Honor and Betrayal: The Untold Story of the Navy SEALs Who Captured the ""Butcher of Fallujah""--and the Shameful Ordeal They Later Endured

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Press:Da Capo Press Da Capo Press; F First Edition, 1st Printing edition (November 5, 2013)
Author Name:Robinson, Patrick


On a daring nighttime raid in September 2009, a team of Navy SEALs grabbed the notorious terrorist Ahmad Hashim Abd al-Isawi, the villainous “Butcher of Fallujah,” mastermind behind the 2004 murder and mutilation of four American contractors.
Within hours of his capture, al-Isawi, with his lip bleeding, claimed he had been beaten in his holding cell.
Three Navy SEALs—members of the same team that had just captured the notorious terrorist—were charged with prisoner abuse, dereliction of duty, and lying.
On the word of a terrorist! The three Navy SEALs were placed under house arrest and forbidden contact with their comrades.
Despite enormous pressure from their commanders to sign confessions to “lesser charges,” the three resolute and fearless SEALs each demanded a court-martial.
They were determined to prove their innocence.
When Fox News broke the story about the accusations, Americans were outraged.
Over 300,000 people signed petitions demanding the SEALs be exonerated.
Their SEAL teammates were furious; but nothing could stop the cold determination of the military's top brass to hang these guys out to dry—not even U.S.
congressmen who petitioned the Pentagon to drop the charges.Honor and Betrayal is a no-holds-barred account by bestselling author Patrick Robinson.
It reveals for the first time the entire story, from the night the SEALs stormed the al-Qaeda desert stronghold, the accusations and legal twists and turns that followed, to the cut-and-thrust drama in the courtroom where the fate of three American heroes hung in the balance.


Kirkus Reviews, 11/1/13 “Robinson ably discusses the intricacies of military justice…Captures the folly and resource drain of the Iraq War…Should appeal to conservative readers.”Washington Times, 11/13/13 “In this very important book, author Patrick Robinson shows how the culture of our military is imperiled by a high command that too frequently allows political correctness to trump honor and common sense.”Cape Cod Times, 11/10/13 “This is a story of war waged in a distant place, and the role of modern media to open doors for the bad guys but get the bigger story straight—eventually.”Booklist Online, 11/22/13 “It's a tale that is guaranteed to raise eyebrows and spark debate. 
Written in an even-keeled, reportorial style, the book tells a story we wish had never happened, but one that certainly needs to be told.”The American Spectator, 11/26/13 “The book's account of the high command's intimidation tactics should be required reading for all military personnel today.”Sacramento Book Review, December 2013 “If you are looking for a strong read, this is a no-brainer.”Bookviews blog, December 2013

About the Author

PATRICK ROBINSON is the coauthor of the New York Times #1 nonfiction bestseller Lone Survivor. 
He is also the author of several interna­tional bestselling US Navy–based novels, including Intercept, Diamondhead, To the Death, and The Delta Solution, as well as several nonfiction bestsellers, including his New York Times bestseller A Colossal Failure of Common Sense: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers, and the international bestseller One Hundred Days.
He lives in Ireland and spends his summers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


History,Military,Iraq War,Intelligence & Espionage,Naval

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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     This book was difficult to read. I have the upmost regard for the Navy SEALS and reading how command sergeant majors and Army Generals treated these three Navy Seals is very...
  •     Graham Ware's appearance in this book made me question the entire work. I did finish the book, but with much speculation as to whether much more of the book was published without a thorough fact check, even a simple google search would uncover this Graham Ware sleeze bag.
  •     Interesting listen
  •     This book gave me a real insight into the corruption that lingers in our government and how much political correctness has hurt our country.
  •     Excellent book! Well written. Would love to know who was behind all of it
  •     This sounds like a movie, but it's true! A great, well-written story of how misguided our government can be and how great the costs.
  •     Funny that all the 1 star ratings say the same general comment, in which they receive "coaching" from the "[...]" site. Please read the book and decide for yourself.
  •     Great Book ..... Well Worth the Read
  •     READ it!"A good portion of the first half of the book is backstory: a brief synopsis of the SEAL service; the near-impossible-to-endure training of its applicants; short biographies of McCabe and Keefe; and then their assignment to Iraq. It's grist for military buffs, a fun read about HALO jumps and other derring-do shadowed only by the knowledge that brave young men will soon be in the sights of a political bureaucracy.That portion is both prosaic and powerful. It is, from Robinson's point of view, a "set-up," a chronicle of the dedication and courage and self-discipline a SEAL must endure before he is turned loose on the battlefield. That said, the reader knows that nothing good is going to happen to these two young men because part of the preface to the book includes two letters they sent to Rear Admiral Sean Pybus, U.S. Navy Special Warfare commander, detailing reasons the two resigned from the Navy after being cleared of the charges brought against them.There's no mystery. The three SEALs operated in an atmosphere where they might be shot or blown to pieces but were hamstrung by rules of engagement set by desk jockeys and then later judged by upper echelons who were far from the sound of the guns.That they were charged shows the system is flawed. That they were found not guilty shows our flawed system can sometimes right a wrong. "
  •     I suspect Washington wishes this book had never been written. It lays bare some of the problems the American fighting man faces.
  •     Do not buy this book, it is not an accurate account if anything. It is part of a scam your dollers should not go toward helping this scam continue forward.
  •     The author sounded like he had never dealt with the military or trials before, and that the SEALS were beyond reproach. In this case they were but only God is beyond reproach.
  •     I couldn't put this book down. My jaw dropped on the first page and continued to the last page. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. General Cleveland should have been held accountable for his outrageous vendetta against these courageous and honorable young me. One has to ask themself....was General Cleveland in a position with that much decision making power or did he gets orders higher up? Did the orders come from the White House and our commander . Why would anyone in our government take the word of a known terrorist over the word of our enlisted men? There are just too many questions. This ordeal should be brought to the headlines in the wake of mr. Obamas recent decisions. GOD help us all.
  •     When decorated Navy SEALs, their families, and families of fallen SEALs are speaking out against this abhorrent book, citizens should listen.This book contains outright lies and false information. The Author and Publisher were contacted by many families of Navy SEALs and veterans about the lies contained in this book. In fact, the Daughter of a Navy SEALs visited the Publisher’s office and she was told to leave?!?! As long as the Author and Publisher refuse to correct false information and lies contained in this book, this book must be avoided.The Author and Publisher even used the video stolen from the legitimate SEAL support group to promote this book of lies.Dollar counts more than honor, and betrayal is that of betraying Naval Special Warfare community by Patrick Robinson and Publisher.There is no honor in siding with a well-known crook, who was exposed in 2012 by prominent Navy SEALs, including Marcus Luttrell (“Lone Survivor”), Don Shipley (“Extreme SEALs Experience”), Larry Bailey (“Special Operations Speaks”). I read the CEASE AND DESIST letter they wrote to Graham Ware, the veterans’ charities scammer. In retaliation, Ware started posting on social media information about SEALs and their families’ whereabouts. How could this book get the facts so wrong? For Mr. Robinson and his Publisher, it seems that the dollar will trump the honor, and they will betray Navy SEALs for a ‘buck’ … betrayal of the very men who are dying for their freedom.A better title for this “Abortion of Truth” would be “Dishonor and Betrayal” of our fighting men by Author and Publisher.Don’t buy this book until is it fixed and that Graham Ware is removed from the book’s pages.
  •     Good book

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