The Miracle of the Breath: Mastering Fear, Healing Illness, and Experiencing the Divine

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Press:New World Library New World Library (January 20, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-01-20
Author Name:Andy Caponigro


Without breath, there is no life. 
The human body can live weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without air, yet few health books take into account this important facet of good health.
Yogis teach that human life begins with an inhale and ends with an exhale, and we all are born breathing instinctively.
But later, breath becomes a controlling mechanism – we hold our breath when we are afraid or anxious; this becomes habitual and eventually we unlearn the natural pattern of breathing.
Though every second of life is controlled and governed by our breath, few people today pay any attention to the way we breathe or the importance of breath in our lives.
Sure, we all say “take a deep breath” or “just breathe,” but do we consider the power of this true elixir of life? Andy Caponigro was a professional guitarist and taught guitar at Berklee School of Music in Boston.
Working therapeutically with musicians, he discovered that stage fright and other traumas suffered by performers could be worked through with a few breathing exercises.
This work grew until he eventually became a healer and seminar leader, teaching first singers and musicians and then others how to connect with their breath and use it to heal fear, emotional problems, and physical ailments.
This book contains stories and case studies of people healed from asthma, arthritis, anxiety attacks, and other physical and emotional traumas through breathwork.
According to Andy Caponigro and ancient sages, breath is more than just air in our lungs, however.
It is also life force, what is called “prana,” “chi,” and “the holy spirit.” THE MIRACLE OF THE BREATH explores this connection of breath not only to physical life but as our main conduit of divine energy, or our connection to God.
Caponigro has studied the ancient masters of the breath in India, China, and Tibet and has learned their highly developed systems of breath control, healing and enlightenment.
THE MIRACLE OF THE BREATH explains these concepts and offers exercises developed by the author in workshops and private consultations to deepen breath.
There are also meditations and practice techniques to improve emotional, spiritual, and physical health.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     This is a very clear, well written book. My wife and I have started breath meditation and we're very excited about all the possibilities. We recommend this book to anyone interested in the science of breath.
  •     I consider this book to be highly valuable, as a result of the fact that it seems to present such an extraordinary array of profound ideas. Similarly, it is an easy and very interesting read ... and one finds that one can hardly wait, to try and practice all of the exercises contained within it.The exercises themselves are amazing, due to the fact that they seem to do exactly what they are supposed to do...and also, because the effects are so immediate and substantial.I love books, read quite a bit .... and consider this book to be something very special! It seems to be an incredible resource regarding the subject of "breath".
  •     As a Yoga teacher I am always looking for things that concern pranayama. The breathing techniques in this book are wonderful. The Tarzan breath changed some wiring in my brain. It looks funny, though.
  •     Terrific book. Amazing insights into such a simple function as breating. Shows how breating consciously can enhance one's life and experience of one's spiritual potential and realization.
  •     I LOVE IT!!!!
  •     A very good premier on the art of breathing, and correct breathing is truly an art.
  •     what can anyone say it is a BOOK you have no right to demand how many words to write. becauseof that demand i usually wont write anything why do you need so many...
  •     I HIGHLY recommend this book for ANYBODY to teach to any age. I found all aspects of it to be true, and extremely helpful for a better life.
  •     I have read a lot of books on meditation and on breathing, but this one is the absolute best. I have been reading it over and over (meditatively) for years now. It is a constant reminder to me to incorporate breathing meditational practices into my day-to-day life. I was so impressed by my first reading of this book that I flew to Massachusetts to take a workshop with this author. I was not disappointed at all!I was so impressed by my second reading that I flew back to Massachusetts to take another follow-up workshop with the author. This book and his practical workshop material were very helpful to me.He is quite the facilitator and healer! I remember practicing breathing with him and other students when he wandered the room and whispered in our individual ears. When he whispered in my ear (as I was practicing a very intense breathing exercise), he "read my beads" (so to speak). In just a few short very intuitive words, he hit the nail on the head of what needed inner healing within me. I was stunned. How could someone who barely knew me have such insight into my psychological makeup? He called the issue forth from within me. The breath then really began to do its work.He was supposed to be writing a follow-up book to this one, but I have never seen it on the market. It was supposed to be about heart meditation which he covers towards the end of this book. Periodically, I look for it on the Internet. I suppose he no longer gives seminars due to his age, and I hope he is doing well. His website no longer exists unfortunately.
  •     Awesome book
  •     This book has definitely helped me sleep.
  •     Andy Caponigro in very simple and understandable manner describes very complicated techniques. Instructions are clear, thoughtful, honest and helpful. I found in it the new way thinking of pranayama. For the first time I understood that some techniques and methods work only in meditative mode. The book is pleasurable to reed. It I tried only basic techniques so far and they work very well, just as described in the book.
  •     Was a decent read. A lot of in-depth discussion and step by step instructions to a variety of breathing techniques. These techniques can be used by the practitioner in various ways. I had known about using breathing to alleviate the tension fear arouses within us, but as to healing and preventing illness, well that was something new to me. I enjoyed the various methods here and have put many of them to use. Now I haven't healed myself in any particular way yet, but I suppose none of this type of stuff brings over-night results. That said though, the exercises are enjoyable and you do feel a deeper sense of calm, a reduction in stressful tension and a seeming expanse of the air you take in. Definitely recommend anyone interested in breathing techniques.
  •     know this is a great book and i should be following it to the letter.just havent got to it yet.
  •     Great book. Simple exercises that work immediately. Great for anyone who has thought about meditation but doesn't know where to begin.
  •     I bought this book as part of the Personal Well Being program at Windemere Institute of Healing Arts.

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