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Press:Canterbury Classics Canterbury Classics; Pop Ill Un edition (January 14, 2014)
Author Name:Poe, Edgar Allan; Angiulli, Jessica; Mondini, Lucio


Edgar Allan Poe is no stranger to the strange. 
His tales of mystery and macabre have provoked many a nightmare.
If you’ve been wondering how the editors of Canterbury Classics could create a new twist, wait nevermore! Your very own telltale hearts will tick-tick-tick oh-so-fast as you read the four terrifying tales presented here.
And just when you think you’re safe, something spooky will pop-up.
Go ahead and turn the page .
if you dare.- This elegant and chillingly illustrated edition is great for adults with a childlike sense of wonder.- The Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe contains four unabridged tales from the master of the macabre, complete with hair-raising pop-ups.
The Illustrated Edgar Allen Poe will surely pique cultish curiosity of the most discerning of readers.


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  •     Fits in well with my pop-up book collection, let alone, my other literary works by Poe.
  •     The Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe literay pop up book was an awesome find and I LOVE it! I purchased it as a gift for my cousin and couldn't help myself... I had to read it and "play" with it before giving it to him. Having read Poe's works for many years, I can't explain the excitement and joy to seeing pop ups illustrating his work. Fun and well done. My cousin is an adult and he enjoys this as well. I wish more literature had this entertaining option! lol I can't recommend this highly enough. Thrilled!
  •     Such a cool pop up book well worth the money you don't find them like this anymore! But then again Poe is one of a kind. Very enjoyable.
  •     This is a cute and well done collection of Poe's work. The pop-up illustrations are cool.
  •     Perfect, the pop ups look amazing and the art is very creepy.
  •     I collect Poe and Pop-ups - this is a nice combination of both.
  •     Somewhat obvious, the paper works seems contrived...there is no natural transition from text to pop up.
  •     Very nice pop-up book. For grown ups too!
  •     I am a ninth grade English teacher, and I purchased this book because I am a HUGE Poe fan. Each year, I get my students involved in the complex texts written by Poe. Many students struggle, though, by his very complex language. I place this book on my chalkboard tray, and students are free to sign it out during our Silent Sustained Reading time. This book has become very popular among my freshman, and it has been "checked out" all year long. Some students even bargained with each other to get it first. The pop up figures are very elaborate and the words on the page are very easy to read. I might have to purchase a few more copies of this this year to keep my students interested in these masterpieces.
  •     Good book for a Poe fan.
  •     Delivery on time and just as described
  •     Being a fan of Poe and pop-up book collector - I wish it had more pop-ups but it will do.
  •     The illustrations are wonderful and the paper engineering is simple but nice. Don't expect a breathtaking Sabuda or Reinhart pop up book. About 7 pop ups all together and maybe 2 are somewhat elaborate in design. 4 Edgar Allan Poe tales unabridged. This is NOT a pop up book for a child. Poe is required reading in high school so maybe it would make a good gift for a teenager aged 15 and up. These stories must have scared the pants off people 100 years ago, but i feel most young people today would find Edgar Allan Poes tales of macabre quite lame in comparison to T.V shows of today like American Horror Story and The walking Dead. This book is not an easy read for todays teenagers, so they'll probably look at the book once or twice for the pop ups and then it will collect dust on the shelf.
  •     I enjoy this book and so does my little boy. I have diff pie collectibles and memorabilia and this is just perfect for me
  •     The illustrations are epic!

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