Pumped: Great Words to Keep You Going When Hope Is Hard To Come By

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (February 28, 2013)
Author Name:Boland, Mary Pat


Sometimes it seems like all of humanity is saying no. 
No, we don’t want you for this job.
No, you’re not good enough to get into our school.
No, we don’t like your presentation.
No, we won’t fund your idea.
No, we don’t think you have the ability to play on our team.
No, we don’t think you’re pretty enough, thin enough, tall enough, fast enough, have the right stuff for our needs.
What’s really bad… sometimes we believe them.
Pumped is for those days when you’re overwhelmed with all the negativity.
Whether you’re job hunting, about to step onto a playing field, or getting ready to step through that golden door to make a major presentation, the words in this volume will provide you with inspiration, encouragement and confidence in your own abilities.
They’ll also provide you with comfort when you were pumped, primed, and good… and They.
Scattered among the quotes are short passages on people who chose to ignore the naysayers in their lives.
You’ll see that some were rejected over and over - and over many years - but they persisted and went on to reach their goals.
Let their examples provide you with hope.
Among the quote-makers are politicians, writers, athletes, sinners, and saints.
If there is one thing they have in common, one consistent theme among the voices, it’s keep trying.
The quotes were selected because they illustrate in a few words what most of us would find difficult to express in many.
Some are short, but none are trite.
They stand the test of time.



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  •     This book has something for everyone. There are inspirational quotes from a wide range of sources. Some I recognized, others were welcome surprises. Interspersed with the quotes are little bios of successful people who have overcome rejection and gone on to achieve. The volume is compact enough to fit in a purse or pocket; handy to have while carpooling, or waiting in a line. This book would be a great graduation gift for your favorite teenager as well. Highly recommended.

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