Ancient Greece: The Famous Monuments Past and Present

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Press:Oxford Univ Pr Oxford University Press (January 6, 2000)
Author Name:Behor, G.


This tour through ancient Greece includes the Acropolis, the temple o Poseidon, the Agora, Olympia and Delphi. 
Overlays depict the sculptures and other adornments thought to have embellished the buildings in their day.


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  •     An awesome book. While in Greece, the tour guide used one very similar to this as a reference. They are for sale everywhere (22-25 Euros) but with the dollar so weak it will save you money, (not to mention having to carry it home) buying it here. The overlays and information are wonderful. The pictures bring to life the sites that you visit while there. Highly recommended.
  •     An awesome book. Let's just say that our tour guide in Greece use this book as a reference. As an educator I found this book to be extrememly useful. How many of us actually knew that all these marble ruins were fully painted in their prime? The overlays and information are wonderful. Highly recommended.
  •     A wonderful book that brings ancient ruins back to life!Ruins starting looking the same after awhile. The book helps bring the past alive by showing you what the ruins looked like before they were crumbling columns.Our tour guide asked to borrow it once to illustrate her discussion. :)Downside: it is so HEAVY!!! It's a real bummer when you are walking up and down the hillsides of Greece.
  •     Well made book that is a great teaching aid and if you are going to travel to these sites it will give you a better understanding of what it was like in the time period.
  •     Beautiful book.
  •     What I expected.
  •     I wish I had this book when I went to Greece the first time. It helps immensely to make sense of the layout of the town, buildings and temples
  •     This beautiful book has full page color photos of the ruins of ancient Greek temples and theaters, with transparent overlays filling in how these magnificent buildings would have looked when first built. It includes photos of statues and architectural details, with a general overview of ancient Greek history and explanations of the buildings' purposes and histories. Most of the buildings shown are on mainland Greece, but the Palace at Knossos and the sanctuary of Apollo on Delos are also included. These buildings are spectacular!
  •     Wonderful glimpse into the world of ancient times.
  •     The past and present images are cool
  •     Really nice after our trip to Greece! Would have been better if we had this before we left but it is also great to look at after the visit. Shows lot of things we actually experienced and can see what some of these great places looked like in their day.
  •     I first saw this book while on vacation in Greece...Naturally, I looked up the places my husband and I had visited and the book portrays them beautifully! There's great historical detail in the text as well as outstandingly accurate illustrations of prominent Greek sites and monuments. The 'see-through' pages give an incredible glimpse of what ancient Greece looked like over 2000 years ago. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has been to Greece, wants to go to Greece or is studying Greece. It is written for all ages! For any educator teaching Greek history this would be a highly useful 'textbook'.Enjoy!
  •     We were in Greece in 1997 and these wonderful books were for sale. However, the thought of carrying around the extra weight was too much to overcome AND I thought we would be able to find the book in the states. Wrong. We are so thrilled to have this book in our collection. It does such a great job of presenting what the current ruins might have looked like in their prime. Love those acetate layers. For anyone studying ancient Rome, getting ready to tour Greece or just curious, this is wonderful book.

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