Garden Voices: Stories of Women & Their Gardens

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Press:Willow Creek Pr Willow Creek Press; 1St Edition edition (January 31, 2007)
Author Name:Rapp, Carolyn Freas


Countless garden books tell us what, when, where and how to plant. 
Few explore the reasons why gardening becomes central to so many people's lives.
In Garden Voices, Carolyn Rapp explores the relationships of women with their gardens, revealing sources of joy that go far beyond the pleasure of harvesting flowers, herbs or vegetables.
Everyone who reads Garden Voices, and the stories of the 12 women who contributed, will hear a whisper of themselves in the words of these creative, courageous, wise women.
This is not just a book for people who love gardens, it is a book for people who love stories.

About the Author

Carolyn Rapp is a writer, storyteller, and mother of three grown children. 
When she is not at her computer or on stage, she can usually be found digging, dividing, and devising new but largely unsuccessful ways to prevent munching deer from crashing her garden party.


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  •     I'm vindicated. Thanks to GARDEN VOICES, there's a story to my passion to dig in the dirt. I found myself in the gardens of the women in GARDEN VOICES...and thoroughly enjoyed their company!What a great gift for myself, for my friends.
  •     In Garden Voices: Stories Of Women And Their Gardens is a compendium of twelve stories in which Carolyn Rap explores the relationships of women with their gardens, discovering that gardens can grow a lot more than flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Susan's garden led her from breast cancer back to health. Carol finds inspiration for her watercolors. Francie's garden transports her imagination to Elizabethan England. Judy's garden nourishes her friendships. Nancy's garden (which she shares with her husband) is an ongoing experiment to learn if men and women can find common ground. Garden Voices is especially commended to the attention of gardening enthusiasts as well as Women's Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.
  •     I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved the short chapters that focused on the lives of different women and their motivations for gardening. My mother gave this book to me as a gift. While I would not call myself a true green-thumb, I do like to see color in my yard and fresh organic vegetables that I have grown on my table. This was a quick read, light, and enjoyable. I would recommend for anyone that enjoys gardens, whether they be yours or those tended by other people. I was actually surprised that I couldn't put it down. I devoured each and every chapter.
  •     This is an absolute awesome book! One of my favorites! If you or someone you know loves gardening, they need this book! Makes a great gift. And is a fast read!
  •     Written well and full of interesting garden stories. This is well worth reading for the gardening fanatic. I enjoyed it very much.
  •     I ordered this book for a friend recovering from an illness. She found it charming and easy to read as the chapters are not long.
  •     Whether you garden on acres or just keep a few potted plants on the porch this books is inspirational. Its not about what you plant but why you plant.
  •     Nice story
  •     My book group chose this book and it led to a rich discussion of what gardens mean in each of our lives. It is extremely well-written and each reader related to a different story. Our group usually reads fiction, and this book offered the opportunity for a refreshing change.
  •     I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book - laughed a lot - sometimes with tears in my eyes - a great read for a gardener and women will really relate to the stories - I...
  •     My friend who loves gardening loved this book.
  •     I thought Garden Voices was not just a pleasant book about nice gardens but more importantly that each chapter highlighting a different gardener and her garden, reminds us of the huge benefits of spending time Outside. I've learned from my gardening friend and neighbor (and she' a very prolific "garden by your heart" gardener) that there are a multitude of balms gained by spending time outside, and particularly for sharing that time under the blue sky with others where we can relate on a much more meaningful level. I enjoyed reading about these good friends and their gardens and what each gardens gives -- uplifted my mood -- and although I'm a pitiful gardener, I still love to be inspired to make a little garden space of my own. A very good gift book for gardeners, those who aspire to garden but never have, and also those who are overcoming an illness.
  •     When you think of a garden, what comes to your mind? Is it the vibrant colors of dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, and sunflowers? Or perhaps it's the luscious array of home grown vegetables just crying out to be harvested and cooked into something savory? Or, maybe it's the physical and spiritual cleansing that accompanies this sometimes arduous yet highly rewarding hobby...Ask author Carolyn Rapp what she thinks about gardens and you will likely discover many new meanings behind this simple but paradoxically complex activity. Rapp, a seasoned storyteller and gardener herself, was "seized with a compelling urge to dig in the earth and grow things" when her son went away to college. Twelve years have since passed and Rapp has learned much more about gardening than she ever expected, from twelve unique women who not only opened the gates to their gardens -- but also to their lives.Here are twelve inspiring stories from women who have built their lives around their gardens. From Sue's stone garden we learn how the physical nature of gardening helped her realize an innermost strength that helped her fight breast cancer. Through the lens of Michiko's camera we see ordinary vegetables transformed to images of passion and beauty. And, from Nancy, we learn how a garden can be a metaphor for marriage.The stories from these twelve women not only provide tips and tricks for gardening but also dig down to a deeper more soulful layer -- a layer beyond what is visible in the dirt. As spiritually fulfilling as a beautiful bouquet or a colorful harvest of vegetables, these stories will resonate in the minds and hearts of all gardeners.
  •     I gave this as a gift to 3 ladies in my life and they loved it. Thank you Ms. Rapp.
  •     This book joins a collection of wonderful books that talk about the myriad of reasons people garden.
  •     I received this book as a gift. I loved the stories about other women and their gardens. I would recommend this book to those who love their gardens.

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