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Press: Montlake Romance; Reprint edition (October 16, 2012)
Author Name:Ardito, Gina


After the death of her husband, professional competitive skier Brooklyn Raine has shunned the press. 
Living as Lyn Hill, bed-and-breakfast owner in a quaint Vermont mountain town, Brooklyn keeps a low profile and avoids any link to her former celebrity status.
Now, her famous older sister has arrived with her children and fiancé in tow, and the spotlight threatens to burn bright on Brooklyn once again.
Sports reporter Douglas Sawyer sustained a devastating loss in Iraq and no longer cares about his career, much less his future.
At the insistence of friends and family, he becomes the first civilian participant in Ski-Hab, a winter sports rehabilitation program for war veterans and amputees.
After he discovers that pushy Lyn Hill is actually former ski star Brooklyn Raine, his instincts sense the perfect story line to thrust him back into the journalism world.
Despite interference from other skiers, the local cab driver, and Brooklyn herself, Doug is determined to chronicle the life of the former ski champ.
But when their secrets are revealed, each will face a hard choice.
Will Brooklyn and Doug abandon the easy trail to take a chance on the more challenging slope to love?

About the Author

Gina Ardito, a native of Long Island, New York, has always believed the two most important qualities in life are love and laughter, so it's only natural she'd combine the two in her written works. 
When not writing, she loves and laughs with her husband, Philip; their two children, Tori and Nick; a bionic dog; one cat with a foot fetish; and another affectionately known as The Skitten.Nobody's Business is Gina's second book in her Nobody Romance Series.
Nobody's Darling, A Run for the Money, and The Bonds of Matri-money are also available.



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Comment List (Total:16)

  •     I read the first "Nobody's" story in the series and enjoyed it very much. So I figured why not continue? I'm glad I did! A completely heartwarming story, that made me tear up near the end. The only thing I would have liked would have been a small epilogue to wrap up the story a bit.
  •     I really liked the simplicity of this installment in the Nobody Romances. Even though the romance within the last few chapters seems a little rushed, it is a good read nonetheless. I like how the story captures highlights of its predecessor while taking on an attitude of its own. I wish that there was more detail given to some of the characters listed in this book. I think it would have added some more value to the intensity and strength of this novel. Yet, as I stated previously, simplicity is really nice and makes this story unique. The chronicles of a woman scorned by vulnerability to only find it again for good is quite intriguing. Can't wait to dig into the next installment!
  •     I have now read three books by Gina Ardito. I enjoy her writing style and the stories she writes. I enjoyed this story since it is about a widow (yes, I am one also) that finally has the opportunity to experience love once again....
  •     This was a good read, really good at the start but then I felt it was way too short, not detailing the characters or the story enough. There were several relationships developing during the course of the book but none of them were really explored like I wish they had been. Especially the main one. A great build up and then boom! they were in love (kind of like after one short date and a walk in town). Would have loved to explore them more and also the snowboarder and the daughter.
  •     Yes, I liked this book, as well as the other two in the series, so far. What I DIDN'T like is the abrupt ending with very few loose ends tied off.
  •     I have now read two of the Nobody Romances and I find them entertaining and light. A nice book for beach or bath or any time you just want to escape for a little while into a bit...
  •     about the Raine sisters, but this book fell flat for me. April and Summer seemed real, but Lyn? Not real and not at all likeable. Such a delicate flower!
  •     Just as wonderful as the first novel in the series: Nobody's Darling! I could not put the book down. I didn't even turn the television on until after the last page was read.
  •     I enjoyed this book. Light and entertaining.
  •     I'm no fan of romance novels, but this title caught my attention because of the veteran amputees angle. Lyn, a former Olympic skier whose husband died of cancer has retired from public life. To honor her late husband, also a champion skier, she opens a B&B in a ski area and, with the help of an amputee, opens a skiing rehab center for amputee vets called Ski-Hab.Enter Mr. Uh-Oh. Doug is a sports reporter who went to Iraq for a story. The humvee he was in blew up and he was the only survivor, minus his right/dominant arm. He is the first non-vet to enter the Ski-Hab program.The tension comes from Doug wanting a "where is she now" story about the former Olympian, and her horror of any publicity. They're hiding these major secrets from one another while falling in love (in one week!). The secrets were a stretch for me; I would have blurted them out. But if you're a romance fan, there is a decent amount of tension build-up before they manage to fall into each other's arms/arm.The author is a solid writer, not much corny stuff or overused cliches. I was confused as to whether Lyn had one sister or two -- ultimately, two. I would recommend this book to romance readers who like a clean read with little over-sentimentality.-- Java Davis
  •     I really enjoyed all of the Nobody Romances!
  •     Finally a book that doesnt drag along...neat story not just another read with different names plugged in
  •     I really liked this book except for one thing. The heroine, Brooklyn Raine, a former ski champion is described as being tiny, while the hero, Doug is well over six feet tall. Brooklyn herself even mentions that Doug is about fourteen inches taller than she is. My husband of many years is about eight inches taller than I am, and that's about the height difference I am comfortable with. But that's just me. Now back to Nobody's Business. I got this book at my local library and it was an enjoyable read. Brooklyn is keeping secrets because of the pain she suffered at the death of her husband, also a ski champion. She has made a new life for herself and she shuns the spotlight. Doug Sawyer has his own secrets - he is a former sports writer and once he finds out who Brooklyn is he wants to shine the spotlight on her and her work with the Ski-Hab program. Doug sees a chance to revive his career with the story. Brooklyn wants to keep her part in the Ski-Hab program a secret. Both of them pass up the opportunity to tell the other who they are and lay their cards on the table, leading to a mix-up that could end things for them. Ms. Ardito weaves a satisfying story and ties everything up nicely. I look forward to the final book in the series and to further books by this author.
  •     What a heartwarming tale. Ms Ardito weaves this love story with an expert hand. While the hero is an injured war hero, we quickly see him as more than just someone to feel sorry for. He's determined to rebuild his life like any other normal person. The heroine also has her scars, but hers are on the inside and Doug patiently uncovers them, until Lyn is free of her pain. A truly satisfying read that leaves the reader feeling good.
  •     This is well-written with an interesting, original storyline. Hard to find books like these in the clean romance genre. It's a part of a series, although they can be read independently (best read in order to understand the various characters and to avoid some spoilers). I really liked this book and I recommend it.Since the summary of the story has already been written by reviewers I won't bother to rehash it all again but will instead recommend it as a very good read.My one critique is that I would have preferred if it had been a little longer and that the main characters' relationship had been a bit more developed.
  •     A sweet interesting take on celebrity and the role of the paparazzi. The back story of the various characters is good.

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