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Press:New Amer Library Signet; First Edition edition (June 5, 2007)
Author Name:Finn, Lucy


A sexy, whimsical debut featuring the hunky genie of one single mom's dreams... 
Back in her tiny hometown with a new baby to care for, successful attorney Ravine Patton thought her life had gone up in smoke.
Then her Diaper Genie went haywire, and out popped a handsome pilot who'd been trapped inside.
Gene-who, it turns out, is her genie-has granted her three wishes.
Lucky Ravine now has the gorgeous hunk scrubbing her entire house.
But it isn't long before she starts falling for Gene, which means big trouble.
Because once her third wish is fulfilled, he'll vanish from her life forever.
And Ravine realizes she's going to have to be very careful about what she wishes for next.

From Booklist

Cocky, handsome Aussie RAF pilot Gene O'Neill was shot down over North Africa in 1942. 
But after he seduced his host's concubine, he was transformed into a jinni and spent the next 60-plus years waiting for someone to release him from his bottle.
So imagine exhausted new single mother Ravine's surprise when she opens the new Diaper Genie thoughtfully provided by her mother, to discover a real jinni^B materializing before her, prepared to grant her three wishes.
But trouble is brewing in rural Noxen, Pennsylvania, and Ravine is involved.
Gene, very much a man of his time, is protective of the woman he considers his, but Ravine shrugs off his concern until she realizes her family is in danger.
Finn's paranormal romance provides fast-paced entertainment, and the various subplots involving nefarious attempts to gain control of large spreads of farmland, relatives with domestic troubles, and Ravine's mother's second-chance romance add depth and complexity to this new twist on Aladdin's lamp.
Lynne WelchCopyright © American Library Association.
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Comment List (Total:7)

  •     I'm new to reading any type of fantasy/romance novel - only previously read The Key Trilogy books by Nora Roberts.This story held my attention - which is not an easy task - it was a pleasant vacation read.
  •     This was written with a good imagination. Its an easy to read book , a nice change. I would read more from Lucy Finn
  •     When I originally saw this book in the store I wrote it off as one of the many badly written paranormal books that line the shelves these days, but when it appeared again as a recommendation for Amazon I decided to take look. It was definitely worth the look and the read. The author isn't new, she has a more serious paranormal series out under another name that seems to be popular but not my thing due to the military "special forces" bent. This book is about a woman that finds a genie or a Djinni to be more accurate, in of all places, a diaper genie. Yep I know, sounds stupid but no, the woman is a lawyer who after getting pregnant unexpectantly returns to the small town of Noxon in Pennsylvania where she grew up. I expected this book to be filled with a lot of unrealistic silliness but instead I found the story of a woman who is struggling to put her life back together after a major upheaval, who isn't focused on shoes, or clothes or hanging out with her girlfriends "dishing" on guys. Granted the story is about a woman that finds a genie and in the end falls in love with said genie but along the way there are serious issues woven in with the fantasy that made the book stand out. I enjoyed reading it and will look for other similar books by this author.
  •     Lucy Finn made having a genie sound like more fun than a circus. Well written and funny. Akin to Janet Evonovich.
  •     This was a really nice read. It was light. Perfect for a beach read.I enjoyed the characters Ravine and the Genie Gene. They were well developed and made me laugh, alot. There was suspence,Humor, Romance ( although, mild as it was. )some sadness, but still a happily ever after. I usually take about a week to read a book ,I read this in less then 24 hours.It was a page turner. There were only a couple of negative's about this book. This was suppose to be a Paranornmal Romance ( which is the genre I really love ) as stated by a magazine, which are darker, edgier and packs more heat, while this was more Chick lit, had more humor and a lot less heat, but it had substance and thats what counts.Please pick it up, give it a try you may enjoy it to.
  •     Our book club read this book last month. Everybody loved it and passed it on to friends when done. It is funny and clever, sometimes moving, and with some wonderful lyrical passages that our members underlined and read. One passage was "Lies never turn out well. Never. No exceptions. The truth is a funny thing. It surfaces no matter how deeply its buried." The book is a fast, charming read.
  •     Ravine is a down-to-earth, practical attorney who does things her own way. Then, she finds a genie, and suddenly, things have to change, starting with her. Gene is not your ordinary Genie. He's only been one a few decades, cursed to fulfill wishes by a man whose woman he might have dallied with, and gotten caught. He's also not Arabian, but an Aussie. It does not take long to realize that there is something more between them than master and servant; for one thing, Ravine refuses to treat him as a slave, preferring to call him her partner. Yet, both know that once a third wish is made, he will have to depart.***** This story has something to touch all your emotional senses; humor, drama, touching moments, and romance. Gene is the most charming jinn I've ever encountered, a perfect contrast to Ravine's type A-ness. If you have never read or actively avoided genie stories, then this exceptional book deserves to be your first, and if you love them, then definitely get it. *****Amanda Killgore

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