The Spires of Denon: A Diving Universe Novella

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Press:Wmg Publishing WMG Publishing; 2 edition (May 8, 2013)
Author Name:Rusch, Kristine Kathryn


Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s novel Diving Into The Wreck spawned a universe so vast that one novel can’t contain it. 
The Spires of Denon doesn’t involve Boss or her crew.
Instead, this powerful short novel follows Meklos Verr, hired to guard an archeological dig near the mysterious Spires of Denon.
There Verr encounters the prickly Gabrielle Reese who heads the dig, and he meets some cave divers who aren’t quite what they seem.
Verr knows that someone wants to harm the dig, but he isn’t sure if the attack will come from outside the tall mountain range or from the group of archeologists within.
Verr must figure out the threat before it destroys him, his crew, and the beautiful Spires of Denon.
a story of exploration of an artifact on an alien world, a bit reminiscent of the sort of story that Jack McDevitt writes.” — “...Denon is literally luminescent in its depiction.” — “The Spires makes for a very good read.” —SFRevue


Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction,Space Opera

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Comment List (Total:8)

  •     I really like this author's books. I liked some of her other books better but this was pretty good for a short story, not too short like some I've read.
  •     I read The Spires of Denon in an issue of Asimov's Science Fiction magazine I grabbed off my shelf, and had to post a review of it. So far, everything I read from the Retrieval Artist universe is GREAT, compelling fiction. I can't wait to read more so that I can start putting the pieces of this vast story world together. If you haven't read Rusch, get started.
  •     Spires of Denon carries on the action of the Diving Universe Series.Lot of action and suspence that keeps you reading. Need more book of the Diving Universe.
  •     interesting if you like the diving books, but it appears to be written for money and did not have very much depth to it.
  •     Set in her "Dignity Vessel" universe, it precedes other stories. I enjoyed these 'lost future history' stories very much. Makes you wonder how much of our own history has been lost - what we call 'myths' and 'legends' might have really occurred, but in a different more realistic sense.
  •     Enjoyed the read, but finished with a 'is that it?' feeling. I thought it was a tease.Almost like this was a prologue for another novel. I'd like to read more about this adventure!
  •     "The Spires of Denon" is a science fiction archaeology-based mystery/adventure novella. It's set in the same interstellar universe as the author's "Diving into the Wreck" and its sequels, although it has no common characters or events and can be read quite independently. In this far future space-faring universe, humanity expanded through the stars, and then for whatever reason retrenched, leaving many relics behind of their past, more technologically-advanced civilizations.In this tale, we find several different people involved, for their own often competing reasons, in the exploration of an archaeological site. "The Spires," purpose and construction unknown, were left behind by an earlier human civilization. The nature of the site, and what a few of the individual characters are really trying to do, forms the central mystery of the story, which offers a few surprises along the way.This was an enjoyable read, not so mysterious as "Diving into the Wreck", but a solid story. The primary characters were interesting and I wouldn't mind if one or two of them showed up again in future stories set in this universe. Despite the spacefaring setting, this story is strictly planet-bound.Overall, an entertaining read. (According to the flyleaf, this story previous appeared in Asimov's SF Magazine in 2009.)
  •     Interesting characters and a good plot. I thought that it was a redo of another novella by some other author and got caught flatfooted by the finale. Kind of like an Indiana Jones film...

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