Scandinavian Christmas

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Press: Sterling; Reprint edition (October 15, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-10
Author Name:Hahnemann, Trine


Celebrate Christmas Scandinavian style—where every day from the first Advent Sunday to the end of December is part of the holiday. 
Trine Hahnemann serves up a cornucopia of festive recipes for brunches, cocktail and tea parties, lunches, and dinners, all filled with traditional goodies and delicious modern dishes.
Enjoy regional specialties such as spiced gløgg wine, Slow-Cooked Goose with Apples and Prunes, Kale Salad with Pomegranate, Caramel Potatoes, Meatballs with Pickled Beets, and Chocolate-Dipped Candied Oranges.


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  •     Very enjoyable read.
  •     I have all three of Ms. Hahnemann's English language cookbooks (also including The Scandinavian Cookbook and The Nordic Diet), and they always seem particularly heartfelt guides to finding and celebrating well, the truly important things in life. They are filled with beautiful photography both of the Scandinavian landscape as well as of finished recipe products, which are uniformly unique and excellent. I can't recommend Trine Hahnemann's books more highly!
  •     Loved this book! So many great ideas!
  •     Something new to add to our list of holiday favorites. Great choices, simple, easy to follow (not super easy, just not difficult at all). Will use this book every year.
  •     This has been a handy reference for me.
  •     Again my Paternal Grandmother was born in Sweden and my Paternal Grandfather was born in northern Norway..Many reasons for me to have purchased this book.
  •     A lot of photos but since baking is my favorite, there were only four baking recipes that I will actually make but many more for drinks and cooking. I was a bit disappointed.
  •     Not what I thought. So it's not that great of a book for me. I thought it would be different,Guess I didn't read the description.
  •     A Svandinavian comfort Christmas!
  •     I stumbled upon this wonderful book while doing some research on Scandinavian/ Swedish cooking. The owner of my restaurant is Swedish and was feeling a bit homesick so I wanted to bring in some Christmas cheer that she could relate to. What a wonderful book this turned out to be. The recipes are simple and straight-forward, without a lot of fuss and exotic ingredients but with a Scandinavian flavor (pun intended...) that made an unfamiliar American place a smile on a homesick Swede.From the appetizers to the beverages to the main courses and desserts, we found recipes that worked for us easily with ingredients found at the local market (actually all from my purveyors), the only issue we had was with the lingonberry sauce.....we needed large quantities of it because it's so good! The recipes are written in the European style, with measurements in grams (use a scale, they're pretty inexpensive to get now-days) and there's talk of castor sugar (granulated sugar), beetroot (beets), gravalax (cured salmon) and pickled herring. The use of specialized ingredients shouldn't scare you because you either have them in your cupboard or see them every day at the market - juniper berries, kale, celeriac, rye bread/crackers, fresh horseradish, Jerusalem artichokes - hey, really, these sound like ingredients for a super healthy diet! The author didn't go overboard on cream and butter - they are used with discretion.Some of our favorites so far have been the Salted cod and kale pesto on celeriac bruschetta (you'll find this an elegant appetizer), mini root vegetable cakes with horseradish cream (another yummy appetizer), apple sauce with crispy pork belly (you'll gobble this down!), turnip and bacon gratin (heaven in a baking dish!), roast pork with spices and crisp crackling.....especially good with the caramel potatoes, and then there's the spiced quince ham....and I haven't even started to name the desserts yet. Hungry?Really this book is a treasure trove of Christmas ideas. The pictures are gorgeous, the home-y family feeling is to die for and for a homesick Swede, the recipes in this book were a fabulous Christmas present. The author did a superb job and you will do no less than a great job cooking up anything from this book.
  •     I am looking forward to using the cookbook and cooking Scandinavian food
  •     lovely
  •     I found this book most enjoyable. The recipes are delicious looking, the text interesting and the photos gorgeous. The recipes for the pull bread and spiced cake were excellent. The recipes in the book are mostly Danish, so if you are looking for Swedish or Norwegian recipes, you'll have to learn about Danish Christmas foods, not a difficult task at all!
  •     I am ethically Swedish (by both heritage and choice), and this is a very inspiring book!However, I think the recipes were not adequately tested. For example, the recipe for pate that calls for 8 oz of pork liver- and 8 POUNDS of pork fat!- is clearly not right. That will not give you a pate. And that huge fail makes me look at the other recipes with suspicion. Especially when a bread recipe calls for "whole wheat rye" flour, when there is not such a thing; a mix of whole wheat and rye? 100% whole-grain rye? Which????Nonetheless, it does have most of the recipes that seem that they will work. I would recommend caution and knowledge, especially if you re experimenting with something your are not familiar with making.It is a very pretty and inspirational cookbook, with a good combination of old-style and modern Scandinavian dishes. The photography is excellent.I look forward to trying some of the more sensible recipes, including the bread (for which I will use whole rye flour).
  •     Last year I searched for a Scandinavian Christmas book and couldn't find anything that was worthwhile. I happened upon this book a few weeks ago while Christmas shopping. I bought it on a whim, and LOVE IT. Great pictures, tons of recipes, and just the right amount of Christmas cheer. My daughter and I had a great conversation about the nisse and Lucia day. We love this book!! I haven't tried all of the recipes or anything, so who knows how they will be (sorry)?! But reading the book is great so far. My girls have loved flipping through it and we have already started planning our christmas celebrations.
  •     As a Scandinavian, I didn't learn a lot about that style of baking and celebrations.
  •     I had this on my wish list, but stumbled across in at our library today and checked it out. The photos are gorgeous and the layout is very well done.

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