Broken Life Journals: A Fight For Forever

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Lrg edition (August 28, 2012)
Author Name:Williams, Vangie


The Broken Life Journals are the story of love cursed in Old Africa. 
A young African maiden falls in love with a Frenchman captured by her father's warriors.
As she watches and cares for him over the next twenty-one days, she is captivated by his beautiful green eyes and his genuine smile and breaks tribal law when she asks her father to be his bride instead of her chosen husband.
Her father King Sundiata could not refuse his youngest daughter and allows her to leave Africa with the Frenchman; what she doesn't know is that the tribal shaman has placed a curse on her and all of her female descendants.
"21 suns you feel in love and left your people, 21 moons shall you love your girl child." Fast forward to 1844 when young Marguarite, the third woman cursed who writes the first entry in the journal that her deceased mother left her.
Who continues to having been vivid dreams of African and French women who speak to her and show her the paths of their lives.
Marguerite listens, learns and writes the story of each of her matriatic ancestors.
Her dreams are so vivid that she is a shadow watching the past in the future.
As Marguerite reveals the past through visions of her travels from New York through the volatile south back to France, the rigorous fight to break the curse's menacing grip steadily climaxes.
Through a series of visions, she continues to the fight for forever.


Literature & Fiction,Genre Fiction,Family Saga,Romance,Historical

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  •     A decent historical romance; however, the writing seemed to lose momentum from time to time. This work has lots of potential! The female MC has a great story, but comes off a little annoying. The scenery is nicely described.LT Member Giveaway[author:Vangie Williams|2956354][book:Broken Life - A Fight for Forever - Book 1|8421244]
  •     I won this book in exchange for an honest review.Although I did not find this book to be a great read, I did have long stretches where I could not put it down. Predominantly a historical romance the story centers around Marguerite Ahok Chevalier and a curse that has surrounded the females in her family.Marguerite is of mixed blood and apparently this curse stems from the African portion of her bloodline. This concept sounds promising but unfortunately the author does not quite deliver. Background information is kept to a minimal so the reader has no understanding of why and how the curse occurred in the first place.Instead the bulk of the story, set primarily in 1860's America, tells the story of Marguerite, and her white husband, and their travels from New York to Florida. Miss Williams does a good job with detailing the fears and concerns the two have on travelling through what is hostile territory. Unfortunately I just cannot buy into her world which was too unrealistic with almost too perfect main and secondary characters.I also felt that the novel dealt too much with the questions of race and prejudice and not enough on the supposed curse.I was also disappointed in the number of grammatical errors, type-o's and contradictory passages. Glaringly the was the use of the word "jester" instead of "gesture" and the different stories given by Marguerite for her mother's death.Not a great novel. The author hopefully invest in a better editor for book two.
  •     I received a copy free through Goodreads First Reads.I like historicals but not usually this type. This was a really well written and an interesting concept. A nice interracial romance.It did leave me a little bored at moments. I think it was just my lack of really connection with the story. I just could not get into the story, I can not really pinpoint why.I did not hate it I just could not love it.
  •     I enjoyed the book. It provided a Historical reflection of race, power, slavery, influence, and also gave a romantic story filled with secrets anda little "mysticism" I enjoyed the descriptions and detailed writing. I look forward to future works.

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