A Whale Goes Down

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The world will end. 
The Maya of Central America believed that.
They were numerous, powerful, well researched and many trust their prophecies today.
The Maya said the end of the world will be significant and awesome.
And that really grabbed the attention of many.
The Chukchi, or L’auravetl’an, the native people of the eastern shore of the Bering Strait in the high Arctic, knew for thousands of years that there are many worlds and that many of the worlds end and that many start almost every day.
They knew and didn’t really care then.
And still don’t care today, because to them it really doesn’t matter.
Maybe we should listen to the Chukchi, and not the Maya? But their entire nation of L'auravetl'an is only 14 thousand reindeer herders and sea hunters lost in the frozen tundra.
They are poor, mostly ignored, mostly drunk and nobody outside of their tundra and beyond their sea cares what they know and what they think.
Except if you were born as one of them and then discovered that you are something else, and then learned that you do not belong anywhere.
Then you had no choice but to enter the shadow between the worlds to search for your identity.
The price you paid was unbearable loneliness.
Even in 21 century.
But if you were born in, and lived through, the 20th century, you know it was a supreme mess.
It looked as if history itself started to smoke crack – one moment humanity was brilliant, the next it was slobbering homicidal moron.
And then again.
What people did to each other and to the world in the 20th century left even evil spirits bedazzled.
But in the end, there is always redemption.
Because the Frozen Old Ones are never wrong.


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  •     The book reads as a true story. Besides being deeply personal and dramatic the life story depicted in a book is abundant in amazing details about life in Soviet Union, Chukotka, (which is basically Russian Alaska), US and modern Russia.In the best traditions of Garcia Marquez the author forces the reader to stay with him until the very end. I couldn't stop reading it for the whole week since I got it. Which I haven't experienced in a long while.

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