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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 10, 2012)
Author Name:Overfield, Aaron


Jin Tsay's revelation entices the military with a potential to uncover and disarm any covert threats.
The government that funded the engineer's classified project orders Tsay's death, so they can solely and secretly possess his alluring technological consummation: VEIL Veil proves to be the purest, deepest form of espionage and anti-terrorism by endowing humankind with the ability to experience life through another person.
Tsay's technology offers submersion into another's mind; Veil provides a direct perception of their immediate thoughts, emotions, memories, and the rush of their most intimate senses.
If it ever escapes the military's relentlessly selfish grip, Veil swears to permanently alter the psychosocial, sexual, political, economic, and religious landscapes of our lives.
Veil promises to usher in our ultimately unifying evolution: the New Veil World. Retribution for Dr.
Jin Tsay's assassination comes in the form of his widow, who races to deliver Veil unto the world and share it freely, before those who ordered her husband's murder can exploit it.
Wielding the inescapable force of Veil, Suren Tsay seeks to inflict justice upon all those responsible for her husband's demise, culminating in an unforgiving, brutal, obsessive hunt for the elusive killer of the father of the New Veil World: the Great Jin Tsay. Taking Veil beyond limits Jin himself could've imagined, the revered Widow Tsay vows to get her revenge at any cost.
Suren Tsay soon realizes she too must inhabit the world created by her husband's invention and her own bloodlust. Suren must learn to live in the New Veil World. She must also fight to liberate it.


Literature & Fiction,Genre Fiction,Metaphysical & Visionary

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  •     Ingenious alternate reality, where it's possible to not only observe someone else's life via social networking but live it as well.
  •     It became a really intriguing story for me as I read along further. Glad I gave it a chance because right at first it wasn't my cup of tea. I'll applaud the author for taking what is a rather complex subject and making it understandable. A major portion of the story line involves creating the technology in order to read minds.Really, Veil has a dense plot that I felt was well written. As I went along the harder it was to put down. I really like the retribution element to the whole story line, the woman scorned kind of thing.I did receive a free copy of the book for this review.
  •     Mr. Overfield weaves a very interesting and fun to read tale. I was hooked from the first chapter. Nicely done!
  •     Tedious, repetitive, not the greatest writing. Imagine a 1960's University Liberal transforming Echelon/Prism into a socialists wet dream. Veil is what you produce...
  •     From my blog On Starships and DragonwingsSci-fi dystopias, like Veil by Aaron Overfield, are awesome for the thought experiments they play out and the possible futures...
  •     one of the most unusual and entertaining books I have read in a long time. Recommend reading this book to anyone who likes something a little different than the usual.
  •     Veil is like nothing that I've ever read before. It begins as a murder mystery, evolves into a techno-thriller, further morphs into Orwellian science fiction before it concludes...
  •     This was an entertaining and interesting read. The writing was smooth and easy to get through. Even when delving into difficult information.
  •     I've gotta be honest, the first 3 or 4 chapters I really struggled with reading but continued because I never like to leave a book unfinished. Basically it was difficult for me because I'm a siple minded person and teh author is so complex (in a good way) it was hard for me to keep up. However, once getting past my 'hump' I could NOT put it down. I was so amazed with the author's creativity that I was obsessed with what he thought of next. I was highly entertained with Suri and Hunter's relationship. I'm in awe of his talent and imagination that is brought to this story (not to mention the author looks pretty hot :)). I'm looking forward to what he thinks up for the next book!!!
  •     This book runs the gamut on emotions and intellectually. It's different than any book I've ever read in characters and writing style.
  •     This book is great, hilarious most of the time. The most impressive part is the technology, makes you wonder why no one ever thought of it before.
  •     Unlike some of the other reviewers, I was unable to put this down. Actually, did not think I would enjoy it but boy was I wrong. I was fascinated by the concept of Veiling and highly recommend this book. Cannot wait to read the rest of the series.
  •     When the Widow Tsay decides to avenge the death of her husband the world will never be the same. In telling her story Aaron Overfield's Veil presents a convincing and frightening vision of social evolution.The absolute best part of this book is the way people relate to one another. Emotions aren't just surface decoration, but are all encompassing. People love with their whole heart and hate just as strongly. They also contradictorily treat each other with complete irreverence. They call each other nasty names and fling politically incorrect insults at one another, as only those most comfortable with each other can. Most of which is really funny. So are a lot of the author's interjections. While this makes the book a joy to read there really is a serious message here. What is the moral responsibility of science and scientists? What marks us out as individuals and how much of this is necessary to live appreciable human lives? Like Huxley or Orwell, Overfield forces the reader to imagine how dangerous it can be to give up too much of their autonomy, no matter how well-intentioned the organisation involved.Despite the bold characters I wouldn't consider the book to be character driven (unless you consider Veil as a character). It tends to leap at regular intervals, leaving the main cast to age unobserved. Every time it did this I thought, 'no I want to know more about what happened next.' I was quickly engrossed in the next epoch of Veil, however, and forgot my disappointment.The book is quite long and does tend to repeat itself. This might or might not be a purposeful attempt to remind the reader of earlier events. I don't know. Either way, while it is noticeable it isn't particularly distracting.If you pick this one up I recommend reading all of the book, and by all of it I mean everything from the copyright page to the epilogue and beyond. It's worth it. (Not something I have cause to say often.)
  •     I don't know what I expected when I opened this book up in my Kindle for the first time, but it certainly wasn't what I got! This is a powerful, hard science fiction debut from author Aaron Overfield and I enjoyed it from start to finish.First, here's the run down:Jin Tsay is the world's most brilliant scientist. No, really, he is. He discovers a technology that literally changes the world. He also has just about the most perfect relationship with his wife. They are so thoughtfully in love it makes you either want to puke with the sweetness or fume with jealousy. Suren, his wife, is quietly content with her world, her husband, and her role in life, but all that changes when the military decides they no longer need the brilliant Dr. Tsay in order to complete take over his project.The technology is Veil - a new way to experience "reality" or someone's reality, because the whole purpose of Veil is to experience the thoughts and feelings of others like they are your own.Enter Ken, Jin's former academic partner, and Hunter, just a loud-mouthed gay guy (who happens to be a brilliant scientist and inventor of neuro-prostheses) Hunter really wants to screw over the military and Ken really wants to contribute to his friend's legacy!I loved Hunter - he is cool to the extreme. I loved his sassy attitude and his one-liners and how protective and caring he was to his friends. I even loved how he treated Suren in the end.But really, I identified most with Ken. Ken, the not-quite-as-smart-as-Jin scientist who agrees to help fulfill Jin's dream project for Suren, even though he's morally against it. I loved that little caveat and it was easy to forget that Ken was always against the technology because he was so on board with bringing it to fruition.Suren, Jin's wife, was given quite a few nicknames by Hunter throughout the book and I have to agree with all of them! She's relentless in her revenge, but in a patient, scary-psycho kinda way. Suren is awesome.The overriding theme of Veil, to me at least, is that everything has a consequence. Everything about Veil changes life for humans, but just because it could go bad, doesn't mean you don't give it a try. I like that.Veil is an intellectual desert as far as books go. I loved the science, and you can tell that Overfield did a lot of research in this area. I'm not a neurologist, but I've written anatomy textbooks and nothing about the science stood out as implausible. Nicely done! (Also, the cover art, so perfect!)Five stars for Veil, I highly recommend it and I'm really looking forward to book two.I was gifted this copy by the author, but was never asked for a review.
  •     I'll be interested to check out what Aaron Overfield is writing in 3 or 5 years more time. When he matures as a novelist, he is going to be Dangerous!

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