Tweakers: How Crystal Meth Is Ravaging Gay America

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Press:Consortium Book Sales & Dist Alyson Books (February 1, 2005)
Author Name:Sanello, Frank


Drawing upon conversations with addicts as well as experts in the gay community and at drug treatment centers, journalist Frank Sanello examines how crystal-meth abuse is reaching epidemic levels among gay men, and how almost one-third of the new cases of HIV are caused by the decreased mental capacity associated with crystal. 
Tweakers get a quick, cheap high, an exhilarating loss of inhibition and increased stamina at the price of permanent behavioral changes, brain damage and death.Frank Sanello is a Los Angeles-based journalist whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe and the New York Times Syndicate.
He is the author of Opium Wars, The Knights Templar and To Kill a King.


Gay & Lesbian,History,Health, Fitness & Dieting,Addiction & Recovery,Drug Dependency,Nonfiction,LGBT Studies

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  •     This book failed to live up to what I expected and contained a ton of errors. I thought Dr. Ken Cimino's Politics of Crystal Meth a much better read. It contains real live experiences of addiction and recovery. I'm not sure why Amazon doesn't recommend that book, but it should.
  •     This book is easily dismissed. Sure, the author makes liberal use of vivd case studies, but so do late-night infomercials. The vignettes are almost exclusively "horror stories", and rarely illustrate the casual, or binge user.In addition, there are MANY glaring inaccuracies about meth in general, as well as spelling/syntax errors. And for the most part, there's really no insight offered as to the scope and effects of Meth as it pertains to the Gay community.Sure they a few queens were interviewed and quoted, but the author fails to synthesize any of that infomation in a meaningful way.Now, onto my biggest issue - this book is chock full of Scientology references. From the mention of Narconon (Scientology supported anti-drug program), to the inclusion of (techniques based HEAVILY in Scientology theory) as a valid infomation source. Does the author realize he's endorsing an anti-12 step/anti-psychiatry group? My hope is no - but something is definitely rotten in denmark.Look elsewhere for reliable info on crystal meth.
  •     This was the last book I read before my most recent relapse. I cannot be sure that I decided to reinvestigate drugs because of the trigger potential in the interviews, or simply to block out the poor writing quality, lack of epidemiological inquiry, or the fact that it comes off as patronizing and uninformed.Try "Meth: America's Home-Cooked Menace," instead.
  •     I found this book a revelaton of information on how highly addictive crystal meth grabs hold of users' lives. The case studies graphically substantiate the author's thesis of how damaging addiction to this drug is to users and those in their lives.Smoothly written, this is an effective presentation of the subject matter.
  •     This book is one of the best I've read. However, its not a good choice for the faint-hearted. Its very real and very disturbing. Many times I would read a page and then just stare at the wall to think about what I just read. This book can definitely change your life and your choices. Anyone who does drugs or cares about people who do should read this.
  •     This book is a source of some information but it is organized into something of a hodgepodge of this and that.It does provide an inner glimpse of the dysfunction brought on by meth.There are much better books available as far as describing the biochemistry of meth and direction for recovery.Still it makes for some interesting reading.
  •     "Tweakers" is a good book to read for entertainment and some elementary information. I enjoyed reading it and found some of the interviews to be revealing and reassuring. It is not a textbook or even a good source of accurate scientific information. But it is a good source for emotional understanding and insight.It seems like this book was written in haste and had a deadline. There are a few errors and even some misprints. The bulk of the information is taken from personal interviews and postings from various websites. There is little indication that any follow-up or collaboration took place with various claims and statements that could be wrongly interpreted as fact.The sub-title, "How meth is ravaging gay America" is partly appropriate. The book spends some time describing some graphic gay sexual situations, and other scenarios associated with the gay sex world. Some of these are not specifically related to or exclusively linked with meth use. On the other hand, to the author's credit, the information that is just as pertinent to non-gay users is quite plentiful. A large part of the book is not gay specific.The case studies and interviews are plentiful, graphic, revealing, and very believable. But they are also filtered through a very subjective and sometimes inaccurate assessment of the prevailing popular opinions of meth culture, treatment and recovery lifestyles.I would not recommend it to someone struggling with early recovery. The stories of drug use and sex are quite graphic, detailed, and provide visuals that could become triggers very easily. I would strongly recommend it to family members or loved ones who are trying to understand what the addict is going through. Clinical workers, counselors and other professionals may or may not find this book useful. If they have experience with meth addiction, the book may not be very helpful.The author is obviously not personally acquainted with meth addiction as a user himself. I don't think that he needs to be in order to do a good job though. I'm sure that many male doctors have written excellent books on menopause and PMS, so it isn't really necessary to have "Been There."Nevertheless, there are some errors that would not have been made by an experienced meth addict in recovery. Example: Meth users don't use heated spoons to cook meth for the rig. (page 230)The book does not reference any of the meth problems that seem to be so rampant in middle America. The Los Angeles area is the primary focus.All in all, I still recommend the book highly. It's strengths lie in the depth of the emotions that meth users live with, the fear, the pain, the agony and frustration of being enslaved to a drug, a lifestyle and a culture of hopeless brutality.
  •     This book has no bibliography - first indication that it isn't meant to be taken *that* seriously. The thing that surprises me is that the author clearly did do some homework. Why, then, didn't he cite his sources? I have many of the studies to which he referred, so I know that the information he provided is peer-reviewed and accurate, but he presents it in such a way to negate it's importance.There are some typographical errors as well.If he had taken the time to work with an editor and to cite his sources the book would be not only an interesting read, but full of valuable information.I got the impression that he was more interested in getting a book published than in providing useful, accurate information. It's too bad, because it could have been so much more useful.

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