like race cars and corporate logos rule? Self-proclaimed savior, William Prescott, is running for President. 
His fool-proof plan to extinguish Liberalism and save the world from economic and social destruction seems like a sure fire winning platform.
But when the people closest to him threaten his presidential aspirations, will he choose family over his political destiny? Can love conquer all, or are money and power the forces that drive the universe? 2036 is a journey of love; a tale of economic, moral and ethical struggle that explores the battle between liberal and conservative, rich versus poor and love versus money.


Literature & Fiction,Genre Fiction,Political

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  •     How appropriate and ON-TIME! Educators, please make this a requirement for your students. It will put something on their minds!!!! A great read....and this review, coming from someone who doesn't even consider themself THAT political...
  •     Well written and articulated! Shows the importance of exercising your right to vote and how critical it is to have your voice heard. Love the irony of w. Prescott as the lead. Great read especially during the current political climate.
  •     There arent many words that can truly justify Mr. Hodges' talent, but I will say that he is an amazing writer. I also had the pleasure of reading his 1st book and was blown away as well. He is one of the most thought provoking writers you will ever experience. This is a MUST READ!!!
  •     This book really made me think at a different angle. With everything going on right now, this read was Right On Time!!! Quan is very talented and I look forward to reading the books that come out next. Thank you Quan you are really leaving something great for many generations to read and experience!
  •     Quan's insight on the future is profound. "2036" is an eye-opener and reinforces the importance of voting, knowing the Candidates policies: not letting beliefs overshadow policies that will affect you; the importance of staying informed and not getting wrapped up in Reality T.V.Quan does this while taking us inside the lives of a Presidential Candidate's family and the woes of love and loss.
  •     This story is about you no matter what your walk of life is, you are affected by the things this book. Although, most of us are barely cognizant, which is why the futuristicly stylized, dreamy context fits. Although the theme is heavy, the reading is not. Whether you are passionate about politics, or they evade you, or you just don't care about them, the human twists and turns will keep you from putting the book down. It's from out of this world.

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