Arcana Evolved Spell Treasury

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Press:Psi White Wolf Publishing (February 27, 2006)
Author Name:Cook, Monte/ Dobberpuhl, Jeffery A.


Book by Cook, Monte


Science Fiction & Fantasy,Gaming,World of Darkness,General,Dungeons & Dragons

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  •     This arcane handbook brings you lots of wonderful spells, all in the line of the Arcana Evolved/Unearthed, with the unique flavour and rules-application that only the guys at Malhavoc's can make.All spells come with great descriptions, heightened, diminished and other metamagic effects, including some True Name features.¡I assure you'll enjoy it!Worth every cent of it
  •     This book adds hundreds of new spells to the already impressive list from Arcana Unearthed and Evolved. For D&D players, many will seem familiar, but there are also plenty of new ones. Even the familiar spells are tweaked somewhat, with new names sometimes, and added heightened and diminished effects. The only problem you might have with this book is the overwhelming number of options. There is a extremely handy .pdf that can be downloaded from Monte Cooke's site that lays out all of the new and old spells in a single comprehensive list. After using this variation of the core d20 spell system, you'll never want to go back to the old Fireball, not after seeing the equivalent spell of Sorcerous Blast.
  •     The Spell Treasury is great. SRD spells and plenty of new ones. Each spell listed with heightened and dimished effects.

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