Still Having Fun: A Portrait of the Military Marriage of Rex and Bettie George

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Press: Ideas into Books WESTVIEW (September 5, 2012)
Author Name:Thompson, Candace George


This remarkable biography of a military marriage which lasted from 1941 until 2007 includes everything from letters written in war zones to photographs that chronicle the lives and romance of Rex and Bettie George. 
Written by their daughter, Candace George Thompson, after their deaths, "Still Having Fun" is a moving testament to the character and resilience of American military families.
In 2013, "Still Having Fun" won the Bronze Medal from Stars and Flags Book Awards, the Second Place in Biography from Lucky Cynda, and the Gold Medal in Biography from Military Writers Society of America.


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  •     Still having fun (love the title) is a wonderful nostalgic story of the author's parents during World War II and after. I loved the way the author intertwined her parents' story and letters with the history of the time. When the book ended I felt I knew Rex and Bettie and wanted to thank them for representing America in the way they did - without a second thought about the sacrifices they made. A great read and a good book to help those born after WWII to understand the culture and history of the time.
  •     Candace Thompson's "Still Having Fun" provides an intimate view of the lives of two members of the World War II generation: her parents, Rex and Bettie George. Using family letters and personal memories, Ms. Thompson recounts her parents' experiences during the war years and beyond.Unlike, so many members of this generation, Ms. Thompson's father's service to country did not end on V.J.Day. After World War II, Rex George elected to remain in the service, joining with other World War II veterans to form the nucleus of the American military tasked with containing communist expansion. This period has become known as the Cold War , and Ms. Thompson provides an instructive view of the family life of one of the participants; as well as the social mores, cares, and concerns of the America of the 1940's, 50's, and 60's.But, in the end, this is a story about Rex and Bettie George and their life together. They are an engaging couple, who exhibited the values Tom Brokaw attributes to their generation: "duty, honor, economy, courage, service, love of family and country, and above all, responsibility for oneself", not a bad epitaph.
  •     I grew up in this situation and this book just brought home so many memories. It was good to revisit the memories this book evoked.
  •     A love story, a story of the strength of military women, a story of the power of optimism and humor! I found myself wondering if this book would be interesting to readers who don't know Candace Thompson and the answer is YES! You will feel like you are in Okinawa just after the war ended. You will feel the love between Rex and Bettie. You will identify with a young mother whose amazing energy and optimism will have you laughing. And you will want to write more letters, something we have forgotten how today. Oh how powerful and revealing they are.I highly recommend this book.
  •     As a person interested in WWII, I found Rex's story to be both optimistic and poignant at the same time.
  •     This book is inspirational . It reminded me a baby boomer what great parents we had. They went thru the deppression and ww2 and lived strong full lives.
  •     Move over Tom Brokaw. While he wrote of the Greatest Generation, here is a story of that same Generation in WWII, Korea, the Cold War and more.
  •     Candace George Thompson has invited us into her family by sharing the story of growing up in the military.
  •     Very few of us understand the commitment made by our military families. Still Having Fun digs deep into a family and their experiences and shows the personal sacrifices made but...
  •     Just finished reading "Still Having Fun" and have just experienced a reflection of my past while growing up in the military. Instead of Okinawa, my experience as a child in a military family was in France. Having lived on Okinawa though for 7 years, as a young military member with a brand spanking new family (wife and child) I can relate to many of the situations, people and places that are depicted in this critical and intimate peek into the lives of a young couple and their very small children. Much of what they experienced in the late 1940s still applied to my experience in the early 1970s. Their experiences in Germany largely mirrored mine in France.I recommend this excellent read to anyone who has lived the life or who simply wonders, "What the heck was it like living on a small island with very, very few amenities?"A study of love and devotion to duty and to family, this work deserves to be read.
  •     When I first opened this book and looked through it, I thought, "Oh, it's just a collection of somebody's letters," and didn't expect to enjoy it.
  •     If you want a fascinating, day-to-day of a young military wife in the Pacific theater of WWII, this is your book.
  •     I loved the use of the epistolary format. The series of personal letters allows the reader to "hear" the characters in an intimate way. The book shows how very different the life of a military family can be compared to the average civilian life. Living in other countries under difficult circumstances was well developed throughout. One can feel the emotions of Candace's parents and appreciate the hardships relating to living conditions, separations and trying to bring up children. Rex and Bette are a wonderful example of true love. Bette seemed to make the best of every situation with her cheery disposition. Rex repaid her loyalty with loving care when she was challenged by the effects of Alzheimer's. It is a story worth reading especially for anyone considering life in the military and could be a great example of what it takes to make a truly good marriage.
  •     It's as though you're inside the Quonset hut--with a military wife--peering over her shoulder as she pens details of day-to-day life on the war-ravaged Pacific island of Okinawa! Candace George Thompson recreates that life through the treasure-trove of letters that her mother wrote. It was a rough life, but one of adventure and only a truly dedicated air force wife could embrace it. Bettie George details life with her husband Rex and her small children through those letters, and then her daughter Candace goes beyond the letters to provide an honest account of the rest of her family's life. It's that honesty that makes this story "ring true."
  •     A refreshingly clean and interesting story of a military family, before, during, and in retirement. The author, Candace George Thompson, describes her mom and dads trials and tribulations during WW2 , raising a family apart , through letters written back and forth, as the war in Europe raged. Then after the war, an interesting tale of a family following their soldier dad from country to country, the children probably growing up well versed in customs of many places. I completely enjoyed this book.Norman Boeschen
  •     In college, I read a book named "Clarissa" and discovered how engaging an epistolary novel can be. The letters written between the protagonist and her best friend and a man very...

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