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Press:Firefly Books Ltd Firefly Books; 1st edition (March 1, 1999)
Publication Date:1999-3
Author Name:Verrier, Suzanne


Rosa Rugosa is a beautiful book about these stunning flowers which, while highly ornamental, also have the exceptional merit of being more at home in northern climates than southern.

About the Author

Suzanne Verrier owns and operates a saltwater farm and nursery in Maine specializing in unusual and rare roses. 
She is a consulting rosarian, lecturer on roses, and garden designer.
Her articles and photographs on roses and other garden topics have appeared in many publications, and photographs of her personal and nursery display gardens have been featured in various books and magazines.
She is also the author of Rosa Gallica.
Charles Steinhacker is an award-winning landscape and conservation photographer whose books include Superior: Portrait of a Living Lake, Yellowstone: A Century of the Wilderness Idea, and The Sand Country of Aldo Leopold (Sierra Club).
His work has appeared in National Geographic, Life, Audubon, and other periodicals.
Steinhacker's photographs have been widely exhibited.
He has taught photography throughout the United States.


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Comment List (Total:12)

  •     Suzanne Verrier offers you a beautiful book about a wonderful variety of rose that that doesn't need or want spraying or coddling. There are lovely photos and descriptions of the different rugosa roses that are gradually being discovered by today's gardeners. Ms. Verrier describes each of the flowers with their colors, habits and wonderful fragrance. Cultural details, and some background and history are included. I continue to refer to "Rosa Rugosa" but tend to get lost in re-reading and admiring it, keeping me away from (ugh)housework. If you haven't met this rugged beauty yet, you will want to by the end of this informative book.
  •     My wife loves this rose.
  •     Just as advertised.
  •     I was somewhat hesitant to buy this book because of the prior negative review but all fears have been allayed. This book has very pretty pictures of various rugosas - many of which I had not seen before. The book lists the roses in alphabetical order by their cultivar name, generally lists their height & width, which plants were crossed to develop the cultivar and where the plant originated. Generally, the author states her observations about the foliage (dense, yellow-green vs. deep green, very rugose, etc.), the blooms (size, double vs. single, repeats or not), disease resistance, growth habit, hardiness issues and a bit about the cultivar's history. After the section of available roses, the author includes a chapter on cultivation, a chapter on roses in the garden (design), a chapter on historic roses and then a table of the available rugosas - listing their attributes in an easy to refer to format. The author also includes a short list of resources for finding the various roses. This book is less academic than many of the books I use as reference for my landscape designs but it will definitely come in handy. It is a great book.
  •     In the many, many rose books I own this class of rose receives a short description and just a few of its roses are described. This type of rose DESERVES more attention!
  •     Actually I would give this book 0 stars, but there is no way to do so. I've received free rose catalogs that have had better photos and more information than this book has.
  •     excellent
  •     Rugosas are a much underused class of rose--and they deserve to be grown more than they are.Admittedly, rugosa blossoms are not as large or sexy as those of the...
  •     Suzanne Verrier's book should be considered the rose bible for northern climates. The book provides complete descriptions, photographs and parental lineage for winter hardy...
  •     Good specific information
  •     This book was a disappointment to me because for one, it did not list the plant zone for the roses discussed. Some did not have the photos. It was all right, but not a book I would purchase again. Not thorough enough and on the internet I would have obtained more in depth information with all photos of roses mentioned.
  •     A very thorough review of rugosa roses that gave me an appreciation of how sturdiness is not their only quality. They are also beautiful, scented and practical. The photography is very beautiful.

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