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Press: Samhain Publishing (June 4, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-6
Author Name:Tenorio, Dee


If you can’t beat ’em…seduce ’em.Amanda Jackman’s love life is the stuff dreams are made of...which is fitting, because it’s all in her head. 
Thanks to six oversized, overbearing brothers who treat her like the family jewel, she’s lived in a padded little box.Determined to get a life before she needs a padded little cell, she sets out to throw off the yoke and live on her own terms.
Except she seriously underestimates the lengths to which her brothers will go to keep her safe and sound.Cole Engstrom’s life might just be at an end.
Cornered by all six of the massive Jackmans—men he normally considers his friends—he learns he’s their choice to marry their sister...or else.
Make that first choice, but not the last.Rather than watch Amanda’s brothers club their way through potential mates, Cole figures it’s best to just play along for a while and buy her some time to find a man of her own.
It’s a good plan.
Until Amanda figures it out—and decides he’s the one to relieve her of her “sheltered little virgin” status.
One seduction at a time...Warning: This sexy romp of a book contains a virgin, a man and a plan.

Book Description

Thanks to six overbearing brothers, Amanda Jackman has always lived in a padded little box. 
Determined to break free before she needs a padded little cell, she sets out to live life on her own terms.
She never expected the lengths her brothers would go to keep her safe.Informed by all six massive Jackman brothers that he’s their choice to marry their sister, Cole figures it’s best to play along and buy Amanda some time to find a man of her own.
Until Amanda decides to convince him he’s that man…one seduction at a time.

About the Author

Dee Tenorio has a few reality issues. 
After much therapy for the problem—if one can call being awakened in the night by visions of hot able-bodied men a problem—she has proved incurable.
It turns out she enjoys tormenting herself by writing sizzling, steamy romances of various genres spanning paranormal mystery dramas, contemporaries and romantic comedies.
Preferably starring the sexy, somewhat grumpy heroes described above and smart-mouthed heroines who have much better hair than she does.To learn more about Dee, visit or email Dee at


Romance,Contemporary,Literature & Fiction,United States

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Comment List (Total:9)

  •     I was lucky enough to win a copy of the Virgin's Revenge from a twitter contest and it was my first book by Dee Tenorio.
  •     This was such a FUN read!! Amanda Jackman has spent her whole life trying to GET a life. With SIX older brothers in a small town, it's been hard. So most of it's been spent in her imagination. And ALL of her sex life has been ~ but she's 26 now, and she's ready to stretch her wings and FLY. She's moved out of the family home, she's working, and of all the scandalous places, in a lingerie shop, and she's trying to learn to do even the smallest things for herself...if only her brothers would let her.Cole Engstrom has been friends with the Jackman brothers for most of his life ~ he's not even EXACTLY sure how that happened, as he's not one to form close relationships with anyone, but those boys will just wear you down once they decide they want something ~ and now the oldest, Locke, has decided that he wants Cole to MARRY Amanda...wait, WHAT?? Marry his baby sister who Locke has made it a point of making sure any male for miles knows not to even LOOK at? Was he CRAZY? But Locke makes it clear that if it's not Cole, he'll find someone else, as he thinks it's time Amanda settles down. And Amanda is Cole's friend, he can't let that happen, can he?Amanda has had the hots for Cole for YEARS, he's the main headliner in all her fantasies, but when she finds out he's in league with her brother to get her married off and settled down, she comes up with her own little scheme...what ensues is such a fun romp of one upness with both Amanda and Cole trying to stay one step ahead of each other, while both trying to keep secrets, while falling for each other more & more.I LOVED this read! It's a sexy small town read, with some SMOKING HOT scenes in it...this was actually my first A Rancho del Cielo read, but I'm so hoping for more from the Jackman family! They were a RIOT, and it was pure pleasure seeing Amanda bloom into the woman she truly was!
  •     The Virgin's RevengeReviewed by Suzanne & posted at Under the Covers Book BlogI am going to confess, I didn't expect much from the book, I think it was the...
  •     At first this story had me laughing at the antics of the Jackman men. There are six of them and one poor little daughter.
  •     Shocking. Scandalous. Unexpected. Crazy. Wild. Guard your eyes. Wow. Repetitive. Dont do it. what? yikes. Huh. Scandalous. Oh my god.
  •     Cole Engstrom has had a thing for his best friends' sister for years. But the Jackmans are the closest thing Cole has to a family and he doesn't want to lose that - or any of...
  •     What do you do when an older brother and friend meddle in your life? Revenge, of course! What a perfect set up for this light-hearted, wonderful romance.
  •     If you are looking for something that is romantic, touching, funny, sexy and outside of the norm, you really need to read this book!I must admit, I set out with hopeful but somewhat limited expectations for the story. I feared it would be difficult to create a believable story where 6 brothers try to strong arm a guy into marrying their sister. Wrong! I thought I would dislike the guys trying to run their sister's life. I really feared the old-fashioned theme would come off heavy handed. OK, some times it was but through it all you know it was based on love. Cole and Amanda are perfect for each other.I simply can't wait for Locke's story (Amanda's big brother). Seriously, I already love him.
  •     What a quirky fun read! The Virgin's Revenge is a wonderfully wrote contemporary romance heavy on the light-hearted homespun family values. Ok, ok, maybe that is a bit overboard. Dee Tenorio is a incredibly talented author who can make you feel as if you are there though. Make you laugh and giggle at the realness and make you cry at the sweet nature of her characters.Poor Amanda, the only female in a sea of overbearing, hard headed (not to mention hot headed) brutish brothers. Intent on marrying their virgin sister off they corner the only man at the top of the list - Cole. Amanda thought she was doing a good job of hiding her crush on Cole but apparently her brothers have noticed. Overhearing them trying to marry her off she sets out on her own scheme to seduce Cole and then leave him shaking his head in her dust. Unfortunately she isn't prepared for the guy Cole really is - sweet, good natured and intent on saving her from her brothers.He may not want to be pushed into marrying anymore but it's not like Cole wants Amanda thrown at every good looking male in the city either. He does try to valiantly tell her about her brothers but these hilarious situations kept happening and before he knows what hit him, he's in love with the blonde haired beauty intent on freedom from her family. He was just a fun character, a lot like a boy next door type of deal. Not to say that this wasn't exactly what he wanted but was afraid to go after. He just needed a push....or shove in the right direction. Amanda keeps ending up half naked around him...what guy can resist a girl wearing peacock lingerie?I loved how Amanda kept telling herself she wanted her freedom, then would constantly not be able to do what she wanted to do. It's a wonder she ever managed to move into her own house. The underlying tension between her and her oldest brother was palatable and something I think a lot of families deal with over the years. But in the thick of it, and even though it was gone about in a total bonehead manner, her brothers do have her best interest at heart. Too bad she is HORRIBLE at seducing Cole and every time she tried it ended with me laughing my butt off at her failures.There isn't a abundance of sex so I think this one will hit the mark with a wide spectrum of romance readers. It's told like a heartfelt conversation with a friend. It felt real, everything from the characters and situations to the settings. I even got a bit misty eyed when Amanda and her brother, Locke had their final show down that had been brewing for awhile. I want to read that guys book...wowie wow wow! Locke can be mean or a total teddy bear. I want that man to come completely undone. I think maybe he needs to do that with Amanda's boss at the towns sexy lingerie store. He seemed way to horrified she posed for her own catalog.I really enjoyed this one....I think you might too.I give The Virgin's Revenge by Dee Tenorio 4 stars!Nikki @ Ramblings From A Chaotic Mind

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