Knickers in a Twist: A Dictionary of British Slang

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Press:Canongate U.S. Canongate U.S.; 10/16/06 edition (October 19, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-10-19
Author Name:Jonathan Bernstein
Edition:10/16/06 Edition


Brits and Americans dress the same, eat at the same chain restaurants, pass music back and forth across the Atlantic, and our national leaders are practically conjoined twins. 
But the second the Brits open their mouths, all bets are off.
So don’t dream of visiting the UK, dating a Brit, or truly understanding what Jude Law is saying without this handy, hilarious, and informative guide to Britspeak.
With the cheekiness of Austin Powers and the tidbit quotient of Schott’s Miscellany, screenwriter Jonathan Bernstein’s collection of Cockney rhyming slang, insults culled from British television shows of yore, and regional and “high British” favorites provides hours of educational, enlightening, even life saving hilarity.
And if it doesn’t accomplish that, at least you’ll be aware that when a British citizen describes you as a “wally,” a “herbert,” a “spanner,” or a “bampot,” he’s not showering you with compliments.
Knickers in a Twist is as indispensable as a London city guide, as spot-on funny as an episode of The Office, and as edifying as Born to Kvetch and Eats, Shoots and Leaves.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Awesome book. This was a gift for my mother in law who was born and raised in England and came to the States at age 19. She loves it. It is fun to peruse. A great and interesting read.
  •     Unfortunately this "dictionary" is not arranged as a dictionary but as a series of articles. It is not indexed like a dictionary so it is not searchable. It is unfortunate because the writing is fun.
  •     This book is a hoot! I love watching the BBC comedies like Keeping up Appearances, Are you being Served? the slang is so funny and I have used a few in conversations with friends( who look askance at me) a very funny addition to your library.
  •     Especially good to have when one watches PBS British comedies and doesn't understand some of the words used.
  •     I've been watching a lot of British TV shows and had no idea what they were talking about - this book is a big help in the deciphering.
  •     This was a hoot. As I watch the British Comedies/ Mysteries and the BBC series, gave new meaning to many of the everyday expressions.
  •     Cute. Smaller than I'd expected but glad I bought it.
  •     This is so funny. Love all the Slang.
  •     Pip, pip Cheerio Bloody Fab!
  •     Great gift, purchased for a friend who always thought she was Irish but found out she was 60% British! Lol
  •     I have to say this book has most of the slang, I was a little disappointed when reading the book from beginning to end to know that they didn't have some of the slang.It has most but not all, I have to find another book just to get all of the slang and meanings. If your just looking for a quick guide on a few slang words that the British have, This book is just right. But be warned this book doesn't have all of the slangs used in England.With that said, The reason I gave a 4 out of 5 star was because my Fiancee who is from England said that this book captured most of the slangs used but not all and that they got it pretty good on what the meaning was.Although I was disappointed in the book when they would repeat certain things.. No biggie though because there is a lot of the same meanings for a lot of different words so it really helps.
  •     Is a little short, but fine. Very useful.
  •     Bought this for my aunt, who's obsessed with British culture. She loves it!
  •     This is a gift for my husband... he originally grew up in the UK but moved to America at the age of 15. Needless to say he has lost his british accent but never lost his roots.... He is always reeling off british slang to our kids and putting on a cockney accent. This is a christmas present for him (Yes Im starting early!!), and I know he is going to LOVE this!!!!The book contains everything you could think of. I snuck the book out of its hiding place for me and the kids to read and it made us laugh so much. A very clever, different and unique gift. I could not fault it in any possible way.The Shipping and handling was free and arrived less than 48 hours after i ordered it. Fabulous book, and fabulous service!!!!!
  •     I am finding the book interesting. The number of expressions I was already familiar with--perhaps thanks to having grown up in New England?-- surprised me. I also recognized with pleasure quite a few that I had become familiar with by reading British literature. The reason for my giving the book only 4 stars is that, in explaining some British words, it often annoyingly mentions others that a foreigner (e.g., me) is not likely to know. That would be all right if you could find those terms elsewhere in the book, but No. They appear to be slang and should fit right in, but the author has chosen not to enlighten the reader.
  •     I am originally from England and have been living in Mexico for 5 years. I am in contact with Americans and Canadians all day every day and had reformed my speach to be understood....After reading this book I realized how many words I have lost in my vocabulary and have since started using them again whether people understand me or not! Chuckled my way through the book. Great book very accurate and not outdated! Makes a change from the books that think all English people are living in cockney London in the 18 hundreds!
  •     Great!
  •     My wife is a Brit and it makes great reading

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