The Bush Family Cookbook: Favorite Recipes and Stories from One of America's Great Families (Lisa Drew Books)

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Press:Scribner Book Company Scribner (November 1, 2005)
Author Name:De Guzman, Ariel


First edition. 
Signed by George Bush, Barbara Bush, and Ariel de Guzman.


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  •     ordered this book at the request of my wife and she really has enjoyed it and I have benefited from it as well.
  •     I loved this book so much I went back and bought a copy for my mother in law. It's difficult to find a cookbook with more than a couple of stand out recipes but this cookbook has many. Even more surprising, the ingredients in most recipes were "pantry friendly".
  •     Loved the Bush Cookbook. If I had a slight concern it would be that one might have to shop for specific ingredients (as we sometimes do for other recipes), some of us don't keep some of the ingredients (for several recipes) on hand. Otherwise, it was fun to make some of the Bush family's dishes, knowing they enjoyed them, too.
  •     There are lots of easy and delicious recipes from family members as well as their chef.Give it a try!
  •     Really a good book
  •     Some good recipes that I would try, but also some that I probably wouldn't.
  •     Ariel is to be commended for his stick -to -it- ness and his family who all sound wonderful. I enjoyed reading about him as much as the Bushes.
  •     If you don't like "ethnic" foods or anything spicy, this might be up your alley. Although the writer of this book is Filipino, there is only one recipe - lumpia - that isn't a...
  •     The writing was well done, easy to follow, and the recipes I tried were delicious. I did adapt some so they were less fattening, but it didn't detract from the quality. This book will definitly be given as Christmas gifts to the food fanciers of my family and friends.
  •     Not only good recipes but good stories also
  •     Great book!
  •     I know, it is silly to rate a cookbook, and then say "I can't wait to try the recipes." The recipes sound great, and the story of the author (which I read in the cookbook) is very interesting.
  •     The recipes are easy to follow and user friendly. A great variety and suggestions for making ahead. I just sent for the book after using a friends for a month! It's very inexpensive now so it's a great buy.
  •     With the plethora of cookbooks available, you sort of have to wonder what the point of this one is.Does anybody think that any publisher would seriously consider publishing a cookbook by a man whose total culinary credentials appear to consist of (1) Navy mess cook and (2) private cook to one family?Ariel de Guzman is probably a nice man & a perfectly competent cook, but it is unlikely he would be a PUBLISHED cook without the "Bush" tag.A number of the recipes sound quite good--but it's a little alarming, I must say, with all we have learned about nutritional values, to read that Mr. de Guzman thinks canned vegetables are "more nutritious than fresh."One of the previous reviewers commented that "last year, at President Bush's yearly checkup at the doctor's, it was determined that he is as healthy as a well trained the recipes are not bad for you." I think maybe that reviewer is a bit confused. I have to assume he or she is referring to the yearly physical of the CURRENT President Bush, not the former one. Ariel de Guzman is the former president's cook.I would assume the present President Bush, who has not lived with his parents for many years, only occasionally eats de Guzman's food, so his reportedly splendid physical condition is due to other culinary influences. (I understand that Mrs. Laura Bush monitors the present President's intake of calorie and cholesterol laden foods quite closely.)btw, I do rather resent the gratuitous description, by one of the reviewers, of President Clinton as a "grifter." This is, presumably, a COOK book, not a POLITICAL book. Let's try to keep those sorts of comments for the reviews of political books.
  •     I bought this cookbook after having read an article in The Houston Chronicle. Then, I bought it as soon as it came out and flew home to try out the recipes.

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