Boot Camp for the Married Woman's Soul: Bible study lessons for married women

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Press: Stoney Creek Publishers (November 15, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-11
Author Name:Robillard, Christi


This Bible study hits the heart of why couples can struggle in their marriages in a powerful way with unique deep spiritual insights, pinpoint questions, and practical Daily Homework which shows women how to turn the inspiration into reality! Each lesson is designed to be done over a two week period but can be done in weekly sessions and is excellent for small groups. 
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  •     In this day and age we find that the institution of marriage is considered disposable! Even within the church marriages are crumbling at a very fast rate. We allll could use to slow down, take time to explore what is happening in our own marriages. Boot Camp for the Married womans soul helped me to do just zoom in with an eye to repair the cracks and renew the strength of my marriage!My daughter took the class with me and she had been married for only 1 year at the whether you are newly married, married for 15 years.....or headed to that golden celebration of your 50th anniversary... this book will inspire you through Gods word on how your marriage can be made better!The Lord will meet you through this study whether you need just a few tweaks or deep repair in your marriage by bringing deep and meaningful change to your heart, mind and soul concerning yourself, your husband and your God!Blessings on each one of your marriages! <3Monica's Munchies....Co-ordinator of the Anaheim Harvest Crusade Kitchen
  •     Not only did I have the privilege to read this book, but I was also incredibly blessed to participate in an 8 week course, and enjoy fellowship with some of the most Godly and inspirational women that I have ever met. My 14 year marriage was already a strong one, and I wasn't sure what this course might be able teach me. I was excited by the prospect that I would learn what kind of wife GOD expected me to be. "Boot Camp" was such an amazing learning experience... especially once I stopped thinking, and began listening to the Lord speak to me, about my own shortcomings.I view my husband and my marriage in an entirely different light now, because of Christi's teachings. I am absolutely honored to have been chosen and to be loved by him. Sometimes I well up with tears, when I realize how very lucky I am that he CHOSE me, to be by his side for eternity. It is my true pleasure to serve him, to pray for him, and to ask God how I can bless my husband each day. I know that every little thing matters, from wheeling the garbage cans out to the curb, to hugging his strong shoulders after a hard day at work. I am so proud to be his partner and his best friend. As a wonderfully added bonus, he sees how happy he makes me, and treats me (even more so) like his queen.Thank you (Christi Robillard) for allowing me to see all of this, through the eyes of our Father. Your course is a tremendous service to those whose marriages are broken, and also to those who just need a gentle nudge... as I did.
  •     I have been married for 17 and a half years. We have what I would consider a good marriage - we don't fight, we don't disagree on a lot, we've never not got along. THe Lord has truly blessed me with a wonderful man.With so many marriages falling apart around us, I no longer wanted just a 'good marriage', I wanted a GREAT marriage. Therefore I joined a local group of women who were using this study to do just that, get on track to making my marriage a great one!! By digging into this study and into the Word of God, I am learning all sorts of things on how to make ME a better wife to my husband, and in doing so, not only am I blessed, but I get to bless him in the process.We are about half way through the book, but what I've gleaned so far in doing this study, I know the rest will be equally filled with ways to make my marriage great.I would highly recommend this BIble Study to ANY woman desiring more for her marriage - whether you're having marriage troubles or not, with the right attitude of being open to what the Lord will do in YOU, will reap many a blessings on your marriage!
  •     This is a biblical, practical, and gospel-centered curriculum for all wives. I am writing this review from a husband's perspective. My wife went through the Boot Camp For the Married Woman's Soul curriculum with Christi and also attended one of her Boot Camp For the Married Woman's Soul conferences. My wife learned a lot of things during both attendances, and was eager to share with me what she learned. Honestly, I can say from a husband's perspective, there is nothing more beautiful than to see your wife shine the joy of the gospel as she grows in Christ. This curriculum has a very effective teaching method of recapture, reconnect, and redirect that generates a joy for wives! My wife shared with me things she needed to recapture in our marriage to be a more godly wife. My wife shared with me things she needed to reconnect to which she once was always in tune with. My wife shared with me things she needed to redirect so she focuses her thoughts on the Lord. The curriculum provides helpful daily homework and diary section for wives to journal and reflect on what they are learning. I know that my marriage is better from what my wife learned. Therefore, I would highly recommend this resource for wives so they can better understand their calling, their husband, and their purpose in marriage for the glory of God.

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