Mobster's Girl (Volume 1)

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 11, 2012)
Author Name:Rachiele, Amy; Riccitelli, Deanna;


Gripping my chest is the only way to hold myself together or what’s left of me will fall out. 
The past week has enlightened me on one thing-I don’t care.
Megan, Mobster’s Girl I didn’t even hesitate.
I took two strides and blasted him in the face with my fist.
He was ready for it this time-unlike in church.
He tried to hit me back but I ducked and smashed him again.
Antonio, Mobster’s Girl You can’t help what family you’re born into or what lies they keep from you.
You can’t help it if they mold and shape you just the way they wanted.
Are monsters born or made? Antonio and Megan have a timeless issue.
They were told to stay away from each other.
They try, they really do.
But they are drawn to each other.
Antonio is eighteen and the up and coming mob boss of Palmetto, New Jersey.
Megan is a girl uprooted from the grassy plains of Ireland at the age of five.
Now she’s seventeen and faced with horrors she never thought existed.
Mature YA, adult language, underage drinking, violence


Literature & Fiction,Genre Fiction,Family Saga,Romance,Contemporary

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  •     Well observed first book in the Mobster series. The dialogue is crisp and contemporary. The story rattles along at a brisk pace, thanks to the device of switching the focus between the main characters, Megan and Antonio. A little predictable perhaps, but my experience of YA fiction is limited. As a prelude to the series it serves its purpose. On this evidence, I'm sure YA readers will want to snap up the other books too.
  •     He fell in love with her when they were kids now the 18 and he has a chance with her again. Knowing he will kill to protect her.
  •     I can't wrap my head around the theme of this story. Author attempting to wow in YA genre but falls flat. College kids and hero (not in my book) knocks people off for a living, breaks knees, splits heads. And then we're supposed to believe he's really a loving person? This was a feeble attempt by author to draw the YA crowd but turns out to be sickening.Editing horrendous and every day life of hero and heroine boring. Story line is completely unbelievable. I wouldn't pay money for this book.
  •     I wasn't sure I'd really get into this book, but a few chapters in I was in love with it!Mobster's Girl reminds me of Romeo & Juliet, but only due to Antonio & Megan's fathers trying to keep them from each other.This book is a rollercoaster ride of emotion and drags you through some pretty tough situations.I loved it and will be buying the rest of the series.
  •     This review is written by Bob Boze on behalf of Truth About BooksMobster’s Girl is said to be an Italian Mafia Romance story.
  •     Gave it 5 stars!!!! I loved this book can't wait to read the others!!!I could not put it down!!!
  •     This was one of my favorite books. I loved the characters, though i usually don't read about characters who are younger, these two and their dynamic is simply wonderful.
  •     Great blend of action & emotion to keep you wondering what will happen next. Lots of twists and turns too.
  •     Good reading, I just went on to the rest of the series
  •     The beginning tells the reader - hold on - this is going to be a wild ride. Several pages into the book you discover the ride slows down and is a bit predictable.
  •     Other then the slight cliffhanger it was a damn good book. Antonio and Megan are like star crossed lovers since they were 5-6 years old. Now 12 years later the need to be together is over powering and Tino will do anything to be with Megan no matter what their parents think. When they do get together they find a peace and love with each other they never experienced before, until the truth comes out to both of them about what teach family is hiding. Like I said it was a ready great book worth more then 5 stars and I cant wait to read more.
  •     This YA/NA mobster story was over the top fun. Drama and struggle came from outside sources while Megan and Antonio fight to carve out a place for the two of them.
  •     I thoroughly enjoyed Monster's Girl! Amy Rachiele did her thing to make you want to keep turning the page to see what will happen next. On to Book 2!
  •     Enjoyed reading these story.
  •     I thought this was a great story with a wonderful plot however it does end with a cliffhanger which takes a little bit away from the story for me. This book is about two teens who like from afar. Megan's family wants her to stay away from the bad mob son who truly has adored her since they were young. Megan finds him hard to walk away from. This was a lovely story of young love and all they have to deal with to be together. The author throws in some major twists that you will not see coming. The characters are adorable, the language is true mob so be prepare for some bad talking. I think it adds to the story but some might not care for it. Antonio is adorable in how he loves from afar. These two young people get their hearts broken and you will feel their pain. I do not want to give the ending away but these two will have to do some major foot work to find their HEA. Robert Burton did a wonderful job he really sounds very mob like and brought the characters to life for me. He voice is strong and clear, his character voices were great. There are no breaks just a clear audio that you will enjoy. His male voices were just as good as his female voices. I could really feel the emotions of the different characters.Cheyenne Madison as a narrator just didn't do it for me. It was a clear audio with no breaks but it sounded like she was just reading. Her different voices sounded close to others. I didn't care for her male voices at all. I just didn't feel the emotions the character where going through.I loved the two different narrator idea, however I think the female should have done the female voices at least all of Megan's talking. With Robert doing all the males however his female voices were great. The author really throw me on a major twist which will leave you with you mouth hung open. I didn't care for the cliffhanger and I didn't enjoy it enough to buy the next audio only to have it most likely end with another cliffhanger. The story and plot is great I really did enjoy it. I do hope the author picks a different lady to narrator. I know many will enjoy this just be prepared to buy the next book to find out just what happens. I loved the different characters they add so much to the story. I didn't care to much for Megan's mother I just do not understand what her problem was. It is almost like she thinks she is better than anyone else. I think this is the only one I didn't care for. Just wait until you see the twists it will blow your mind.
  •     Good read...especially when it comes to young love mixed in with mobsters. What could be better than that!
  •     short story but good.
  •     I never thought I would love a mobster the way Amy Rachiele writes them.

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