The Marshall Plan for Getting Your Novel Published: 90 Strategies and Techniques for Selling Your Fiction

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Press: Writer's Digest Books (May 2003)


In this, the third book in the popular Marshall Plan series, noted author and agent Evan Marshall focuses readers on making a good novel better and taking the next step of sending work to editors and agents - all with an insider's knowledge. 
He teaches them how to: - Improve dialogue, tension and pace - Edit for clarity, concision and correctness - Approach agents and editors the right way - Evaluate their relationships with editors and publishers - Successfully promote their novel - Outline the steps for a dream career path In all, readers will find 87 no-nonsense tips for writing professional quality fiction, plus detailed advice on submitting their work, selecting - and working with - a publisher, and promoting their finished novel.

About the Author

Evan Marshall is a successful literary agent and author with nearly 30 years of publishing experience. 
A true industry insider, he's written The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing and The Marshall Plan Workbook, as well as several mysteries.


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  •     The book I have is the exact one but it's blue instead of pink. It was a good book to read, but, nothing stood out that I remember without opening it up and glancing back through the pages. I think the title aims to latch on to the writers who may think of themselves as advanced writers and it backfires by not really giving any new information that the Marshall Plan For Getting Your Novel Published: 90 strategies and techniques for selling your fiction to brag about.
  •     In The Marshall Plan For Getting Your Novel Published: 90 Strategies And Techniques For Selling Your Fiction, successful literary agent Evan Marshall draws upon his more than of 30 years' publishing experience and expertise to offer a wealth of practical, "real world" advice to penning professional quality fiction, including different writing modes to reflect action, dialogue, summary, background, or feelings, as well as the principles to keep in mind when submitting one's work, telling a good publishing offer from a bad one, taking full advantage of the services of an editor, and more. Highly recommended for beginning writers seeking to have their novels and short story collections profitably published, The Marshall Plan For Getting Your Novel Published should be in the Writing & Publishing reference collections of all university and community libraries.
  •     Excellent book written by an outstand author for learning how and getting your novel published.
  •     As a child learns the ABC's so the neophyte writer begins their quest toward their desired craft of story telling. This book has helped me tremendously. Having finished my novel I didn't know the first step toward becoming published. This book has given me that information and much more. The final sentence Quote 'You can't not write' should speak for all avid readers that someday pickup their pen (word processor?) and begin their long awaited novel. If I never succeed into print I will spend the rest of my life writing and reading, I can think of anything I'd rather do.A great book of instruction, don't miss it.
  •     Marshall's book is a succinct, easily understood, and easy to follow guide to the steps to acquiring an agent or publisher for your work. He gives helpful examples for each of his tips and instructions for formatting and submitting your work. I heartily recommend this book to anyone working toward getting a novel published.
  •     Not much of that arthouse stuff here, folks. Ambigous ramblings on the mystery of the craft are noticably absent. That's because ambiguity and mystery are precisely what this book serves to erradicate.Having read and benefited from Marshall's earlier works on writing, my hopes for this one were high. Mr. Marshall did not dissapoint. Face it, we glad men and women in the army of the unpublished are amateurs--but we don't have to present ourselves as such. He doesn't cotton to our "foster your creativity" sort of needs; he takes us to boot camp, shows us what it's going to take to become writers. I loved it. More than that, I needed it: From shoring up my plot and pace to letting me know exactly what my ms., cover letter, synopsis, etc. needed to convey and look like. Want to break into print? Start with "The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing". Then get this one. Years from now, if you are honest with yourself, you'll be glad you did.
  •     The author clearly knows how to write as well as to describe the writing process. I particularly liked the innovative and astute observations he uses on several aspects on writing a novel...ranging from using careful placement of the viewpoint, to knowing when to describe characters or places in the story.Very succinct, and with plenty of writing examples, Evan Marshall gained a foothold in my library of writing books. Every serious writer should read this book.

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