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Press:Abstract Studio Abstract Studio (February 8, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-02-09
Author Name:Terry Moore


Katchoo loves Francine, but her wild past and dangerous enemies prove to be more than Francine can handle. 
Find out where the girls go from here in the fourth Pocket Book collection of the Strangers in Paradise story.


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  •     I can't say I'd consider myself a hardcore SIP fan since I don't buy every color issue that comes out, but I do own all 5 pocket books. I usually finish them in a couple hours because they're just that good.To those who have never read SIP, I highly recommend it. It's not a child's comic book. There are some real and deep situations in these novels and it's probably best for kids not to read them.These novels deal with (un)conditional love, where the line between the love that two people share as friends and the love that two people share as lovers is blurred.You'll find that the images are drawn to perfection, conveying emotions so well you'll swear the characters were alive.Please give this a read, you won't regret it!
  •     Im on page 102 of this vol.1 pocket edition and hooked. What will happen next, when or will Francine and Katchoo hook up? What did Katchoo do in Canada? For me its more like a fully illustrared novel...cant wait to get to the end and start on vol.2 thru to the end...Already have Terry Moore's Echo complete one book collected issues ordered on the all started when I picked up "How to Draw Beautiful" by Terry Moore, as I'm seriously getting back into my art after too long a hiatius. Just looking at his technique and sheer awesome art talent I thought, if he writes half as good as he draws ive got to read Strangers in Paradise! And its more than met my expectations. If you like comics and your tastes have matured to where the x-men just don't cut it anymore, try this might be just what the literary Dr. Ordered. (Though I'm not above sci-fi and hero comics, as I was blown away by the Batman Earth One book! But this is a great switch up to break the constant good vs evil thing...S.I.P. is more grey, like real life.)
  •     The saga of Francine and Katchoo continues. Wonderful art, wonderful story.Book arrived quickly and in great condition - none of the words fell out along the way.
  •     There's not much I can add that the other reviewers have already.. put it this way.. I would never give a graphic novel five stars unless I loved it as much as say Alan Moore's original Watchmen books or Swamp Thing or Dark Knight Returns by Miller or Preacher / Hellblazer by Garth and Ennis or Sandman by Gaiman or Killing Joke (Batman graphic novel think it was by Alan Moore?) or V for Vendetta (think that was Alan Moore too?) or Kingdom Come by DC ... to me this ranks right up there with all those legends.. never mind there's no super heroes or high fantasy elements.. to me that's part of the whole appeal it's about normal every day life but it's SO well written and illustrated you can't help but love it ! And it's refreshing to see a book mainly about female characters too ... much as I hate to say it a lot of the comic books out there tend to focus more heavily on the male characters which makes Strangers in Paradise a wonderfully refreshing change..
  •     got here fast looks great
  •     Perfect! I love Terry Moore to little pieces, but buying the full-size volumes was very hard on my budget. This was great.
  •     got here fast looks great
  •     Enjoyed the writing style and unique combination of romance, thrills, suspense, and reality. Very good jumping point for people interested in reading the independent circuit.
  •     got here fast looks great
  •     While reading volume 4, I thought to myself "you know, this is getting repetitive and unbelievable." Then I hit page 63, where Francine's daughter's publisher (reviewing SiP) says "the book is repetitive and unbelievable." So I cheated, skipped volume 5 entirely, and got this one, since I wanted to see how it all ends. I don't think I missed anything important.Will Katchoo and Francine's love ever get requited? Well, if I told you, that would be a spoiler, wouldn't it? How's this for a truncated spoiler - you'll never guess who Casey ends up with.This review should indicate to you that if you want to read this series, you'll have to start from the beginning. (Actually, I cheated there as well and started with volume 2, and it still made sense.)
  •     Since there's presently no way to review the individual S.I.P. Pocket Books, I've collated my nuanced reviews of each installment with convenient headers...
  •     Terry Moore is a genius! Absolutely love the lyrics and the artwork in this collection.
  •     Terry Moore is a genius. I can't believe I'm finding out about this series so late. Why didn't anyone tell me this amazing thing existed!
  •     This has since been collected in one massive book so you can read the whole storyline straight through and it's well worth it. Especially if you missed some of the softbacks or wore them out. No capes of superpowers allowed here- but a gripping story about regular people that will keep your attention.
  •     My daughter turned me onto Francine and Katchoo and I have loved every book in the series. I was genuinely sorry to see the story come to an end. Watching the characters grow over the series, their stories and their personalities evolve. There are comic and poignant moments and although some of the situations are melodramatic and even ridiculous, never do the characters come across as stereo-typical. Rather, they continue to surprise by doing things that you don't anticipate but you never question what happens. Most of the characters are not only people you could know but characters you would want to know. Some of the novels also include side stories, unrelated to the main story. Like pet projects the artist not only wanted to include but was loathe not to share, they are there as a special treat for the reader and every one of them is a treat.So a big thank you to my daughter for exposing me to some fun and fabulous graphic novels.
  •     I was explaining this to a friend yesterday who is not a comic or graphic novel reader. All of the other reviews here are geared for those who already read the genre so mine is...
  •     Sorry--I try not to compare books to other books, because every book is kind of an island after a fashion.Good plot and character development (as a series).

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