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Press:Diamond Comic Distributors Green Ronin Publishing (July 2002)
Author Name:Not Available (NA)


The hammer-swinging, ale-gulping dwarf is a staple of any fantasy campaign, but there's more to these stout folk than horned helmets and a lust for battle. 
Hammer & Helm, a player's toolkit packed with character options, explores dwarf culture through a plethora of expertly designed rules by Dragon Magazine editor Jesse Decker.
With new feats (including new types such as bloodline and bonding feats), prestige classes, subraces, spells, and equipment, Hammer & Helm lets you completely customize your dwarf character.
The first of Green Ronin's Races of Renown sourcebooks, Hammer & Helm sets the standard for d20 race books.


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  •     I was asked to create an adventure and design a PC for said same. I wanted to " spice-up" the Dwarf PC, so I lookedat getting this supplement to add some flavor for the player and other. It is probably that I am far too old school to really appreciate how far 3rdEd had spun from AD&D at the time. I was looking to build a hard-core fighter/melee type character ( with a large amount of appropriate feats/ skills ), but got far more supernatural/ divine/ arcane abilities and classes instead. The book had a lot of value, but by no means what I was looking for. So in short, a well put together piece, just not for the "traditional" Dwarf campaign.
  •     For any fan of the D&D dwarf race this supplemental book for the D20 system (completely compatible with the newest versions of Dungeons and Dragons) is a must have purchase. The regular dwarf race, as described in the main player handbook, gives you a lot to play with - but is a bit basic when compared to a definitive book on what the dwarf race is truly about. This book finally breaks open that vein of dwarven gold and spills it out for the player and game master to pull from.Have you ever wondered why dwarves are such a hardy race? Have you wondered why so many races have noble warriors, but dwarves seem to lack that particular facet in the normal books? Well, this book will reveal all that and then some. How were the great dwarven weapons crafted that we've all read so much about? Why is it that when dwarves dig deeper and deeper, they fear nothing and can survive climates that most races would shirk from? Have you ever seen a "shape-shifting" dwarf? How about a defender? A dwarf that has an affinity to fire? A dwarven mage that relies on relics and runes to make their magic stronger? Truly, for anyone that likes dwarves, their stories, and their antics, this book is where you'll find the answers.Of course, I must caveat that with any D20 book, make sure you discuss with your game master first, as some will not like the "game breaking" aspects this book brings to the fight and may want to limit your use of certain areas. No D20 system breaks the game overall, but it can break the group dynamics if not properly prepared for. So, if you have a fully capable gaming group, and your game master is fairly imaginative and can roll with the bunches this book will open up to you - then consider turning your regular dwarf into something inspired by the legends. May your beard grow long and full...
  •     This is a beautifully illustrated book that sheds new light on dwarves, as hard as that may be to do. New clanheart feats, stoneblood powers, prestige classes that are actually useful and fun (such as the thunderthrower) and great flavor text, this is a book that just makes you want to make a dwarf character. Highly recommended.

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