The Yoga Face: Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift

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Press:Putnam Pub Group Avery; 1 edition (August 16, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-8
Author Name:Hagan, Annelise


View our feature on Annelise Hagen's The Yoga Face.To keep their faces looking younger, women today try everything from invasive procedures such as plastic surgery and Botox to expensive cosmeceuticals. 
The Yoga Face is a new and completely natural alternative anti-aging regimen that women can do anytime and anywhere-and in just minutes.
The exercises, developed by yoga expert and instructor Annelise Hagen, are based on a simple principle: The muscles of the face are no different from the muscles of the rest of the body.
If you don't exercise the muscles below the neck, they become weak and flabby, and the same thing will happen to your face with age.
Just as yoga routines work the muscles in the body, the stretches and movements in The Yoga Face tighten and tone the face muscles-and combat wrinkles.
"Working out" with fun facial exercises such as the Louis Armstrong "Satchmo," the Marilyn Monroe "kiss," and the "Lion Face," readers will notice changes quickly; and over time, the results are dramatic.
Illustrated with more than seventy-five instructive photos throughout, The Yoga Face offers an easy, safe, and effective solution to help women turn back the clock and have beautiful, young-looking skin.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     I have looked through this book. It looks good, but I haven't done the face exercises because I can't see themproperly the pictures are really small and it's hard to make out exactly what she is doing in the picture even withthe explanation. All the yoga is good, but to be honest you really need to go to a class to learn with a teacher, unlessyou are very experienced already with yoga. It's a nice book but I didn't find it easy to use. It wasn't simple enough.But I like her message to just let go and relax.
  •     An okay book, but not that great on my Kindle Fire. There are a few pictures to accompany the instructions, but it could use more. There is a lot of useful information on yoga, breathing, food, beauty, etc. ( However, if interested in facial exercises, I highly recommend Patricia Goroway's book titled "Facial Fitness". This book has numerous photos with easy to read instructions (i.e. larger print) and a DVD that explains and show some of the major exercises for the face and neck.)
  •     I was just about to order a copy of this for my mom - she saw mine while she was visiting and loved it.One of the reasons I like this approach so much is that it acknowledges that there are many factors that contribute to how you look. And I love yoga. I can't comment on the effectiveness of this specific program yet, but I do notice that practicing yoga regularly improves my overall appearance - I look younger and my skin tone is better.It does have some shortcomings. I wish there were diagrams of some of the locations the author describes as acupressure points or are related to meridians in the massage section. Others have expressed disappointment in the pictures, but I thought they were fine, possibly because I am familiar with some of the yoga poses. I have read there is a DVD available now that will walk you through the exercises, so that might be more helpful for some.I'm writing this review partly because I saw some of the very negative reviews (1 star) and was surprised. A couple of them may be people who honestly didn't like the book, but few or none are "Amazon certified" purchasers. Two of them were written on the same day, right after a competing book was released, and recommend that book. And several are proponents of a long-time competitor's work; I have seen them submit unkind review after unkind review simply to damage the reputations of other books and programs.I truly think you'll like this book if you give it a chance. The program recognizes that you are a lot more than just your facial muscles!
  •     The reason I only gave this book one star is because I did not get what I thought I was paying for. The book's name is, "The Yoga Face" but inside the book is very little about face yoga and very few pics on face poses etc. I would not recommend this book.Thank YouCAS
  •     ok
  •     I love this book. I have both the paperback and the kindle edition, although I find the kindle edition easier to use. I also bought the DVD which is the easiest to follow.
  •     Good book, very pleased with this purchase. Thanks
  •     What a difference in my face! I've cancelled the consultation with the plastic surgeon!
  •     I had read and used this book from my library and decided I needed to purchase it to have my own copy . I would recommend this book highly.
  •     Yay! It is great
  •     I was very excited to get this book, due to the you tube videos that I had watched with the author.....the book is very poorly illustrated and pretty much a yoga book, I was NOT impressed with the details for facial exercises and didn't even finish reading it. Not worth it....however...I would highly recommend the book...The Five Minute Facial Workout.....much better, color photos, very descriptive details regarding muscle work for the face.A much better buy !!!!
  •     Fabulous
  •     I love the book and the dvd. The learning curve, like any form of exercise, is discovering and isolating your facial muscles. Once you get it you will be more than satisfied.
  •     Very disappointed in this book. I expected more on face yoga since that is the title, but there are a lot of yoga poses for the body. If I wanted yoga for my body I would have purchased a different book. The pictures are hard to see and the poses given can be easily found on the Internet. Two hundred and twelve pages and maybe twenty are devoted to the face. Save your money and pass this one over.
  •     This is a useful and helpful book, utilizing many of the Yoga philosophies of a physical, mental and spiritual nature. Most of the facial exercises will improve the facial tone, complexion and suppleness of one's face if practiced regularly over at least a several month time period. The given facial exercises for a double chin fall short, but if practiced in conjunction with various Yoga postures illustrated, specifically for the neck and throat areas, over a period of time, should aid in tightening of the neck and reducing the fat pads in that area. I have had to discontinue the exercises for a 6 month period because of a serious illness. I have resumed last month and am well into it again. And am seeing improvement, as I did before. I think the main thing going for this book is the Yoga philosophy permeating the entire book. To submit to physically relaxing one's facial muscles during mediation wil no doubt smooth wrinkles, while giving one a more confident, serene outlook on life.. It's a good book. Well worth the price, and well worth reading. I recommend it!
  •     This instructional guide was an easy read and very informative. The instructs are very easy to follow. If one invests the time the techniques really work. I'm pleased with my purchase.
  •     I was disappointed in this book- I expected far more focus on facial muscles exercises, but this book spent a lot of time on body poses, nutrition, psychology, the author venting...
  •     Okay but not as informative s I had hoped

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