Sculling in a Nutshell: Second Edition

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Press: Gordon Hamilton; Second Edition edition (February 7, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-2
Author Name:Hamilton, Gordon


Technical Book on Sculling and Sweep Rowing for Beginners to Elite from the perspective of Stability and the Preservation of Momentum with sections on Drills and General Rowing Topics


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  •     Purchase. Read carefully, visualize and practice. Reread at least every year. Every sentence has a meaning. This may not be obvious at first but as you become more skillful the rationale and effect becomes clear. It is my impression that the newbies who learn Gordon's style progress more rapidly and develop well-founded technique that makes them successful and motivated scullers.
  •     I bought two, one for my bedside table and one alongside my erg. Buy the e-book - it's got clever and precise visual animations for every level of rower.This book again is excellent for all levels, from beginners to elite rowers. It's concise and well written in a way you feel you've heard for the very first time. Gordon seems to step back with what seems like stripped down, clear explanations of each critical component such as the rowing stroke and keeping the blades off the water. NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE! Contrary to what other coaches might teach, Gordon takes counter intuitive and turns it into common sense. He manages somehow to make more into less. Phew!Gordon tells you why not to do something. How refreshing! Crystal clear explanations of precisely what to do and why you do it are given. Great analogies are also given to further help with you understand techniques, but in a way you haven't heard before. Now I get it!What has been one of the most helpful in Gordon's first book for me, is his emphasis placed on stability through posture, biomechanics and fluid mechanics. With his keen explanations, it's easy for me to relate to something personal. It's often another sport, art or math. The creativity and passion that went into this book makes me want to be a better rower.I hope to get down to the Florida Rowing Center for hands on coaching.
  •     Rowing for seven years with coaching from more than a half dozen coaches, I did not expect to be surprised. This book offers up a way to solidify your connection to the shell in ways I have never heard of. In the process, the author changes up terminology you are accustomed to hearing to improve the comprehension of the mental image he wants you to understand.Only wish I stumbled on this earlier.
  •     Some of his ideas are not universally shared, but a very good read, lots of good advice on sculling.Makes me want to take a class with Hamilton!
  •     The first two pages or so has you standing or sitting in front of a mirror and trying to put into practice his points. It just gets better from there.
  •     I like the style and find the advice useful and relatively easy to implement. I'm a fairly new sculler (4 years) and believe that the book has helped improve my rowing.
  •     This book gives drills and technique skills that are vital to proper rowing. Gordon has a detailed understanding of the biomechanics of rowing properly.
  •     A very interesting book which looks "outside the box" at sculling technique. I have been using some of the ideas in my own sculling and with the crews I coach and they...
  •     Excellent technical. Content
  •     As a rower and a coach I give Gordon's book two thumbs up!His advice on every aspect of the stroke speaks to novice and intermediate rowers as well as veteran competitors. The graphs and analogies he includes to drive home his black-and-white approach to rowing clearly comes from an understanding of the sport after decades of experience.This is not a book to be read just once or even once a year, instead it should be considered a guide to be referred to throughout the year. Whatever your problem is in the rowing shell, Gordon's book has the cure. It should be considered a medical journal for rowing!
  •     What is difficult, I've found, with a sport such as rowing is b/c it is so textile. So hands on and detailed. Even the smallest things can't be overlooked.
  •     Excellent, well reasoned approach to rowing faster, achieving stability in the boat, and understanding the critcal elements of the sculling stroke.
  •     If you only get one book on sculling, make this the one. Gordon Hamilton's lucid explanations very effectively convey concepts that are not necessarily easy to grasp, but are essential to effective sculling. Whether you are a beginner or have many years of experience this book has something for you. If you are a rowing coach, especially if you are coaching beginners, this book should be in your library.
  •     After indoor rowing on and off for ten years now I was blessed with the opportunity to purchase my first recreational scull this past summer. I thought I would jump on the boat and just row away due to all the time spent on the indoor rower. My first on the water outings were almost comical. I immediately headed to the internet, the library, youtube and reddit to learn as much as I could. I was fortunate to meet a few other scullers locally which is not really a thing in a Colorado mountain town. I have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15 times this summer and plan on getting in quite a few more outings before lake that my wife and I live next to freezes over. I picked up this book about a week ago and just could not put it down. It has been super informative and has changed my sculling level drastically even in the last two times out. The drills that I understand and have tried are great thus far and I look forward to learning and trying out the rest. I have even read and tried many of the techniques suggested while reading my Kindle version on the water on the phone (in a water proof case of course).If I were to give any feedback, opinion or request regarding the book it would be surrounding more pictures or illustrations with markings and indicators to help you visualize. I found myself having to re-read and think about what was being said to be sure that I was applying the techniques properly. Even then I am not entirely sure and having an on the water partner or coach to walk you through it would be huge. Or video of yourself. The Kindle edition did have links to some external animations that did help somewhere with the understanding. Not the best animations in the world but pretty good.Bottom line is that this book is so chock full of things that I am trying I will be referencing it on and off the water the rest of this season and many seasons to come I can't wait to read some other books and see how they compare. There was even a chapter on cold water rowing which is something I can relate to rowing exclusively on mountain lakes thus far. Had a good little blurb on Erging to.Highly recommend this book to anyone who is new to on the water rowing and super green. Like I said I have been on the water less than 20 times and every time I go out I improve. Buy this book!
  •     Want to be faster, with better form and stability in the boat?From a novice to the most experienced rower, Gordon Hamilton's book delivers!It may be called "Sculling in a Nutshell," but it's an orchard full of pertinent information of why and how...
  •     This book had a number of different ways to look at the rowing stroke and ways to increase your boat speed.
  •     Rowing for smart people.....You will learn to get out of your own way

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