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Press:Belknap Press Belknap Press (May 6, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-5-6
Author Name:Albert Camus


More than fifty years after Algerian independence, Albert Camus’ Algerian Chronicles appears here in English for the first time. 
Published in France in 1958, the same year the Algerian War brought about the collapse of the Fourth French Republic, it is one of Camus’ most political works—an exploration of his commitments to Algeria.
Dismissed or disdained at publication, today Algerian Chronicles, with its prescient analysis of the dead end of terrorism, enjoys a new life in Arthur Goldhammer’s elegant translation.“Believe me when I tell you that Algeria is where I hurt at this moment,” Camus, who was the most visible symbol of France’s troubled relationship with Algeria, writes, “as others feel pain in their lungs.” Gathered here are Camus’ strongest statements on Algeria from the 1930s through the 1950s, revised and supplemented by the author for publication in book form.In her introduction, Alice Kaplan illuminates the dilemma faced by Camus: he was committed to the defense of those who suffered colonial injustices, yet was unable to support Algerian national sovereignty apart from France.
An appendix of lesser-known texts that did not appear in the French edition complements the picture of a moralist who posed questions about violence and counter-violence, national identity, terrorism, and justice that continue to illuminate our contemporary world.

About the Author

Albert Camus (1913-1960), Algerian-French novelist, essayist, and playwright, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957.Alice Kaplan is John M. 
Musser Professor of French and chair of the Department of French at Yale University.


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  •     What is old is new again. The same situation is being repeated over and over. Algeria is the historical road map for all of the modern terror movements (Al-Qa`ida) and anyone who wants a good overview of what is going on needs to FIRST go back to Algeria and get a good solid foundation on what happened there to then move forward and look anew at all that is going on in the world today.
  •     What an amazing man! Here is someone who really put all he had behind his beliefs and convictions and even then.......These are articles Camus wrote for Le Monde and an attempt to keep France from a very stupid and costly war and one that was very destructive for Algeria. His thinking is flawless but he found himself not ignored or vilified in France and listened too incorrectly in Algeria. Sadly he did not live to see his beloved mother country free itself. Beautifully translated in the exact style Camus uses when he writes in French - concise, lazer observations from a great man.
  •     A good book to understand the writings of Camus as well as the back-ground of the Pied Noir.
  •     In a review, the reader tries to create a sense of the book; the task is to boil down the essence of the work and to summarize and give opinion about the quality of the object in a very subjective manner. I am making a project of finding that essence in the most constrained manner possible. Here, I present you with a haiku review. I hope you like the review and take under consideration a purchase of the work.Camus is a saint,minus the devotion, hereon his home country
  •     You a fan of Camus? This book has finally been published (a little late in the day) and it "works" for lovers of this humane author.
  •     A real downer. It's all about how terrible things were there under the French. Lots of facts and figures about food, population and starvation.
  •     Indispensable reading for any historian or policymaker.
  •     This is a collection of reports Camus, sent to Paris from Algeria around 1958, both economic and political, with personal overlays.
  •     I discovered Camus about 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with him. I was allowed to use him as a topic for an essay in my French class. I picked up this book because I thought I might find some interesting aspects of his life. I began by skimming through the book and was quickly hooked and read the entire thing in two days and gained quite an education in the process. Camus writes so passionately that one can't help but feel the same compassion and outrage that Camus did. I'm so glad I decided to use this book. Not only did it educate me on a topic I was totally ignorant of, but it introduced me to a side of Camus I wasn't familiar with and has made me grow to love and appreciate him even more.
  •     [...]
  •     Nice work, Camus!
  •     CAMUS, A GREAT WRITERAlbert Camus stands among the greatest authors of his century.It is his ability to carry through his well-kit sentences, paragraphs and chapters to a direct, uncomplicatedfinish, without hype. Moreover, his philosophical conclusions are sound.His life in his world turned upside down, including loss ofa father who died in World War 1, when Camus was age oneand a life of terror living in Algeria is clearly expressed in his writingsGeoffrey M. Footner
  •     camus is one of my very few favorite writers ... mystical, ethical, poetic prose. i particularly love the book that collects his lyrical and critical essays ... especially his writing about algiers, algeria, and his travels around europe. what an amazing person and writer. his underground writing, editing and publishing in france during the nazi control of france takes my breath away. and now, with this new publication of his "algerian chronicles," we have a sense of his birth in a french slum in algiers, his maturation there, and his deep, intellectual knowledge and assessment of the french control of algiers and his personal experience of being born there, growing up there, and the realities of cultural differences that can lead to conflict and bloodshed. camus is easily one of my very greatest of writers. this new translation solidifies that.
  •     Reading anything not previously available from Albert Camus is of course a pleasure. These essays while dated are nonetheless insightful for the subtlety of Camus's argument and the careful way he constructs his case using statistics, first hand reporting and humanitarian concern all rendered in elegant prose. However, the subject matter here is confined to this one topic and can't reach the scope and the power of his essay collection Resistance, Rebellion and Death. For anyone who hasn't read it, I would recommend starting there..
  •     I felt Camus did not confront the actual problem which this book confronts. His solution seemed to be that if everybody would treat everybody with due respect and reasonable...

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