Management Principles For Health Professionals

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Press:Jones & Bartlett Pub Jones & Bartlett Learning; 5 edition (August 16, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-8
Author Name:Liebler, Joan Gratto
Edition:5th Edition


Management Principles for Health Care Professionals is a practical guide for new or future praticing healthcare managers. 
The customary activities of the manager—planning, organizing, decision making, staffing, motivating, and budgeting—are succinctly defined, explained, and presented with detailed examples drawn from a variety of health care settings.
Students will learn proven management concepts, techniques, models, and tools for managing individuals or teams with skill and ease.
The Fifth Edition is loaded with practical, up-to-date examples from real-world healthcare settings.
It addresses the hottest topics in health care such as patient safety initiatives, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), revenue recovery efforts, and diversity training.
All chapters have been thoroughly revised to reflect the current conditions in the healthcare environment.


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  •     As advertised. No complaints.
  •     You can pass the class without this book as long as your instructor uses blackboard. Most useless book, boring to read, unexciting, common sense information, ans reads like a novel instead of a text book. It was cheaper than the campus price, but still not worth $5.00.
  •     Book came as described. Reliable seller.
  •     Great Textbook for school!!!
  •     I ordered this book knowing I needed it for a class. I had several days before the class started but when my purchase was made amazon estimated an extraordinarily long period of...
  •     The book has been purchased as a suitability test for non-Dutch Health professionals. The book suits the purpose though the especially the first chapter is too much focussed on...
  •     This was a "Ok" company to buy from. It took a little time to get me the book, but overall it was "ok".
  •     I am using this book for a class that I'm taking and I am learning so much from it. It is a good book.
  •     great product and service
  •     Book as described
  •     This book is a well organized textbook and the author's writing style is easy reading and easy to understand the contents
  •     The forth edition of Management Principles for Health Professionals has three parts and 15 chapters. Part one has two chapters about the health professional's modern arena. Part two has five chapters about management functions-planning, decision making, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. Part three has eight chapters about practical considerations for keeping the department running smoothly-budgeting; committees and teams; adaptation, innovation, and conflict management; training and development; authority, leadership, and supervision; human resource management; communication; and day-to-day management. Each chapter starts with chapter objectives and ends with exercises, notes, and appendix. There are exhibits throughout the book including but not limited to: mission, vision, values statement, philosophy, objectives, procedure, strategic plan, scheduling by shifts, guidelines for use of contractual services, job descriptions, process for written request for release of information, control tools, annual budget plan, worksheets for budgeting, calculating FTE, worksheet for comparison of storage options, follow up of committee actions, monitoring and evaluation of standards, quality assurance report, program evaluation, written warning and grievance procedure. Tables, figures, and cases are used throughout to help clarify concepts. The book ends with a index. This book is useful for nursing student, practicing nurse managers and other health professionals.
  •     This book was required for class, however it holds a lot of valuable information. The book I received had some previous highlighting, but was not distracting to my studies.

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