Down & Dirty: 43 Fun & Funky First-time Projects & Activities to Get You Gardening

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Press:Workman Pub Co Storey Publishing, LLC (January 3, 2007)
Author Name:Zachos, Ellen/ Mastoon, Adam (PHT)


It may seem like gardeners belong to a super-secret, esoteric club, made up of members who know all about Latin plant names and mysterious methods familiar only to the serious few. 
Not true, says Ellen Zachos.
She is here to reassure the uninitiated that anyone can have fun in the dirt.
As proof she points out the millions who have actually planted something and succeeded in making it grow without a degree in horticulture or vast experience in design and color theory.
Anyone can be a gardener.The secret, Zachos believes, is to start with one small project, make it work (that’s where her expertise comes in!), learn by doing, and move on to another.
Easy! It couldn’t be simpler or more fun, and the satisfaction that comes with helping things grow is unbeatable.Zachos’s broad range of creative projects encourages would-be gardeners to discover the joys of getting down and dirty.
There’s something for every taste, from planting a tree to designing a small stonescape to starting a strawberry bed.
The projects teach fundamental skills and give beginners the confidence to keep learning.
Taken together, they are the building blocks of a beginner’s course in planting, designing, and creating.
Gardening is really as easy as that.
Spend a few weekends on fun projects that brighten up the home and backyard and learn basic gardening skills in the process.
Proficiency in Latin is another matter.

About the Author

Ellen Zachos is a professional gardener and proprietor of Acme Plant Stuff, a garden and houseplant maintenance company. 
She is also the author of several books, including Backyard Foraging, Tempting Tropicals, Orchid Growing for Wimps, and Down & Dirty.
She lives in New York City and Shohola, Pennsylvania. 


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  •     I LOVE this book, for so many reasons. I am looking forward to using it when I plant a new garden next year. So many great projects in an easy to understand, highly entertaining the complete review of this book at: my real life reviews dot comThanks Ellen!
  •     This book covers pretty much every gardening topic, in surprising detail, but is never intimidating. Because it's organized around projects, you can start at an easy pace. But it's also so complete you can look up insect pests or details about soil and nutrients and get pretty much everything you need. The author loves plants and food and gardening, and the writing is terrific. Many of the projects make great activities to do with children.
  •     Some great ideas, and some wonderful ones, too. I am using two projects now with my grandsons, aged 11 and 5, to get then even more interested in gardening and producing their own food. They are also learning to work together, and strengthening their own familial bonds.

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