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Press: Dafina (August 26, 2014)
Author Name:Diamond, De'nesha


The most lethal ride-or-die women in Memphis now run their gangs and the streets. 
But the aftermath of an all-out war means merciless new enemies, time-bomb secrets.
.and one chance to take it all.
.Bullets have no names and collateral damage is the game as the women of the Dirty South push to secure total control.
Vice Lord chief Lucifer goes after the upstart Crippettes gang one by one--but locking down her power will put everything she lives to protect at risk.
Ta'Shara straps on her training wheels to prove she can ride with the best of the Flowers--but does this good-girl-gone-bad really have what it takes to survive? And as Queen G LeShelle viciously body-drops to keep her bloody secrets buried, her husband Python may be the one person that can put her in check.
Now these boss divas will go head-to-head for complete domination--because in the end only one can rule.
Praise for De'nesha Diamond"Diamond's ear for street talk comes across loud and clear.
.a violent and profane tale.
." --Library Journal (starred review) on Hustlin' Divas"If you want gritty, down and dirty, and raw, Street Divas is the book for you." --Urban Reviews

About the Author

De'nesha Diamond is the award-winning, national bestselling author of more than twenty previous novels. 
She lives in Georgia.


Literature & Fiction,Women's Fiction,Sisters,African American,Women's Fiction,Urban

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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     I loved it.!! It was not a short book it answered a lot of questions,and the characters opened up more. Really was satisfying, can't wait until King Divas arrive in March.!! And FYI King Divas is not coming early Boss Divas was postponed due to the author's health issues.!! For the record I AM A VERY SATISFIED FAN.....❤❤❤❤
  •     Too many other people to keep up with butter main key players plots are great! Can't wait to read the next book
  •     I listened to this book as I have the others in the series. This book moved quickly without actually making much head way in the plot development department. The author's writing is such that I was eight and half hours in with 2hours left before i realized it. Story was still engaging and a bloody good time. There were only a few points that were a little annoying for lack of a better word. Lashell's constant talk of the throne this and the throne that...Teshara what was her purpose in this installment? I forgot on occassion that she is only 17yrs old. It did become cumbersome to have the "familial" connection between 2 primary characters realized from everyone and their mama's point of view. There are alot of characters to keep up with so pay attention.
  •     This book was EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! OMG... I hate that it had to come to an end. Every character, every story line, all the drama, love and hate made this book THE BEST book I've read this year. I'm soooooo serious. When I say I CAN'T WAIT for King Divas to come out. This book left my mouth wide open like WTH?!?!? I recommend this entire series!!! De'nesha Diamond is a beast!!!
  •     Loved the book! I'm enjoying continuing reading the series.
  •     Can't put the book down
  •     Great
  •     GREAT READ
  •     Fantastic series...I'm loving every one that I have read. From hustling divas to this one. Can't wait to start the next one
  •     Page turner for sure!!!
  •     Very good book a must read very interesting from beginning to end..
  •     Love this series!!!! Love love love... One of the best
  •     I love this series. I can't wait to read the next book.
  •     Omg..please end the series already...awesome book over all but please finish this series..we tired of waiting..
  •     I have read all the books in this series......and I am not disappointed. It is full of suspense and page turning drama. Not many authors can keep it going but De 'neshia Diamond does it well, and keeps you wanting more. The material bis not stale or drawn out. I can not wait until the next book King Divas.
  •     this book right here a must read and will take you on a path some folks would never want to go TRUST
  •     Can't wait for King Divas!
  •     Good read.I listened to the audio version. They got tge names mixed up a few times referring to Profit as Python. What? It wasn't hard to figure out though.

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