The Voice in the Light and other weird tales

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Press: Sunmakers; 1 edition (March 28, 2013)
Author Name:Instone, Ayd


A journey into time, space and consciousness... 
• A boy seeks solace from his imaginary friend from another dimension...
• Imagine being able to create extra time to spend as you wish...
• An unexpected horror awaits a grave robber in an ancient Egyptian tomb...
• A research project creates a machine that allows you to see into the past...
• A student joke with a ouija board unlocks a dark past and a prediction is made as to who will die first...
• A boy enters a secret world to enlist magical creatures to help him do his homework...
• A robotic experiment goes disastrously wrong.
But why is a psychic detective called in? • A man’s dreams become more real than waking life as he alone learns the secret of the subterranean world beneath the wall...
Explore these and other strange worlds in this collection of eighteen tales of the unknown.
If you like short stories with a twist in the tale like those of Ray Bradbury, the science fiction of Issac Asimov, the gothic horror of H.P.
Lovecraft or the ghost stories of M.R.
James, you'll find something to enjoy in these original stories.


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  •     This collection of short stories is a gem; brimming with imaginative ideas and written so well that it is a shame when you get to the end of each, but easy to go back and read all over again. The endings are never what you think they are going to be which adds to the intrigue. Highly recommended.
  •     Okay, I've been re-reading this book and had to come edit my review. Here's what I wrote the first time:"This collection is very provocative, stretching the imagination in truly untraditional ways. Often, at the end of the story, there will be one last twist that actually makes me gasp with surprised delight. Some of the tales are pure sci-fi, some are pure ghost story--and some combine the two, which is really fun. All of them will make you think.Excellent illustrations, too. They are as bold and mysterious as the tales themselves.I definitely recommend this book."Now amplify that. Those zinger endings are brilliant every single time. Some of them make me cry for joy, some make me shiver with fear, and some just leave my jaw hanging. Instone has really thought about things in some mind-stretchy ways, and none of these stories feels like a parrot of some other work. The very fact that I've read the stories now three or four times each shows that I can find something new to appreciate each time through.So, yes. I definitely recommend this book. But more accurately, I say, "Get this book and read it, already! It's really awesome!!"

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