Simpson's Big Bonanza

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Press:Harpercollins Harper Design; 1 edition (January 27, 1999)
Publication Date:1999-1
Author Name:Groening, Matt


In this new compilation, the Simpsons travel to the land of Krustonia,      Homer Simpson vies for the Springfield wrestling championship, Mr. 
Burns clones a plant full of Smitherses, and Homer contracts amnesia and thinks he is Radioactive Man.
This is the eighth book in our comic book compilation series by Matt Groening.
Here's a look at the Simpsons' latest antics: #28: Come to the land ruled by the funniest man ever to secede from the United States for tax purposes: Krusty the Clown! See a page torn from our nation's history and a new chapter taped in neatly so the pages don't stick together! #29: Let's get ready to Ruuuuuuuuuumble! Prepare yourself for a battle royale with cheese as Homer J.
throws his fat into the ring in a quest to become the wrasslin' champeen of all Springfield! #30: Montgomery Burns has fired every one of his employees and has replaced them with clones of Waylon Smithers! Yet, it isn't long before these Smitherses are at each others throats, throwing the plant into chaos as each vies to be the object of Burns' affections! Can the one, true Smithers save the plant before it's torn apart by his neatly dressed, gene-spliced brethren? #31: Homer Simpson IS Radioactive Man! At least, that's what he thinks after contracting a nasty case of amnesia en route to a costume party.
This fusion delusion leads to confusion and forced seclusion in Springfield's foremost mental institution!


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Comment List (Total:6)

  •     This is his best yet, it was the first I ever got and it is still the best! The four in order of my liking is Smitherses, then Krustonia, then The Boxing One, and last Radioactive Man. But, still they were all awesome
  •     It was cool in some parts and bad in others. THe program ia much better. If you want a really good simpsons book try the complete guide to our favourite family.
  •     This was an okay book, with nothing exceptional. Starting the book off with "Krustonia" was a big mistake, as it's easily the worst Simpsons comic ever. Once you start reading it, it gets boring, so take my advice, read everything else first, then come back to this one, since I lost enthusiasm after struggling to complete Krustonia for several days. That said, Homer's wresting days are really funny, the Smithers clones are strange, but somehow very entertaining. (Mr. Burns better watch out :) and Homer as Radioactive Man was great, especially to see Leon "Michael Jackson" Komposki back. I also liked the mini-Ned Flanders mystery, and the guide to comic book conventions. If it weren't for Krustonia, this book would be the perfect buy.
  •     i want matts autograph
  •     Despite the cover, there is no western-related comic in this book (probably a good thing). This comic book is funny (it includes a comic book convention survival guide and a look at Lisa's dream house), but Matt Groening and company really raised the bar with some of their other comic books-hence the four star grade."Krustonia"-Krusty starts his own utopian nation to avoid paying income taxes. Sounds like something he'd do."Flanders' Big Score"-Fun-diddly-fun comic where amateur detective Ned Flanders investigates the case of the missing church fund-raiser money."Let's Get Ready to Bumble"-Homer becomes a professional wrestler. Not as good as the other comics in this book."Bringing Down Baby"-Short starring Maggie which also includes the infamous baby with the one eyebrow. Only mildly amusing."Smitherses!"-The nuclear power plant employees are on strike for a 5 cent per year raise. True to form, Mr. Burns decides that the best solution is to clone a staff of devoted sycophants (i.e. Smitherses). When the Smitherses begin to compete for Mr. Burns' attention-Watch out! This is a funny, imaginative comic."Bore Us the Movie Gruel"-Bart and company watch a 1950s film starring Troy McClure (how old is this guy?) and a mule. The usual sarcastic comments are offered."Radioactive Homer"-A complicated comic. The gist of it is that Homer believes he is Radioactive Man and joins forces with Leon (insane asylum inmate "Michael Jackson" in the TV episode "Stark Raving Dad") to take down Mr. Burns' "Project Q" (mentioned in Simpsons Comics #1 in the Extravaganza book). Has a very funny ending.
  •     I think this is Matt Groenings best comic yeat.The simpsons are great and I watch them every day and espeacily on sundays!I think Matts doing a fantastic job.His new t.v.series on fox is going to be just as good as the simpsons.DOH!

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