GURPS Celtic Myth (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)

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Press:Psi Steve Jackson Games (January 1, 2000)
Author Name:Walton, Ken/ Walton, Jo


This book includes information on Celtic character types, Irish and Welsh heroes, Druids, Sidhe, and others of Faerie descent. 
There are magical objects and weapons.
Lot's of information about a new Druidic tree-magic system.


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  •     The standard of roleplaying products based in a Celtic background has been poor at best. The majority have been either sloppily written and/or have missed the point entirely, opting for half-baked New Age speculation. However, Ken and Jo Walton have come through with GURPS Celtic Myth. The setting mainly concerns its self with the British Isles, and floats in that wondeful Celtic Dreamtime belonging to Lugh, Fionn and Arthur. That said, the material remains true to its sources and can be used for historical gaming too. It is a refreshing change from previous attempts, which tended to hammer the Celtic round peg into a Game System square hole. A sign of this is the magic system, which harkens back to Druidic Tree Magic. The book itself shouldn't be taken as set in stone, rather, it is a springboard for those who always wanted to play Celts, but were daunted by the challange of codifying such an amorphous and oral culture. The sourcebook is easily converted to other systems, and should be in the Library of any serious gamer- particularly those interested in European Culture and History. Another product worth checking out is Fasa's Tir Na Og, for Shadowrun, for something of similar tone, but in a Cyberpunk setting.
  •     Beautiful story backdrops with immersive details for any historic or fantasy campaign. As with all of GURPS' campaign books, this makes an excellent source for any RPG system
  •     Very well written... not so good illustrations, but it is still a great reference for GURPS players.

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