Keep It Pithy: Useful Observations in a Tough World

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Press: Random House Audio; Unabridged edition (May 7, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-5
Author Name:O'Reilly, Bill


From the bestselling author of Killing Lincoln and host of Fox News' top show The O'Reilly Factor, the best of Bill O’Reilly’s provocative writing—reflecting his ideas, wisdom, and core valuesBill O’Reilly is one of the most recognized and talked-about journalists of our time. 
With an unparalleled track record as an author and with the #1-rated Fox News show, The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly has become a veritable institution of political insight and keen advice.
In Keep It Pithy, O’Reilly offers a classic collection of the most memorable writings from his bestselling books, and looks back at how his opinions and ideas have been proven right or wrong by the passage of time.
With his trademark candor and no-nonsense approach, each chapter focuses on a core theme as it gathers O’Reilly’s thoughts on the most compelling issues of our time and provides readers an illuminating guide to the American cultural landscape.
  A spirited and personal book, Keep It Pithy is the perfect addition to an O’Reilly fan’s library, or the best introduction for the few left uninitiated.From the Hardcover edition.

About the Author

For more than 13 years Bill O'Reilly has presided over The O'Reilly Factor on the FOX News Channel. 
O’Reilly is a three-time Emmy Award winner as well as the recipient of a Governor's Award from the Boston/New England chapter of the prestigious National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
Before becoming executive producer and anchor of The Factor, he served as national correspondent for ABC News and as anchor of the nationally syndicated news magazine program Inside Edition.
He is the author of numerous mega-bestsellers, and in total, more than 5 million copies of his books are in circulation.
He holds master's degrees from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and Boston University.
Asked about his proudest professional achievement Bill has said, "The millions of dollars we are able to give to charity."


