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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 12, 2012)
Author Name:Steelman, Robert


Some people go through their lifetime never seeing what’s right in front of them. 
Michael Jacobs lived much of his life, and his death numb...and he had no plans to approach it any differently.
But a brief encounter with his ex-wife in the afterlife rekindles long dormant feelings that drive Michael on an odyssey to find her but force him to confront the fears that kept him captive.
Can Michael accomplish in death what he couldn’t in life?


Literature & Fiction,Genre Fiction,Metaphysical & Visionary,Romance

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  •     I'm not a big fan of readings books so it is rare the I start any novel and even less likely that I finish it. Once I started this book I never lost interest. I found the writing style to be easy and communicative, the subject matter and content to be interesting and hopeful.The ideas of new age spiritualism from a Jewish male author transcend the cultural barriers and can be identified by any person who has ever hoped for answers in the face of loss. It is the truest example of not judging a book by its cover, and not judging what you expect from an author by his. I thoroughly enjoyed this heart warming love story that reaches between lifetimes and touches the soul.
  •     I consider myself a bit of an open-minded cynic when it comes to spirituality. Meaning I am receptive to diverse beliefs but will debate the plausibility of any or all. When it comes to discussing the afterlife, I am all over the board. Yet, when reading this wonderful book, I was covered at both ends. As a believer, I was able to immerse myself with the reality of actually getting a second-chance by meeting a "former" in the after-life, and how fulfilling that would be. As a non-believer, I was able to instead use the "what-if" metaphor and parlay that into a lesson in life. One the one hand, the book is a whimsical fantasy almost along the lines of a Back to the Future journey (sorry, just saw the movie again this weekend, so it was top of mind!). On the other, an introspective tool, a preventative warning, if you will, to take care of things and more importantly, people, now while there is still some life to live. Well done, Author!
  •     The story of how a love squandered in life might still be possible in the afterlife. It makes one think about how important each moment is as you are living it.
  •     Mr.Steelman's novel is not only entertaining and a great reading experience, but it also provides a great deal of 'food for thought'...its message is thought provoking and haunting. The concept that his story shares with the reader will stay with them for some time. His ability to weave a great story, full of descriptive elements allows the reader to easily visualize each scene and want to quickly 'turn the page'. As this reader progressed through this journey, I found it unavoidable to not consider the nature and quality of relationship during THIS life. I think Mr. Steelman was telling us something. We might be wise to review and conduct some 'maintenance' on our relationships in THIS life...otherwise, we might have some homework to do....later!
  •     I really liked this book. Romantic, touching, and a very interesting perspective on "beyond our life." I recommend it to anyone looking for a very romantic book to read.

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