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Press: DK Eyewitness Travel; Revised edition (March 17, 2014)
Publication Date:2014-3-17
Author Name:DK Publishing


DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: France will lead you straight to the best attractions the country has to offer. 
Packed with photographs, illustrations, and detailed street-by-street maps of the major cities and towns, this fully updated guidebook will help you to discover France region-by-region, from Champagne in the north to the sun-blessed corner of Provence and the Cote d'Azur.
DK's insider travel tips and essential local information will help you discover more about your destinations, from the world-class architecture of the Louvre to the island-life of Corsica to the rich culture, history, art, wine, and food of this charming country.
Comprehensive listings include the best hotels, chateaus, resorts, restaurants, cafes, and nightlife in each region for all budgets.
What's new in DK Eyewitness Travel Guides: New itineraries based on length of stay, regional destinations, and themes.
Brand-new hotel and restaurants listings including DK's Choice recommendations.
Restaurant locations plotted on redrawn area maps and listed with sights.
Redesigned and refreshed interiors make the guides even easier to read.
With hundreds of full-color photographs, hand-drawn illustrations, and custom maps that illuminate every page, DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: France truly shows you this country as no one else can.



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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     A great quick reference for France, great guide to carry around with you, or give you a glimpse of where you might want to visit when you go to France. There are so many regions, and different terrains that all have something to offer travelers.
  •     I looked at dozens of travel guides for France and hands down this is the best. I had several very seasoned fellow travelers recommend DK Eyewitness on my trip. It's the right combination of text and pictures. Good detail about many petit villages I visted. I won't leave again on a European tour without an Eyewitness guide book. Compare but for a compact book to take on your trip it's the best. Therefore, a 5 star rating.
  •     Having extensively traveled, I have found DK guide books to be the most useful. The early part of the book describes the history and culture of France. Afterwards, the book reviews the various regions of France with highlights of each region. The maps are superb. All and all an outstanding guide book!
  •     I used the book a lot, it is lacking Paris Metro maps and maybe maps of the 20 arrondissements en was a good book to have while traveling though, good paper, resistant to wear and tear.
  •     Beautiful pictures and descriptions of locations in France.
  •     Very helpful in planning our most recent trip to France.
  •     the DK guides are my favorites to look at before a trip but they are too heavy too carry since they are printed on quality paper.
  •     The most clear and concise travel guide with wonderful photography, reviews and maps.
  •     Well laid out and easy to navigate
  •     Good information
  •     I love DK Eyewitness travel books and have one for every trip I take. What I especially like are the color pictures and little maps that illuminate and inform. The highlights they cover for each region, town or city are extremely interesting. There is enough information so that I am not overwhelmed, but not so much I am bored. The books are big and heavy and I do not pack them. However, when I get home, they usually help with all those "Where was I?" pictures. I find the section on shopping, hotels and restaurants a bit limited, but I don't buy the books for those sections. I usually look online or read Trip Advisor for more up-to-date recommendations and ideas.
  •     Very thorough book. Helped me out a lot during my 3 month stay in France.
  •     Great book on France...could use more detail
  •     I have purchased a DK Eyewitness Travel Guide for almost every International destination that I've travelled to in the last decade, and the "Eyewitness Travel" books are my preferred guide books. This one is everything I hoped for, and is already marked with many tape flags for the places we will visit during our 3 week river cruise from the South of France all the way to Normandy. At 672 pages, it is a comprehensive guide, organized by region with maps, history, places of interest and suggested tours for every region.The book includes 1455 photographs, 80 detailed maps and 215 illustrations. Larger cathedrals and museums warrant a 2-page spread and a significant amount of detail about what you will see there. The organization by region makes sense to me, and the pages of each region are color coded to the map in the inside front cover for easy navigation. You can either read through the guide by region/location, or flip to the comprehensive 25-page index if you're looking for a specific place/attraction. The glossy paper allows a high print quality, and the font, though small is easily readable.
  •     My family has used DK travel guides for years, for planning our trips. We like the organization of the books, which help you find the info you need quickly. We usually take the books with us on trips, but use a smaller guide to carry around cities. (Most publishers make pocket-sized books for exactly this purpose--we have use Frommers and Rick Steves books with success.)Normally I would give these guides 5 stars. My only complaint was that the index was printed in small, light type which is hard for older eyes to see. But, starting with this year's guide, DK has chosen a light, san-serif type style for the whole book. So now, we have good text, excellent illustrations and maps, but the whole book is difficult to read. Bad choice, DK! Try a darker and larger type for next year!
  •     Maps, both general and specific, with recommended walking courses. Web links to more information. Pictures of places and things, including main attractions and interesting details. This is DK. And it's exactly what I needed and wanted. I went with Lonely Planet for my trip to Morocco, and was terribly disappointed. That book is almost solid text because it has descriptions of restaurants and such, but so much was outdated, romanticized, or simply wrong so that I am very happy to enjoy my DK books, which compliment the apps that I use to plan my trips. The only reason that I gave this book a 4 is that DK bindings are not good. I would prefer an electronic version. Thank you.
  •     I always buy DK tourism books before my trips - they are so well done. I've bought a few, and I've never had a bad one! Full of good information, portable, beautiful to look at.
  •     Eye Witness Books are great travel books whether you are dreaming of going or planning a trip. Will buy more.

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