The Other Place, and Other Stories of the Same Sort

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Press:Valancourt Books Valancourt Books (July 23, 2013)
Author Name:Priestley, J. B.


"These stories say something meaningful, as well as relate an anecdote. 
They are not only examples of narrative skill, but exhibitions of social truth." - Saturday Review "Priestley is one of the finest and most popular storytellers of the last hundred years.
We are now aware many of his stories have a prophetic quality." - Dame Margaret Drabble "[H]ighly readable and provocative." - Sunday Herald (Sydney) J.
Priestley (1894-1984) was a versatile and prolific novelist and playwright, but in The Other Place (1953), he shows an unexpected talent, proving himself a master of the weird tale.
In "The Grey Ones," Mr.
Patson visits a psychiatrist after he becomes convinced that a race of demons masquerading as men are plotting the overthrow of the human race .
but what if he's not insane? In "Guest of Honour," a banquet speech becomes a horrifying affair when the keynote speaker realizes his audience is made up of monstrous and menacing creatures.
"The Leadington Incident" recounts the disturbing experience of a Cabinet minister who suddenly perceives that though the people around him move and talk as though alive, they are all actually just animated corpses or sleepwalking zombies.
The nine tales in this collection are strange, fantastic, and often unsettling, and they represent Priestley at his best.
This 60th anniversary edition, the first reprinting of The Other Place in more than forty years, includes a new introduction by Priestley scholar John Baxendale.
Priestley's classic novel of psychological terror, Benighted (1927), is also available from Valancourt Books.


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  •     JB Priestley is a wonderful writer!
  •     Preistley is one of my all time favorite authors and it is almost impossible to find his books.This one did not disappoint.
  •     I didn't write the introduction to this one, like I did to Valancourt's reissue ofBenighted, so hopefully Amazon won't consider it a conflict of interest for me to write this review. Prior to writing the intro to BENIGHTED, I'd read only a handful of short pieces by J.B. Priestley, so when I learned that, along with BENIGHTED, Valancourt had also gotten the rights to reprint this collection of his short weird tales, I was very excited to check it out, and it didn't disappoint. It's as charming a selection of stories as the full title (THE OTHER PLACE & OTHER STORIES OF THE SAME SORT) would imply, reminiscent of other charming weird British writers of a similar period, including E.F. Benson and some of Nigel Kneale, to name a couple of which I am particularly fond.While all the stories in THE OTHER PLACE fall under the broad rubric of the weird or strange tale, only a few struck me as what I would call horror. Instead, they focus on inexplicable and dreamlike situations, visions, people thrust suddenly back in time. Those that do go for shudders do an admirable job, and are generally my favorite stories in the book. There are some really dramatic and incredible (if brief) descriptions of suitably weird monsters, especially in "The Grey Ones," which was my favorite story in the book, and deserves to be more widely known in weird fiction circles.

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