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Press:John F Blair Pub John F. Blair Publisher (July 15, 2003)
Publication Date:2003-7
Author Name:Feghali


Spoken Lebanese teaches how to speak Lebanese Arabic using phonetic symbols rather than Arabic script. 
Useful for English-speaking people of Lebanese ancestry.


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Comment List (Total:14)

  •     First of all consider that the book comes without any tape or CD (and that is probably my mistake not having noticed that while ordering it).I therefore found myself trying to learn a difficult language such as arabic (lebanese dialect) with only a book consisted in great part of dialogs not explained in english...If you therefore wish to learn lebanese with such a book, get a teacher first, otherwise opt for "Arabic you need"...
  •     I speak pretty good Arabic so this book helps me out when I'm stuck on a word or forget a phrase. But I must say.. this book is pretty hard and confusing for someone that has no Arabic speaking background.
  •     The author does a good job on basics of the language. A glaring omission is the absence of a cross-reference from English to Lebanese and the reverse. This should have been included with a vocabulary size of 10,000 words.
  •     A very good explanation of spoken Lebanese. However, as I was raised in a Lebanese family and my parents spoke the language, (they didn't teach me) I find this book more of a textbook than a self study. It would be very helpful to have someone that speaks Lebanese to help with grammar and pronunciation. I will continue to study with it but, without a native speaker as a coach, it is slow going.
  •     Lebanese and Arabic are two different languages. In fact those that learn Arabic cant understand the lebanese language.
  •     First of all i would like to thanks Amazon for the multiples oprtunitys i have in order to find what i am looking for.The book Spoken lebanese is helping me a lot.
  •     Very good book for a serious learner of the Lebanese dialect. Still using it ... such a good reference.
  •     This book is probably only useful for people who already have a strong background in Arabic and want to refresh their conversational abilities.
  •     My husband is from Lebanon. I wanted to be able to speak Lebanese better and surprise him, so I got this book.It is not worth the money at all. When I found multiple typos and the same vocabulary words introduces multiple times, I showed my husband the book, thinking that I was reading it wrong. Nope, I was reading it just fine.According to my husband, many of the words introduced are also from the southern part of Lebanon, and not from the northern part, where he is from. There are regional differences in language that this book does not account for, and does not even mention. Many of the sayings are exactly out of a phrase book. Worse yet, some of the sayings are things that would be largely inappropriate in the north.I'm happy I just donated this book to the library. It wasn't useful for me.
  •     This is not for the novice. This is a great text for someone already versed in Modern Standard Arabic, known as Fus-ha.
  •     ok
  •     Dr. Feghali's book is definitely not for one who knows nothing about the language. The lessons are poorly structured--they include dialogue in Lebanese with no translation and words that had not been taught in any previous lessons. I found the book difficult and frustrating. I know some Lebanese and I could not handle the book. I am also a teacher and I would never recommend this book as a teaching instrument.
  •     This book is a good way to start speaking Lebanese quickly, which is what the author intended (although to achieve any degree of fluency, a person would need to practice with someone who speaks Lebanese Arabic). It contains lots of very common, useful vocabulary, and outlines grammatical structure without overwhelming the reader. Its lessons and vocabulary are divided thematically in a way that would be useful to someone travelling in Lebanon. As someone who has studied Modern Standard Arabic, I would have liked to have seen the Arabic script as well as the transliteration, since I find transliteration confusing. Some reviewers referenced a tape, but when I purchased this book there was no tape with it...maybe that was discontinued? An audio supplement would be critical for anyone who is not already familiar with Arabic.Overall, it's a good start to speaking Lebanese Arabic and would be valuable to anyone visiting Lebanon.
  •     This book seems to be designed for classroom use and could be very useful in a classroom setting where an instructor is available to provide explanations and assistance. TextbooksRUs was an excellent company; their shipping and response time were immediate.

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