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     I'm a Bill O'Reilly fan and this book is quite enjoyable. Will the real Bill O'Reilly please show himself? Exactly! Bill and I have much the same mindset. I rate this right up there with Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy. With my Kindle ap, I still have more Bill O'Reilly books to read.
  •     Some of this is a regurgitation of other works that he has done, but he goes into great depth to give a fair assessment of the facts. He asks very hard questions and expects reasoned answers. That is a rarity today. This book will make your thinking all the more fair.
  •     ok book
  •     This is a good book full of 'common sense' and useful advice if you are not one of Bill's regular followers. But, if you are a long time follower of his TV program, most of the material covered in the book sounds repetitive, almost like "...I just heard him say that a few months ago."
  •     Mr. O Reilly puts the cream in the coffee. Life in all its forms with humor and the edge of experience.
  •     Enjoyed the book. I agree with most of what he says.
  •     As usual, funny and witty
  •     Not Bill's best
  •     Stock O'Reilly but nothing new. Easy read and common sense but basically rehashed stuff. Sort of like a Greatest Hits album.
  •     I really enjoyed this book. I have been watching O'Reilly's TV program regularly for some time. Many of his observations in the book are the same as I've heard on his show but, this time, with explanations.I thought it was an amazing collection of O'Reilly "isms" for which he is famous. He doesn't shy away from controversies; he hits them head-on.Because of the variety of the subjects covered, this book is best read in short spurts, letting each soak in before tackling the next.
  •     Having read a number of Bill O’Reilly’s books, I decided to choose his pithy book to get a sense of his philosophy.
  •     A never read book. Bill O'Reilly thinks he knows better then anyone he has on his show. If he doesn't like what they say he cuts them off and goes to next person or his own...
  •     Worst of O'Reilly books.
  •     Oreilly’s traditional views are so often misinterpreted.Where he believes cops should be involved with rules and enforcement, fewer cops are needed, and more liberty for the people is due.Whether it's an inner city filled with minorities or an area where mostly whites live, enforcing rules that have no biblical reason to exist, usually leads to injustice, grows the government, and directly insults the purpose of the constitution, which is to prevent abuse of power and limit the government.While I agree the founding fathers used Judeo-Christian philosophy to forge the most inspired document of all time, the rules lawmakers create today don't promote the message of love, forgiveness, and judge not.Take prostitution, for example, prostitution is illegal in most American cities, yet Joshua in the old testament stays in a prostitute home to carry the pre-destined path God prepared for him.Jesus said to the people condemning a prostitute: "He who is without sin, throw the first stone". This could be applied to any law that isn’t affecting anyone but the person who is hurting themselves.Instead, lawmakers accuse and prosecute which fits the description of the character of Satan. Satan was described as the "accuser of the brethren" in Revelation which describes what cops and prosecutors do every day.If America wants to honor Judeo-Christian philosophy in Government, There should be much tolerance for these types of people, a huge wave of unmerited grace, and we shouldn’t be accusing our brethren of their wrongs. Especially, when they don’t affect other people. The accusing spirit is from the dark side.As Christians, we should set the example in our homes, in our lives, and be the light of the world. We should never point the finger, never accuse, and always attract people to our way of life through love. The first and most important amendment guarantees us this right.Oreilly was just accused of several sex scandals in the media. In this book, he judges Bill Clinton for his blow job in the oval office. Bill Cosby was mentioned in the book before his sex scandals weren’t brought up.I think Christ would stand with these individuals in their defense which is exactly what the constitution guarantees. The fifth amendment sure is nice when you're the bad guy and aren’t we all at times.If you really interpret the constitution correctly, it defends both people doing good and bad. The most beautiful thing about it is it encourages the church to promote “righteous living” in the 1st amendment, while also limiting the government's power and involvement.It’s my belief our founders were absolutely Christians and were expecting the church to shape society for righteousness from of a position of love within their churches.To expect the government to shape society through enforcement of rules is the opposite of liberty, and not the spirit of the text forged. It’s far from the spirit of God in whom our national motto professes we trust.In the book, OReilly is correct about organized religious groups rallying their flocks to oppose gay marriage. It’s created an unpleasant lifestyle war Mike Huckabee talked about in his book: God, Guns, Grits and Gravy.I think God would be most disgusted with the church in this scenario for not explaining the reason of life more effectively while admitting his people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.Oreilly states in the book his belief is that he will somehow be rewarded in the afterlife from God. This is not what the bible says yet seems to be the general belief of the entire Christian church.I believe Muslims also think they will go somewhere after they die. Suicide Bombers wouldn’t blow themselves up if they thought they were in heaven on earth and had the ability to pursue happiness.To be pithy, believing there is a literal devil in a tangible burning torture chamber with a band of invisible demons flying around planet earth is a false interpretation of the biblical metaphors used by Christ himself.To believe heaven is anything other than the sky filled with God’s glory would also be a false interpretation of the bible and Quran for that matter.David wrote: “If I’m in heaven, you're there, and if I make my bed in hell, you're there.” David's line here indicates that he was allowed the freedom to choose to make his bed in hell or heaven on earth. I think the constitution guarantees Americans this freedom as well.A more practical approach that an atheist or even agnostic could agree with is that everlasting life comes through your children and grandchildren, and it’s wise to leave an inheritance for them, and their children. As a Christian, this is what I believe.If the church used their first amendment to express truth more effectively, than things that end in death wouldn’t be as attractive to those partaking of it daily, and in the case of gay marriage, making a covenant to God not to reproduce, henceforth committing to death wouldn’t be something to be proud of.Oreilly describes “Gay pride” as offensive in his book, and to a family man trying to teach his children to reproduce his heritage, I can see why. However, the answer to stand against them telling them they are going to burn like some religious fanatics have done makes no practical sense to anyone with a brain.Truthfully, those leading their flocks to point fingers at others wrongs should sit down and read the bible again with a strong's concordance. There reasoning and understanding aren't clear.Their pride in Christianity is just as bad as the gay pride. The ones that don’t offend anyone else in their lifestyle choice are the ones not to blame.Oreilly was born the same year as my Father. Reading this book took me in his spin zone for a few days and I enjoyed it.
  •     It was great hearing an in depth, personal view of Bill O'Reilly's ideas and thoughts. I watch him on the Factor often and admire his commitment to the truth and being objective and refusing the spin. I have already adopted some of Bill's ideas into some of my puzzling life issues that now are solved. Thanks Bill!
  •     Husband didn't read it
  •     Very good.

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