Elementary Greek Koine for Beginners, Year One Workbook

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Press:Biblio Distribution Open Texture; 1 edition (August 23, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-8
Author Name:Gatchell, Christine/ Bogost, Abbey (EDT)
Edition:1st Edition


Daily practice and exercises for use in conjunction with the Year One Textbook.


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Comment List (Total:14)

  •     Lessons are so specific, so concise, and so short that you can easily use this program in a homeschool setting and not burn out. Granted, you may not want to do a lesson a day every day (as written) but still, the planning makes it easy to adjust to your own needs. Definitely get the cd! Hearing the language and sounds makes a huge difference!
  •     no recommendation
  •     Bad all written in made no sense
  •     I found this to be the best curriculum for my Intro to NT Greek class for Middle School grades 6-8. The format makes this extremely accessible to my students.
  •     I'm using this text book to teach 8th Graders, and I find it a little too easy for my class. We are able to complete an entire week's worth of homework and the lesson in Monday's...
  •     if you want to learn koine greek on your own, without having to take a class, this is the perfect book for you!the workbook is VERY helpful!enjoy!
  •     This book makes the learning of Greek accessible to even the youngest student. My daughter is 12, my son 14 and through this curriculum they are both able to grasp the symbology...
  •     not much use for myself. my boyfriend is Greek and he found the words and pronounciations are very old style.
  •     I hate to be a negative nancy but its almost unavoidable with this one. I looked at the this book description and the seller said minor shelf damage. Once I received the book, it had all kinds of writing within it. It appears to be a kids notes from greek class. Thankfully it is the first several pages. So I can make it work.
  •     Good greek grammar for beginners.
  •     good deal.
  •     I was looking for a Koine Greek primer for a young student (fourth grade) that wasn't geared toward adult seminary students. This series ended my search. It is perfect for the young homeschooled student following a classical grammar stage curriculum, especially if begun a year after starting an elementary Latin primer such a Memoria Press' "Latina Chritiana I". (The "Latina Christiana" series does an excellent job of introducing a highly inflected language.) Learning the Latin language structure the year before eliminated the double whammy of inflection/pronoun endings *and* a different alphabet. My daughter's first comment when we started verbs in Lesson 3 was, "Hey, that's just like Latin!" The lessons are broken down into daily exercises that are truly bite-sized pieces,and the practice is repetitive enough to allow a young student to gain mastery. Aside from that it is lots of fun and is so rewarding for the student to read, write and translate Greek words and sentences. I highly recommend this series.
  •     This book is very approachable. I like the "little bite" approach to teaching, as opposed to the "main course" approach. There is a lot of repetition in the workbook, which is a good aid to learning.I am middle-aged and learning on my own (having had one semester of Greek in college many years ago), but I believe this book would also be very good for home schooling.Watch out, though. Be very alert for errors, which are numerous, particularly in the answer key. These could have been avoided by a careful proofreading, and I hope they will be corrected if there is a new edition.If you are teaching, please work through the workbook yourself so that you can tell if an answer is correct. Just relying on the answer key will not be sufficient.In spite of the errors, I think this is a very good book for self-teaching and home schooling, if used with care. I have finished Book One and have ordered Book Two.
  •     First a warning: There is a workbook AND a textbook. At the time I made my purchase, the textbook was a bit hard to find on amazon; it does not show up if you type in "Koine Greek for Beginners," and it does not even appear on the page for the workbook. If you are looking for the textbook, you need to type "textbook" in the amazon search box. Also, here is the textbook's info: ISBN-10: 0974239178 | ISBN-13: 978-0974239170Now the good stuff:This is a wonderful textbook & workbook combo. I am homeschooling my children, and I have extensive experience reading and teaching Koine Greek to children and adults (Professionally, I am a college physics/math professor.). My 8-year-old son had previously used "Greek for Children: Primer A", so we have been using this book as a review for now. I highly recommend this one over "Greek for Children." This book is very concise; it doesn't waste a lot of time/space with explanations. It is structured into a 30-week program, with five very short lessons per week; but you can go whatever pace you want. Since we are using it as a review, here is our current schedule: My son and I do a Greek lesson together twice a week (15 minutes each), and he spends about 60 minutes per week working independently. With that time commitment, we are already through lesson 6 after three weeks.I plan to update this review once we advance to the "non-review" material.UPDATE (after four months): My 8-y.o. son is almost done with this book; we'll be moving on to the 2nd book in about two months. The exercises in the workbook are great; they include much continual review, so that there is never any "old" material to be forgotten. I have started my 6-y.o. son in the book. He goes at a much more relaxed pace, which is just fine; you can go as fast or slow as you want to with this book.We are completely loving this series!UPDATE (August 17, 2015): I have now taken three children through this book, and we still love it. My oldest son (10 y.o.) has just started the Level 3 (red) book; my 2nd son (now 8 y.o.) is almost finished with Level 2 (purple). My daughter (6 y.o.) made it about 2/3 of the way through this book, but then we stopped for summer vacation, and now she is reviewing all the material.Over the past year, I have been using this book as the text for my ADULT Greek class at church. They love it!! They work on the weekly lesson at home, and then we meet once a week for me to teach a bit and give guidance.

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